How I Used To Do My Makeup vs. Now

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Tonjia Leonard
Tonjia Leonard - 2 hours ago
Pedro Salinas
Pedro Salinas - 2 hours ago
James you talk a lot
Dark night apple
Dark night apple - 3 hours ago
I love your eyes I just now relized that they are different colored so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
Tatiana Quiroz
Tatiana Quiroz - 4 hours ago
James: I obviously am a man
Me: I'm dead
Viktorija Baricevic
Viktorija Baricevic - 10 hours ago
*Me: clicks on sister James Charles video*
*My cat: runs away*
honestly stop-
honestly stop- - 11 hours ago
Wait you're still a thing?
Laynie Elkins
Laynie Elkins - 15 hours ago
That moment when he says "but I refuse to buy that product and support her" me: "YOU TELL THEM AHH QUEEN"
AtomicZeroExE - 18 hours ago
22:59 James Charles has Sage mode. (Only Naruto Shippūden fans will understand)
Loretta Pfeiffer
Loretta Pfeiffer - 19 hours ago
his face on the "new side" looks more cakey
Jakayla LaShay
Jakayla LaShay - 19 hours ago
His eyebrows on the old version of his makeup are thicker than my moms thighs ._. And thats SUPER rare
amanda puryear-el
amanda puryear-el - 20 hours ago
Omg you look way different how you look now
Its Ajlina
Its Ajlina - 21 hour ago
Literally Nobody:
James: BUTT
Kalle Tyrjälä
Kalle Tyrjälä - 22 hours ago
If he Made audio books they would sell like a god church
Мария Измайлова
Он вообще глаза не открывает !!!я понимаю что софиты мешают !но можно свет скорректировать что бы он мог открыть глаза !?
E-Mine - Day ago
I found this video in Tana Mongeau’s most popular videos...uh..?
Hong Yin
Hong Yin - Day ago
Ur eyes are two different eye colors
Ciaran Murray
Ciaran Murray - Day ago
What happens to Kat Von D
Sydney VT
Sydney VT - Day ago
James, it is so funny, but the first thing I noticed is your eyes! Two different colors, so cool!!!
Ella Parker
Ella Parker - Day ago
did knowone notes he has two different eyes
Walking Eyes
Walking Eyes - 12 hours ago
Yep, everyone noticed, did you not read the comments?
Jhony dp
Jhony dp - Day ago
I love James Charles in 2019 😚😘❤️
Dominic Gonzalez
Dominic Gonzalez - Day ago
What a transformation keep up the good work James Love you
Chloe Burwell
Chloe Burwell - Day ago
I've been watching your vids for so long and I just noticed you have two different color eyes
Gachalover523 - Day ago
Are your eyes real?
Hailey Howard
Hailey Howard - Day ago
Are those his naturals eyes
Bentley The Boomerang
Am I the only one that noticed James eye color changed on both eyes.
Unicorn Uni
Unicorn Uni - Day ago
gust take the contact out
Julie E
Julie E - Day ago
James : " I am having a VERY intense breakout "
Also James : has 1 pimple.
honestly stop-
honestly stop- - Hour ago
He looks like a pepperoni pizza wtfdym😂😂
Scarlett Wraith
Scarlett Wraith - Day ago
Does anyone realize James eyes are different colors one is blue and one is brown he's a HOLY SISTER
Frazzle211 S
Frazzle211 S - Day ago
You are now raising one eyebrow 😂😂 💖💖
Rachel Cunningham
Rachel Cunningham - Day ago
He has two different eye color
Millie Jessen
Millie Jessen - 2 days ago
I just realised that he has heterocromia (i think thats what its called when u have to different colour eyes)
Addisyn Cadwell
Addisyn Cadwell - 2 days ago
Does anyone else notice that his left eye is blue and the other is blue like if u saw it
Richard Strzalka
Richard Strzalka - 2 days ago
James you have two defrent eye colors
Gacha Time!
Gacha Time! - 2 days ago
I love his eyes
Bluelight Equestrian
Bluelight Equestrian - 2 days ago
Why are his eyes different colours
Candy Apple
Candy Apple - 2 days ago
Why do r ur 👀different colours?
Susana Cortez
Susana Cortez - 2 days ago
Te parecias a miley Jajajaja saludos te quiero 💕
JAYNE And Lily
JAYNE And Lily - 2 days ago
This is how many people have a James Charles pallet
tdog - 2 days ago
Why do u have 2 coloured eyes
mystic snail
mystic snail - 2 days ago
I'm the only one that just realized his eyes are. 2 coulers soooo coool
Comi Cool
Comi Cool - 2 days ago
I like the blue eyed side more before you did the contour
Kevin Ayala
Kevin Ayala - 2 days ago
Your new brow look so good
Marie Jakelyn Gillego
Marie Jakelyn Gillego - 3 days ago
Why is his eye color different????
Anabelle Burke
Anabelle Burke - 3 days ago
He has 2 different color eyes I never knew that!!!
Cristian Murguia
Cristian Murguia - 3 days ago
I just noticed that James has two different colored eyes correct me if it’s contacts
Sarah Hempel
Sarah Hempel - 3 days ago
Beautiful. You don't need no makeup
Star_Flower anime1 Midnight cats
Until like 2:06
Star_Flower anime1 Midnight cats
Oh my God his eyes are two different colors I never noticed
Julie E
Julie E - Day ago
No he just put a colored lense on his "old side" because he used to do that
Kambraya Wilbon
Kambraya Wilbon - 3 days ago
So pretty eyes
kat scott
kat scott - 3 days ago
bro you are the most dramatic person I've ever seen
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