We finally play Minecraft!

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Katie 2004
Katie 2004 - 46 minutes ago
Marzia : u know how to kill!?
Peiwdiepie : you’ll learn ✌️
Кира Гоношенко
1.Тут кто нибудь есть из России?2. Почему у Марции такой странный голос?
Kuldeep Kullu
Kuldeep Kullu - 3 hours ago
Play yandre simulator
knol mol
knol mol - 7 hours ago
Is that a gamer girl?!?!?!?!
Milagros Araya
Milagros Araya - 7 hours ago
yo pensé que él hablaba español pero no habla español y no le entiendo nada soy de Argentina y tengo un teclado que traduce lo que yo escribo no hablo inglés
Carlos dy bala
Carlos dy bala - 7 hours ago
Oi hello
Claire Farron
Claire Farron - 10 hours ago
PewDiePie,s girlfriend voice is anime😻😻😻😻😻 😻
Dawid 26480
Dawid 26480 - 10 hours ago
This is so cute
satanisdaddy _
satanisdaddy _ - 10 hours ago
Marzia is too precious for this world
Piero Ruiz
Piero Ruiz - 12 hours ago
I love you Felix and Marzia, but I hate Marzia’s voice.
roper6896Cz - 13 hours ago
Just making a bookmark :) 20:12
hiccup22 - 15 hours ago
I hope they continue this play through
mhmd arbi iopty
mhmd arbi iopty - 15 hours ago
felix on front cro boy
Natsu Dragnil
Natsu Dragnil - 15 hours ago
Какая красивая тян
Aaron Giordanino
Aaron Giordanino - 17 hours ago
Marzia from Italy?
Emir Akin
Emir Akin - 18 hours ago
Marizia is on creative
PlastiquePrincessMSP - 19 hours ago
Felix has green screen skills Xd
Saeed Alzahrani
Saeed Alzahrani - 20 hours ago
Shane Cardines
Shane Cardines - 23 hours ago
Ur wife is such beautiful girl (*´˘`*)ー❣❣
AqiL YT - Day ago
**Marzia uses Book to craft**
Me: pathetic
Ai NEØN - Day ago
I dare you to turn an entire island into an underwater bunker with farms and stables on the top of the island yay
Jeongguk is so uwu
Jeongguk is so uwu - Day ago
sana ol
VIREM exemdemel
VIREM exemdemel - Day ago
Pewdiepie your girlfriend is my
Fairouz Boukhalfa
Fairouz Boukhalfa - Day ago
Is that really her voice or he edited it or something ?
Chance Horton
Chance Horton - Day ago
Maria's face when peers said what should we name our seed 😂😂😂
Neo._.49 - Day ago
Just noticed that PewDiePie has the same type of sheep face built as Muselk
tkigd19 - Day ago
Dude ur wife gotta kill animals to live in Minecraft 😆 love u guys
FruitGaming YT
FruitGaming YT - Day ago
Why is marzia in creative???
Blog Kawaii
Blog Kawaii - Day ago
You’re so adorable!
itz_lol_ - Day ago
De ce unele titluri sunt in română
Maya Tjomlid
Maya Tjomlid - Day ago
Is Marzia swedish to?❤️
Entity 303
Entity 303 - Day ago
Earl Francis Ignacio
6:37 tuber simulater reference
tirex 17
tirex 17 - Day ago
They are look at so cute
x Schwifty
x Schwifty - Day ago
Marzia is smokin’ bro, lucky man.
Mentlgen Skrrr
Mentlgen Skrrr - Day ago
You cant ride squidz Marzia...

pewdiepie to himself:
but you can ride my *d* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Domino52o - Day ago
Marzia is cool but she's definitely the authoritarian kind of vegan.
Dieu Ha Xuan
Dieu Ha Xuan - 2 days ago
Press F to respay with WaterSheep
Historiasdejuguetes - 2 days ago
Marzia gets kill by a dog because she wanted to give it a flower uwu
Neko109 901
Neko109 901 - 2 days ago
Name svens son sam
I play minecraft 23
I play minecraft 23 - 2 days ago
Hour Gaming
Hour Gaming - 2 days ago
She so cute
Galaxian Ventro,Roblox,CODbo3 AND MORE!
pewds you should have said "what do you want from me?"
ADAM BRAM SADDAM - 2 days ago
Pewdiepie play Minecraft with marzia
Me a Minecraft veteran:cute but they still don't know Minecraft Easter egg
Riordan Patton
Riordan Patton - 2 days ago
bruh marzia is literally in creative which means he has host options on which means he could have cheated exposed (This is all jokes pls no bully)
Jacobthejedi123 - 2 days ago
And you cant ride turtles
Virgo Supremo
Virgo Supremo - 2 days ago
Puta el wn de los subtítulos en español es un papulince >:(
Daniel N
Daniel N - 2 days ago
А ведь так можно и английский выучить)
Its-Taken - 2 days ago
Felix: ok what should we name our seed?
Marzia: O.O
she thinking no babies
Bima Setya Dharma
Bima Setya Dharma - 2 days ago
It's first time for me heard Marzia's voice
kave kruk
kave kruk - 2 days ago
"give me ur sticks"
Sakaradast lokta
Sakaradast lokta - 2 days ago
How did he get so popular.....such an annoying personality
мой игровой канал
Lana The Llama
Lana The Llama - 2 days ago
Why does she have high toned voice?🤔
Oyun Evi
Oyun Evi - 2 days ago
Neden başlık türkce
Én vagyok!
Én vagyok! - 2 days ago
This is the fricking dungeon.
A Gamer
A Gamer - 2 days ago
Whaat mrs.pewdie gone crazy on minecraaft😮😮😮😮 (epic)
M YZY - 2 days ago
Felix: you'll break faster if you say schop schop
Marzia: schopschop!!!
I comment JoJo references
Pewds: Good night, gamers.
YouTube captions: *You're not gamers.*
MoonPanther1416 - 4 hours ago
I comment JoJo references when is this?
devin niehaus
devin niehaus - 2 days ago
"chicken what about chickens" "no" "okay"
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