Lilly Singh?! #NotMyCarsonDaly

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Nikolananas - 29 minutes ago
this is pretty racist
Not your Business
Not your Business - 59 minutes ago
you suck
Brooke Stone
Brooke Stone - 2 hours ago
What an absolute shit show!
Adam Tavares
Adam Tavares - 2 hours ago
Well this show isn't going to last.
Yassir Bek
Yassir Bek - 2 hours ago
The world has been so anti-male and anti-white and this is coming from a space elf alien dragon lord
John Beardsley
John Beardsley - 6 hours ago
This is absolute garbage, where is the context in your monologue that actually introduces quality material to television. All you talk about is race and your racist attitude towards human beings specifically “white people” in this video. You should get whacked for your reference to Leonardo DiCaprio who played the role of Jack Dawson in the Titanic. That man has more talent in his pinky finger than you will ever have in your entire career. You should also get whacked for your reference to the white man in the green book Tony Vallelonga. If you actually did your research before mocking the white man in this video you might have learned something. If it wasn’t for the white man in the 1960’s escorting that African American pianist around the Deep South of the USA he would have been killed that’s why he was hired. Your a fluke YouTube sensation who produced absolute crap that helped your career skyrocket to the big leagues. You better watch what you say in your future episodes or you won’t last in show business. If you want some advice that might reach your little brain why don’t you check out Johnny Carson, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Chris Farley and Dave Chappelle among many other stand up comedians , talk show hosts and people who actually belong in Hollywood for some lessons. Your Indian jokes are stupid and you sound like my ex wife who was also from India trying to make her way in Canada and the USA by being prejudice against other races specifically white people to secure their points. Drop the racist remarks and focus on delivering a show of quality to audiences around the world. I wish you success, best of luck.
Thales87 G
Thales87 G - 6 hours ago
Im a middle class white liberal guy and i really like comedy, especially comedy that is subtly making an observation or speaking truth to power. Chapelle is a great example of this, he has a-lot of white people jokes, but as a white person you never feel attacked or like maybe deep down chapelle actually dislikes you, his jokes often convey a deeper message.... this clip didn't do those things.... this felt like an unfunny parody of bad talk show monologues and that maybe, deep down, lilly singh doesnt like white people very much.
Vik - 7 hours ago
henlo, i am brown and bi and you are white * laughter track *
The comments are the better comedy here ;D
Sam R
Sam R - 7 hours ago
Unadulterated tripe, what a talentless moron
a person
a person - 10 hours ago
U should do a my parents react to my show video
ryan - 11 hours ago
Did she buy likes or something😂?
CinnaBon Kittenz
CinnaBon Kittenz - 13 hours ago
lmfao My name would be White Man, but he's gay. (In the future we'd change it to and he's gay for the laugh and for PR to get off our backs about it.)
Rida Laamoumi
Rida Laamoumi - 15 hours ago
White people are scarrrrrrrrrrred lol. She's killing it.
Rat McGee
Rat McGee - 15 hours ago
I lost it when she constantly mentioned bisexual woman of color- but then I literally got upset even more when she made a joke about the movie, “The Greenbook”- when it was actually based on a true story. First of all, I am a bisexual woman of color, but that does not take over any aspect of my personality, and I most certainly do not advertise that to every single person I see on the street. Secondly, I don’t even think she even watched that movie/understood what was happened in the movie to see that Tony Lip (“the white guy” apparently) was actually an Italian man who was hired by Don Shirley, an African American musician at the time, to drive him around the southern part of the USA so he can play his music in shows with audience that mostly consisted of white people. If anything, Tony didn’t care if Don was black or gay (it was revealed in the movie), he still stood up for him at multiple points in the movie.
I’m sorry for going off about that, and I don’t mind if you agree or disagree with what I’m saying. I just felt that Lilly used that particular joke as a way to bash on Tony for “being a white character in a movie.”
Roy Ch
Roy Ch - 16 hours ago
lol terrible
Kiera Clarke
Kiera Clarke - 19 hours ago
I’m convinced the audience laughter was edited in after the show, because I don’t believe anyone actually laughed at her jokes
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson - 19 hours ago
No one mentioned anything until you did, and stating your sexuality isn't a joke. Your career is though. Hooray for woke comedy...... If you can even call this shit comedy.
Harsh Sinha
Harsh Sinha - 20 hours ago
Why no one talking about the women she thanked??I mean what does oprah and others did wrong?
Harsh Sinha
Harsh Sinha - 20 hours ago
I am Indian and I have a question for white people....How do you tolerate this shit??
Michael  Shreve
Michael Shreve - Day ago
This is horrendous
Orlando Jefferson
Orlando Jefferson - Day ago
As a Native American/Mexican American I honestly dislike this garbage, if you have to trash on white people and continuously say you’re a “bisexual wahmen of color” then your shit sucks
T81 - Day ago
Time for a late abortion
Jas uwu
Jas uwu - Day ago
Y’all are so negative lmaoo. This is a huge milestone for her and people like her. I don’t understand why people are so salty that she has her own talk show. I feel like it’s been a trend to hate on her for no reason...? If you don’t think it’s funny.. here’s a crazy out of the box idea, DONT WATCH IT!!!!!
Elie Raskin
Elie Raskin - Day ago
Ok first they picked Jay Leno over David Letterman, then they backstabbed Conan with Jay Leno, they NBC had this bright idea. If the reason you backstabbed Conan and pick Leno over Letterman is because of views and numbers, why the hell would you pick Lillie Singh who have of the people watching this are saying “Who?” And the other half not watching this at all. There is no other half. Jesus Christ NBC have some self decency for once. Also I may not be the biggest fan of Jimmy Fallon, Seth Myers, or James Cordon your definitely not anywhere close to the understanding of this “talk show host” craft as they do. Also, WHO THE FUCK CARES
Anjali Thayaparan
Anjali Thayaparan - Day ago
Im so happy for youuuuuu
Pink Unicorn
Pink Unicorn - Day ago
For someone who doesn’t believe white people’s race makes them better, you sure do talk about your race a whole lot
Auston Allen
Auston Allen - Day ago
Lilly complaining about being labeled as a bisexual woman of color but also bringing it up every episode
bap9416 - Day ago
“White people are afraid minorities and women will ruin their movies” yeah look at Star Wars, ghostbusters, terminator, 007, captain marvel, batwoman... should I continue?
bap9416 - Day ago
Okay where are the people who liked this and thought it was funny? I need to hear your reasoning behind it
Brohann Sebastian Bach
woah brown people on tv? What next there'll be a second world war?
styx84 - Day ago
I think it's safe to say that she didn't steal any of these jokes, seeing how cringey and awful they are.
missylissy200 - Day ago
Okay, you're a woman of colour. We get it.
chucktowne - Day ago
The racism is real
Noah Peifer
Noah Peifer - Day ago
I don’t care that there’s more minorities I care if they’re not actually funny
ArtFreddy1 - 2 days ago
She's bombing so hard, I thought she was a "suicide bomber"
Jokes on her
Sakari Smith
Sakari Smith - 2 days ago
If so many people dislike this, why do they keep watching it? What's the point if your just gonna take offense to everything. Obviously it's all a joke, and I don't appreciate all the 'women aren't funny' comments on this video. Saying 'this show won't last' Now you're either some idiot with a whole lot of privileges trying to prove a point, or you're trying to dis Lilly because your life is trash.
felicia - 2 days ago
Wtf is sis on about, the “white” guy from green book is Italian which is the point that they’re both minority groups that learn each other struggles. Might want to actually do your fact checks before you start assuming things to use for your unstable argument, girl bye.
shr00mhead - 2 days ago
I would love to see Conan O Brien do a whole monologue about how different he is than Chinese people.
nah im good
nah im good - 2 days ago
As a white person, no, Lilly, we don’t give a shit about the race of the host. We just want them to be entertaining, something that you’re not.
nah im good
nah im good - 2 days ago
can’t yall just shut the fuck up about race for two seconds
Andrei Iosif
Andrei Iosif - 2 days ago
this video should have much more dislikes
RL Stint
RL Stint - 2 days ago
im nt white
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis - 2 days ago
Who decided to put this overt racist on TV?
Alien Commander
Alien Commander - 2 days ago
The laughs r so fake
ishant m
ishant m - 2 days ago
she sucked
oewankenobi - 2 days ago
No one:
Lilly Singh: I'm more than a bisexual woman of color!
Unfortunately Peanutbutter
this just in . . . no one needs to know your sexuality, you can keep that too yourself thank you.
Dodo M
Dodo M - 2 days ago
The jews from MNSBC are sendind the same old message, that will have the same old history showed us just a few decades ago.
AIR 666
AIR 666 - 3 days ago
This is supremely unfunny. You can tell shes nervous tho, her voice is cracking and her mannerisms are very over the top
Darth Tater
Darth Tater - 3 days ago
Too woke to stay awake for
Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero - 3 days ago
So why is it just okay for the media to openly attack the majority of their own country, now?
Tobi:Sad - 3 days ago
why just why, i dont fucking understand. why her, why! She isnt funny at all not in all the years have i ever laughed at her even once
SquishyMain - 3 days ago
Can someone fire her from her own show?
Luckysingh Luckysingh
Luckysingh Luckysingh - 3 days ago
Luckysingh Luckysingh
Luckysingh Luckysingh - 3 days ago
F Fox
F Fox - 3 days ago
The 80's called...they want their shoulder pads back.
asifbih - 3 days ago
i'm white, i don't care about RaCiSm aGAinSt WhITe pEoPlE... this is just cringy as fuck
also quite funny she keeps acting like she's black or something
John Isho
John Isho - 3 days ago
It’s okay to be white
Yaamin Mohmmed
Yaamin Mohmmed - 3 days ago
I’m brown and this is horrific .....
brown bisexual brown bisexual WE FUCKING GET IT
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