KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 Press Conference [OFFICIAL LIVE STREAM]

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dreamer50518 - 12 hours ago
Ksi gonna get knocked the fuck out!!!
Grace M
Grace M - Day ago
Hearing ksi ramble on and on makes ME want to punch him in the face 😂💀
Muaz Less
Muaz Less - Day ago
Logan paul will lose
Aiden A_o__?
Aiden A_o__? - Day ago
What happened to Logan’s old trainer Milton?
H4z3 F4z3
H4z3 F4z3 - Day ago
They defo met up after and rimmed each others arses! Best friends really 😂😂
Josemaria Corpus partida
Ksi sucks 👎
Maria Trejo
Maria Trejo - 2 days ago
Ksi or Logan
Who's going to win?
Comment KSI or
Comment LO GANG
hawea99 - 2 days ago
Rayleen Esquivias
Rayleen Esquivias - 2 days ago
Paolo joshua
Paolo joshua - 2 days ago
Jake paul was smoking
Ravi Shastri
Ravi Shastri - 2 days ago
what design of glasses is logan wearing? what is it called?
MARK GILLMAN - 2 days ago
Viddal really said
“Knockout coming to KSI on November 9th” 😂😂😂😂 stupid dumb bitch
Logan will win!
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith - 2 days ago
20:40 u good Jake?
basiic rai_
basiic rai_ - 2 days ago
Antonia Avila
Antonia Avila - 3 days ago
You will win
Ashlee Miyasato
Ashlee Miyasato - 3 days ago
Logan Paul is going to winnnnnnn
Abdur Chowdury
Abdur Chowdury - 3 days ago
Jake Paul is soo weird
Smoking 🚬 in press conference XD
Sefora Bonello
Sefora Bonello - 3 days ago
Logan you're gonna win this
manoj kurian
manoj kurian - 3 days ago
buy a tiger
gamerboy 737
gamerboy 737 - 3 days ago
To all spam comments out there just like both
Life's Just A Trip
Life's Just A Trip - 3 days ago
KSI acts childish in this but Logan started out with facts and slowly lost it
Jordan Angel
Jordan Angel - 4 days ago
ooffffffff hey logan beat him em up he name ksi you better fight him
Hotboy Faze
Hotboy Faze - 4 days ago
Thrash ass
Nadia Dawood
Nadia Dawood - 4 days ago
Tell KSI I like his pink outfit it Matches his gay attitude
Strider Stryker
Strider Stryker - 4 days ago
I hear a bunch of *boos* in the crowd.
Marx Cruz
Marx Cruz - 4 days ago
Shane Wynne
Shane Wynne - 4 days ago
Let’s go Logan
Jj has no dick
Jj has no dick
Jj has no dick
ComicAxis 675400
ComicAxis 675400 - 4 days ago
Wallllllmaaaaarrrrttttt! Walllllllmaaaaarrrrrtttttttt!
Hamish Traynor
Hamish Traynor - 4 days ago
If you are going for Logan Paul I’m questioning your sexuality like if your going for KSI comment for Logan Paul
INFERNUS Abhinav - 4 days ago
Logan haters be gay
Foresteyes - 4 days ago
Bro he went after kong. Bro he’s done forr he has no hope he’s dead he’s gunna get killed yikes I’m scared lmao. Can’t wait
thatsomeboi - 4 days ago
J O P - 4 days ago
KSI:*makes the coyote joke*
Logan:instant regret
Jechx - 5 days ago
I gotta laugh ksi wrecked logan with his last year joke
RazorFlipping Bear
RazorFlipping Bear - 5 days ago
Aim in London but I still support Logan
Dougvidz - 5 days ago
Shithead sex offender with a pedo dad
Coszmo Gaming
Coszmo Gaming - 5 days ago
20:41 ok we get it, yes we fucking know it for fuck sakes 😂
Joshua McQuadeJohnson
Joshua McQuadeJohnson - 5 days ago
JJ easy wins
funnyguygrayson - 5 days ago
People are saying you have no dick but everyone is saying logan has no brain
funnyguygrayson - 5 days ago
Logan your face is covered with harpies
Isael Munoz
Isael Munoz - 5 days ago
Ksi is a bitch and is gay he has to shut up he because he sucks his mom's tits his mom is his stripper.ksi is gay transgender he fucks guys for all his money fuck ksi.
RipAngel Xxxtentacion
RipAngel Xxxtentacion - 6 days ago
When they did the face off, Logan was staring straight and ksi was looking up to Logan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Samaria Tuggle
Samaria Tuggle - 6 days ago
boo ksl
Samaria Tuggle
Samaria Tuggle - 6 days ago
go logan
Danyal Ali Hashmi
Danyal Ali Hashmi - 6 days ago
KSI you're such an as*hole...
You're nothing but a kid
Talking about an innocent animal who was brutally killed...
Like Jake said " fpuhk you "
In pink you look like the butthole of monkey
BTS army.
BTS army. - 6 days ago
27:47 only white man their😂😂
moey sk
moey sk - 6 days ago
the guy that says lets go camp sounds like my car saying vrooomvroroooomvrooom
Kamryn Edwards
Kamryn Edwards - 6 days ago
I want Logan to win not KSI. KSI sucks
Satisfied Stuff
Satisfied Stuff - 7 days ago
I love how at 20:33 if you pause it KSi I standing behind his body guards protecting him but there isn’t anyone in front of Logan 😂💀✌🏽
L2 Phenyx
L2 Phenyx - 4 days ago
That’s because ksi is chill he sitting on his chair
Hannah Rice
Hannah Rice - 7 days ago
Half of the people in the live chat were going for KSI, yet they were subbed to Logan and had notifications on...
Lindsays Corner
Lindsays Corner - 7 days ago
I really don’t care 🤷‍♀️
JAY TEE - 7 days ago
So inspirational for kids...
Marvel Mathew
Marvel Mathew - 7 days ago
Atleast act mature boyz
Kiki Durrance
Kiki Durrance - 7 days ago
Who give Jake a white bored 😂😂
Ali Kacmaz
Ali Kacmaz - 7 days ago
Fuck KSI
VIRENDRA RANA - 7 days ago
Yo logan f**k that biacth kesee
brooke pask
brooke pask - 7 days ago
and i love shannon but he’s needs to stop saying “let’s go champ” he’s like a broken record but i still love him but he needs to stop
brooke pask
brooke pask - 7 days ago
why is ksi talking about jake when he’s fighting logan dude wtf and the fact that i learnt that he payed hands on his own mum ON CHRISTMAS AND FOR JUST PUTTING A SINGLE HAND ON HER MAKES ME WANT LOGAN TO DO SERIOUS DAMAGE TO THIS MAN
Carlie Tidwell
Carlie Tidwell - 7 days ago
DATS FUCKED UP FOR BRING HIS DEAD DOG IN THESE! I would have fucked him up there
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