Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

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Henry Hari
Henry Hari - 5 hours ago
Pass that Whiskey! Im going crazy
Verdy Guo
Verdy Guo - 7 hours ago
18:25 is the most hilarious shit 😂
M7x BlueDragon
M7x BlueDragon - 7 hours ago
Elon, Corey Goode, and David WIlcock should get together & talk !!!!!!!
O Bone
O Bone - 8 hours ago
2:13:13 lmaooooo
DricklyPick - 8 hours ago
I watch alot of vids with Elon in them, I love how you managed to cover most of the topics that would entertain his fans, As I've seen mentioned below.. It's been over a year now! When can we have another video of him! He has much to talk about!
Tanks4Nuthin - 9 hours ago
bruh does he have taffy in his mouth or sumthin? I've never heard him sound this way before
C H - 9 hours ago
Nole neila
Violent Kisses
Violent Kisses - 9 hours ago
For those curious the documentary Elon was talking about is called Rise of the Warrior Apes (2017)
KageRyuuUji - 9 hours ago
1:45:00 So what you're saying is, dumb politicians keep a country free? Supposedly China has smart politicians, they are also known for their human rights violations. Whereas America has what can only be described as be Reality TV Politicians, but is still the free-est nation on Earth, so long as you don't live in Commi-fornia or Antifa-land Oregon.
Alex S. Gabor
Alex S. Gabor - 9 hours ago
#JoeRogan #ElonMusk #AlexSGabor should discuss #Infinitology #ThoughtWare and #WhoAmI?
SnaiLGT - 10 hours ago
" we want a pit "
Jon Hova
Jon Hova - 11 hours ago
lockheed could create that jet, Elon isn't worried about creating weapons of destructions, he wants to improve the way of life, not create weapons of death.
Akash Patil-Terhune
Akash Patil-Terhune - 12 hours ago
20:40 he knows something we don’t
Alex Bueno
Alex Bueno - 13 hours ago
If leslie knope was in contact with elon, parks and rec would be 1 season long
MESSI 82 - 14 hours ago
It's remarkable how much Elon talks in the same manner as David Gilmour from Pink Floyd
Izzie - 14 hours ago
i feel bad for joe in this interview i bet it was hard to talk to him
Dee Gee
Dee Gee - 14 hours ago
Joe "I'm your friend you can talk to me" Rogan.
Vincent Rivera
Vincent Rivera - 15 hours ago
He said we are the creators of AI via Google Facebook & Twitter.
What he's saying is that we are involuntarily participating in our own enslavement to AI.
Vincent Rivera
Vincent Rivera - 15 hours ago
I have a friend that works for Space X & they take things more serious that Elon takes credit for.
Bimer catracho
Bimer catracho - 16 hours ago
2:06:29 Rolex sweating like a modafaca !!!
BIGMANMUSIK - 16 hours ago
So how do you manage your time?
I hired managers 🤣
Tyler Wedell
Tyler Wedell - 16 hours ago
You should drive a tesla so you can see what it can do
Ive driven one
But you don't know what it can do.
When he said that in that tone of voice im like shit Joe don't know a Teslas full potential
marlena gladysz
marlena gladysz - 16 hours ago
JOE: How do you find time to do all those things?
ELON: .............................Time travel
jacob terpstra
jacob terpstra - 17 hours ago
Thought: AI will be extremely intelligent, but it is still the sum of answers that we have programmed it to believe. The thoughts it will think and the answers it will have are still based upon human assumption and thought.
avikbellic911 - 18 hours ago
56: 34 - Elon says "We Gonna Put videogames in it"
Just This October 8th 2nd week Tesla Released Cup head on Tesla......bruh tesla gonna be the next gaming console in future lmao.
bel - 18 hours ago
how did i not watch this yet
Chris Romero
Chris Romero - 18 hours ago
Lmao poor Elon when Joe tells him he can swear if he wants to i had this same exchange of words with my dad when I was like 13 lol
STEVEN OSMA - 18 hours ago
A bit old now but maybe it is reasonable to say. I don't think it is that some people have explosive ideas and others don't. I just think Elon has the ability to pay attention and listen and seriously consider his own explosive ideas. Maybe any one have these kind of ideas but people just need to take the time to listen and contemplate the reality of it.
Ken Silvis
Ken Silvis - 19 hours ago
This interview will age like bitcoin
Emad Belal
Emad Belal - 19 hours ago
Do you have App?
Matty - 20 hours ago
Elon is soooooo fucking smart!
Brandon O'Donnell
Brandon O'Donnell - 20 hours ago
This is two and a half hours of Joe trying to unlock Elons brain except the "key" doesnt fit.
vondelle price
vondelle price - 20 hours ago
I love the quote “comparison is a thief of joy”
Master Chiefin
Master Chiefin - 20 hours ago
Elon kinda seems like he is just straight tripping bawls even the way he laughs! And answers questions! I love it.
Master Chiefin
Master Chiefin - 20 hours ago
Elon kinda seems like he is just straight tripping bawls even the way he laughs! And answers questions! I love it.
Lars von Trier
Lars von Trier - 21 hour ago
I love how casually Elon talks about these amazing things because he knows he can make them happen
Topher Zajic
Topher Zajic - 21 hour ago
Joe: What about Bob Lazar and Area 51?
Elon: Not true. Unless......
John Nickel
John Nickel - 22 hours ago
I feel like Elon is actually an average minded dude with the audacity to push limits and the charisma to get others to do the work
Ruben Pilmeyer
Ruben Pilmeyer - 22 hours ago
domino diamond
domino diamond - 22 hours ago
There are some things about a Model T I can show it can do nobody knows. Seriously. It will blow your mind.
Sean Odonnell
Sean Odonnell - Day ago
I think we are scared to love. It leaves us vulnerable in some way. In a way where we would not like someone to take there love and leave us hurt. Pride plays into not that as well. If we could love like Jesus???? That's when you know your onto something. That's why his love is AGAPE love. Unattainable for us.
Angie Cope
Angie Cope - Day ago
This is amazing...
Noemie Chevalier
Noemie Chevalier - Day ago
im only 10 min in and this is one of the weirdest interview i have ever heard xD
Prerna Sharma
Prerna Sharma - Day ago
Practice meditation it is very simple
Prerna Sharma
Prerna Sharma - Day ago
Do meditation it is very simple
Prerna Sharma
Prerna Sharma - Day ago
Aese kutte ko
Prerna Sharma
Prerna Sharma - Day ago
1 tu hi ni h
Prerna Sharma
Prerna Sharma - Day ago
Prerna Sharma
Prerna Sharma - Day ago
Sr phad
Prerna Sharma
Prerna Sharma - Day ago
Hrmzda meditation krleta
Hermes Chen
Hermes Chen - Day ago
I wonder, how many sit through this experience?
Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson - Day ago
Nobody laughs like that.
Maybe a hearty HAHAHA!
Not a mechanical reading of the phonetic Ha Ha Ha.
I for one, willingly give myself up to our soon-ish to be masters.
Thien Warder
Thien Warder - Day ago
In the future humans will be in underground tunnels, minds hooked up to neuralink, and fighting evil AIs with flamethrower.
Advocate of Chaos
Advocate of Chaos - Day ago
There ARE a million people like Elon. The problem is some cannot get to the economical power that Elon has.
MI6 - Day ago
Elon musk is actually dumb af... Jk it's just the vibe he gives tho😂
Marovingian - Day ago
Joe didn’t tell him to get a podcast or do stand up. Joe Rogan hates Elon Musk
Grape - Day ago
I’ve never seen a man describe a story 50 times over while nodding his head
Dan Cawar
Dan Cawar - Day ago
Elon has Neuralink already maybe...
Riley Nasrallah
Riley Nasrallah - Day ago
Elongated Musketeer
Felix L
Felix L - Day ago
I mean, believing that the flat makes about as much sense as believing in an omnipotent diety, and the US is a growing place for all kinds of loonies.
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