How I Used To Do My Makeup vs. Now

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Dreamz - Hour ago
Is this just me or does he have one blue eye and one brown 🧐
kitty dounut
kitty dounut - 4 hours ago
Your boy not a girl!!!
Jamie Bellefeuille
Jamie Bellefeuille - 21 hour ago
His eyes are different colors
Aurianna marie Brunson
Aurianna marie Brunson - 22 hours ago
Have y’all ever noticed how pretty those eyes are? They went 🥏🐻
Recuerda sonreír
Recuerda sonreír - 22 hours ago
I LOVEE your earrings omlll
Amanda Nestor
Amanda Nestor - Day ago
Bruh why is he wearing a blue contact it looks like he has Heterochromia
Smurphingtonn100 362
Wtf are his eyes
Chloe Bowden
Chloe Bowden - Day ago
I love your contacts mauh sister
Madelynn Flores
Madelynn Flores - Day ago
I see that his i is blue and the other one is not
Madelynn Flores
Madelynn Flores - Day ago
Little 1o1
Little 1o1 - Day ago
Why is one of his eyes blue?
TatA Naomi Claire Vlogs
James Charles Now:Omg I have so many pimples
James Charles Next year:Omg I have One million makeups
Death_shadow 22
Death_shadow 22 - Day ago
Why does James have 2 different color eyes?? I’m new to the Chanel. This is the first vid I’m watching from James.
Claire Sinsay
Claire Sinsay - Day ago
is it just me or is he wearing two different colored contacts????
paula jackson
paula jackson - Day ago
2025 James's eyebrows______ THINNNNNN
Mia Goodenow
Mia Goodenow - Day ago
slay sisters
Annalisa Jensen
Annalisa Jensen - 2 days ago
Love you so much James but I love your makeup nowadays the lips are interesting side by side😂 again not trying to be hateful it just looked different💋change is good
Melissa Vargas
Melissa Vargas - 2 days ago
This is how many times he said ridiculous
Molly Cane
Molly Cane - 2 days ago
James’s eyes are different colours blue and brown
Marley Cecilia
Marley Cecilia - 2 days ago
I like how he picked a makeup look on the day of my birthday🤣
Cartoon Clips
Cartoon Clips - 2 days ago
Did he just expose himself that he overlines his lips 26:15
anna i-
Izzy LH
Izzy LH - 2 days ago
I'm not trying to be rude but the foundation on the left side is a better match than the right side
Its more pink and the right side has a yellow undertone and he obviously has a pink undertone
Rugile 10
Rugile 10 - 2 days ago
Your eys iš difrint
Abigail Schroeder
Abigail Schroeder - 2 days ago
How many people recognize you on a day to day basis like 16 million people your bound to run into someone
Layla Edwards
Layla Edwards - 2 days ago
Why are his eyes two different color??
Carly N
Carly N - 2 days ago
in this video it looks like your by eyed but i know your eye collar is ether brown or blue
Dinorah's Bath and Body Desserts
Your eyes are pretty and I don’t no if you no but one of eyes I blue and the other is Brown I think it’s super cool looking if he did that on purpose but it’s really nice and I love this video don’t take any of the hate love u kisses sister😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩😘😍😍😇😇😃😃😂😂😊😊😜
kawwaii po tatoe :3
kawwaii po tatoe :3 - 2 days ago
Why do you have 2 different colored eyes
#yasmine squad
#yasmine squad - 3 days ago
Does nobody know he has one blue and 1 brown eye
Georgia Specchia
Georgia Specchia - 3 days ago
10:20 a mood
Annie Rayne
Annie Rayne - 3 days ago
If James went out like this...
fan: omg your makeup looks soooo good
Cj Who Plays
Cj Who Plays - 3 days ago
I’m Bella
I’m Bella - 3 days ago
As the years go on the eyebrows will get smaller and smaller
Maria Miranda
Maria Miranda - 3 days ago
His eyes is annoying me
sara vujaskovic
sara vujaskovic - 3 days ago
do you have heterocromia
Jada Kadler
Jada Kadler - 3 days ago
i love this video
demons-angels God-saintan
Wait why does James have different color eyes?
Olivia Walz
Olivia Walz - 3 days ago
is it just me or does it look like he has two diff eye colors? btw love u James!
Megan Kraupp-27
Megan Kraupp-27 - 3 days ago
Is it just me or did It look like James has two different colored eyes??

Like if you were the same👍
Dorys Abad
Dorys Abad - 3 days ago
U eyes different color woah
Maddie Maddie
Maddie Maddie - 3 days ago
Contacts lenses omg-
Genali Algenio
Genali Algenio - 3 days ago
Is it just me or at 2:22 James has 2 different eye colors
Atzi Merino
Atzi Merino - Day ago
Genali Algenio its in all the video...
Brenda and her family Orozco
You are rare or you coudve put a color eye contact but if not your eyes are one brown and one blue thats so cool
Rose Fazzino
Rose Fazzino - 4 days ago
His eyes are different colors! I never knew that. :P 4:52
Maddie Maddie
Maddie Maddie - 3 days ago
Contact lenses lol
Liam Stobbs
Liam Stobbs - 4 days ago
Your crush
Your crush - 4 days ago
you old makeup is quaking
Gacha Cameron
Gacha Cameron - 4 days ago
Gacha Cameron
Gacha Cameron - 3 days ago
@Maddie Maddie imagine a all black cat with a left blue eye and orange right eye
Maddie Maddie
Maddie Maddie - 3 days ago
@Gacha Cameron omgg i actually really wanna see himmmm😫
Gacha Cameron
Gacha Cameron - 3 days ago
@Maddie Maddie he isss omg i wish i could show you a picture!!!
Maddie Maddie
Maddie Maddie - 3 days ago
If ur cat has the same eye colour as that, I'm sure ur cat looks super adorable then lol
Gacha Cameron
Gacha Cameron - 3 days ago
@Maddie Maddie awwwww i liked the eyesss
Norelis Rodriguez
Norelis Rodriguez - 4 days ago
Omg his eyes, can someone tell me the actual color of his eyes? Sometimes he has blue eyes, other times he has light brown eyes and now both
Norelis Rodriguez
Norelis Rodriguez - 4 days ago
Christina Lakes tysm now I understand
spooky bot
spooky bot - 4 days ago
Rosie Smith
Rosie Smith - 4 days ago
his eyes though!
Emma's Life
Emma's Life - 4 days ago
In the first insta post from 2017 u look like a British chav
Ellie The Elephant
Ellie The Elephant - 4 days ago
Dude I never noticed his eyes were different colors... I’m not allowed to be a Sister anymore 😂
GachaGone _Rogue
GachaGone _Rogue - 2 days ago
contact lenses...
Gabrielle Whitaker
Gabrielle Whitaker - 4 days ago
Baby girl, sister, what's up wit those eyes cause I need them
Aja Orellahnah
Aja Orellahnah - 4 days ago
OMG chill the fuck out stop talking so damn fast. your too mothafucking beautiful and I do buy your products but hontyyyyy slow the fuck down when speaking. just saying you're beautiful though
Steph Maurer
Steph Maurer - 4 days ago
why does his old side look better than the new side at the beginning lol no hate love you james
PranksterGirl 12
PranksterGirl 12 - 3 days ago
Hun no it doesn't
Karen spy
Karen spy - 4 days ago
That browww thooo

Kaitlyn Jones
Kaitlyn Jones - 5 days ago
The face makeup ( foundation, concealer, etc) looks better then now. Not including the contour and highlight
Ericka Hernandez
Ericka Hernandez - 5 days ago
One eye is blue and the other brown?
Maddie Maddie
Maddie Maddie - 3 days ago
Gianna Cortese
Gianna Cortese - 5 days ago
James: "Spray just a little sprits"

*sprays the whole bottle on himself*
Sophia Than
Sophia Than - Day ago
“And 2 shots of vodka”
ron rambo
ron rambo - 5 days ago
Only a matter of time before HIV puts and end to this mess
Victoria Santillán Trujillo
Omg he looks soooo good without makeup
Mary Joe
Mary Joe - 6 days ago
Recreate your most liked picture using only your non-dominant hand!!! If anyone could slay it would be you!! (: ilyy lol
Logan McNeil
Logan McNeil - 6 days ago
How does he even talk that fast
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