HyunA(현아) - '베베 (BABE)' (Choreography Practice Video)

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Silvio Adriano
Silvio Adriano - 2 days ago
yoongles gang
yoongles gang - 3 days ago
my friends: how’d u learn numbers in korean?
me: well u see there’s this song...
Zoe Følstad
Zoe Følstad - 4 days ago
someone pls explain how backup dancer work in kpop. some of these dancers have been with her since troublemaker "now" promotions and are still with her during "flower shower" promotions after moving to a new agency. does she employ them? or can she choose a few to bring with her? does the company employ them?
Maya - 12 days ago
Love this video!!!!! So happy that they stayed with her!!! 💓💓💓
원나잇스트립 - 12 days ago
최선희 - 14 days ago
떼창 할거면 몇살인지는 외워서 해달라구욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 유 멬미 열러러 열러러 이에 무어ㅑㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Lovely Luna
Lovely Luna - 20 days ago
The guys are so cute in the background singing ☺️ what beautiful times
Linh Đang
Linh Đang - 21 day ago
the video makes me laugh. the male dancers are really great. huyna should be given good things. she deserves it
ثِـقـَتـي بـِربـي تـَگـفـِيـنـي
ليش بتكتب شركه بالعربي ؟
수쑤 - 22 days ago
조회수는 챙기넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
l - 25 days ago
Chemical Formulation Of Perfection
I want someone to hype me up the way her male backup dancers hype her up
Ruribunny - 26 days ago
2:53 hyuna's laugh and the dancer's smiles are so cute
Aline Cardoso
Aline Cardoso - 27 days ago
Vcs se fuderam sem a hyuna
Antonella Arriagada morales
sooooo cutee
Hyunwoo Jeong
Hyunwoo Jeong - 27 days ago
백댄서 분들 머리가 현아 머리보다 더 화려해....
Shreyas Batra
Shreyas Batra - 27 days ago
Man you can tell with how much she enjoyed Babe, and now Flower Shower that this has always been the kind of music she wanted to promote - I love this dance practice, it is so wholesome
Txshfi_ox ox
Txshfi_ox ox - Month ago
2019- Flower Shower

What a great way to show Cube nothing can take her dreams away from her
Kim__ hyunAh__aa MANOBAN
Hadeel !!
Hadeel !! - Month ago
يجننوا 😭😭😭😭😭♥️
Miriam Elena
Miriam Elena - Month ago
i like the girl who is wearing shorts
서영 - Month ago
언제 봐도 예뻐 죽겠어
Ngọc Nguyễn Thị Hồng
love you
Flower Lover
Flower Lover - Month ago
I loveeeee thisss dance
monica friggeri
monica friggeri - Month ago
dkyoung - Month ago
맨유 베베 근황보러왔다가 이거 보고 가네
Eunelle Ruadiel
Eunelle Ruadiel - Month ago
This is one of the dance practices that I enjoy watching💙
포테이토칩 - Month ago
한국인 어디ㅣ갔어ㅠㅠ
zdave 608
zdave 608 - Month ago
The cute industry is not hip. All the young girls in the world won't save us from the same old tired dance moves . Lame and uninspired.
rosxwood - Month ago
The cute industry. You sound like a boomer get a life
ميقالا - Month ago
I forgot how just much I love hyuna 😔💗💗
Depressed Delinquent
Depressed Delinquent - Month ago
you trash
Depressed Delinquent
Depressed Delinquent - Month ago
delete this now cube
Xenia - Month ago
То чувство когда находишь русские субтитры в самых неожиданных местах
familia camacho
familia camacho - Month ago
라sophie - 2 months ago
ok but whos the female dancer w the long black-pink hair
roses_are_jadie - 2 months ago
She's fucking sexy and isn't afraid to show that. We stan a queen👑
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi - 2 months ago
안녕하세요 터키 사람입니다 사랑해요
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi - 2 months ago
Oha Türkçe yazıyo
Qoniatul Khasanah
Qoniatul Khasanah - 2 months ago
Seba Minaj
Seba Minaj - 2 months ago
00:00 to 00:05 HyunA looks like CLC's Yujin or it's me?
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