Joe Rogan Experience #1335 - Jim Gaffigan

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GridWiseSarah - 13 hours ago
😱 cooking episodes with Dr Rhonda
Barb 0013
Barb 0013 - 18 hours ago
I love the CW lol. I like over the air tv. I go to bed at 8 but I am up at 4 so I do not watch much except at work I watch this lol.
katana crawford
katana crawford - 2 days ago
20% of all marriages in Kyrgyzstan begin in kidnapping (rape) 52:32
gerado ventura
gerado ventura - 3 days ago
None of these fuking things is ever funny, 100 episodes in and hoe rogan almost said something funny.
gerado ventura
gerado ventura - 3 days ago
Fuking sounds like his fat ass suking dick everytime he breaths
Christopher Alvarez
Christopher Alvarez - 4 days ago
Look Gaffigan if you can't understand the dissapointment people feel in learning that (insert bias here) exists figure it out before you damn your children woth a handicap of misunderstanding.
Larissa Grace
Larissa Grace - 4 days ago
Anyone have a time stamp for the conversation? I wanna know where he talks about his wife’s brain tumor?
snokey - 5 days ago
Lmaoo, Terezin mentioned on Joe while I grew up 10km from there, yay!
mike spinler
mike spinler - 5 days ago
jim comparing ancient ideas with modern science does you no favors. we do know some stuff empirically thank you scientific method. we no longer need leeches. and religion.
Matthew Snyder
Matthew Snyder - 7 days ago
QOTSA's Josh Homme had one of the coolest repudiations of the current trend of inserting politics into anything when he said he wants his rock shows, and anything he's involved in musically, to be an ice cream parlor. Apolitical, people just there to have a good time. That we're told we can't enjoy experiences in that manner, anymore, is really, really, really lame.
Barth Slung
Barth Slung - 7 days ago
I was thinking, "How can you not just drag an Elk with you in one trip...?"
Then I googled it. 700-800 pounds is a lot to carry lol
Barth Slung
Barth Slung - 7 days ago
Most people I know don't have Prime. Probably because it is a waste of fucking money.
Peter Daigle
Peter Daigle - 7 days ago
I'm only 15 minutes in and I'm guessing Jim doesn't swear for the remainder
Stefen Echols
Stefen Echols - 8 days ago
How Jim Gaffigan views doing his shows as a vacation away from politics is absolutely appreciated. No one is saying you can’t have your political beliefs what people are saying is for the love of God can we just talk about something else for an hour? Can we laugh and have a good time without being a lectured at and that goes for either side of the isle. If someone goes to see a political comedian then they know what they got themselves into. But to inject politics in every form of media makes people sick to death of it.
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor - 8 days ago
What a boring first 10 mins. Is it worth sticking with? They basically talk about nothing but where is best to do a special, Netflix?, Amazon??, Netflix?, Amazon? etc
Deathcangame2 - 9 days ago
Omg plexiate??
Tm Kav
Tm Kav - 11 days ago
21:45 When there's no more racism is code for when biodiversity in humans is extinct, aka when entire races such as Whites are extinct. Proving Joe Rogan is a racial hate-monger against Whites. God's chosen people will never let themselves be assimilated like this and they won't be entertaining you anymore after they force you to assimilate. Learn logic.
Second Opinion
Second Opinion - 14 days ago
At 54:15 Joe mentions how they are selling slaves right now in Libya. Obama actually took responsibility for this. This all began as a direct result of Obama doing a regime change in Libya without an exit plan. Period. He acknowledged it. *Google - 'Obama "My worst mistake".* Obama killed Ghaddafi(video of Hillary Clinton laughing about it) with NO other plan than to faithfully turn Libya over to the local Imams who, naturally, opened public slave markets. IT'S DISGUSTING. This was in the media for about an hour then they quickly concocted Obama's 'tan suit scandal'. If the media loves you then reality gets set aside completely. If the media hates you then say you re-drew a hurricane weather map in an attempt to get Democrats killed. Slave markets though? Meh, it happens right liberal media? Not really a story if a Dem does it.
Jason Kimble
Jason Kimble - 14 days ago
@PowerfulJRE Big, big fan. Just curious if you had the technology to let the podcast viewer select his/her own camera preference throughout the podcast? I personally think that would be a ground-breaking tech for podcast viewers. Thanks for the reply, if you choose to.
Sam Kilgore
Sam Kilgore - 14 days ago
Netflix is so much better than Prime.
todayisthegreatest - 19 days ago
Pat Maloney
Pat Maloney - 20 days ago
All these peeps who rag on Joe, I mean come on, Have you never missed a joke or just been laughing so much jokes are starting to bounce off you. Plus he's probably sky high guys. Give him a break some times.
Jordan Holliday
Jordan Holliday - 27 days ago
It's not weird to not have a prime membership, is it just me that doesnt use Amazon for everything
Hoodie - 29 days ago
Comics are some of the best psychoanalysis in the world. I study psychology and the way the majority of them talk about and breakdown people is so interesting to me.
Pat Booker
Pat Booker - Month ago
I don't even know why, but I am finding this guy unbearably annoying...
Eric Shaver
Eric Shaver - Month ago
Joe needs to get Tosh on! Hit the like button if you want to see TOSH!
MotherAce - Month ago
Okay, I'm nearly an hour in, and they've exclusively been talking shop. This is one podcast I'm tapping out from. Feels like I've heard this podcast at least 3 dozen times before.
david kessler
david kessler - Month ago
how to make a thing funny. make it unexpected. make yourself feel like you didn't know you were going to say the punchline. then laugh cuz you just made a funny.
goo gle
goo gle - Month ago
Michael Moore has a beard now?
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller - Month ago
FYI, if you didn't catch it, the Red Zone was 100 years after World War 1, not WW 2.
Michelle Eschete
Michelle Eschete - Month ago
Robert Hodges
Robert Hodges - Month ago
Three giant things....AWS
Wayne Slater
Wayne Slater - Month ago
Joe Rogan for President
Cameron Jordan
Cameron Jordan - Month ago
Thanks for not hating me for being a white guy who voted for Trump, it's nice to know that not all celebrities think im a horrible person
Skelly - Month ago
This dude look like a jumbo Freddy roach.
Tobi 9000
Tobi 9000 - Month ago
These fuckers could release this over multiple platforms. Not a big deal....
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info - Month ago
I watched this on August 16, 2019!
Randy Rowe
Randy Rowe - Month ago
Hot pockets... lol . Old but so classic for a kid playing video games in Jim's mamas basement
Denny Boleware
Denny Boleware - Month ago
Hey, Joe. When you gonna get Chappelle on the show?
BirdOfHermes83 D.
BirdOfHermes83 D. - Month ago
Jim said doodoo!!!!
Stephen Persilver
Stephen Persilver - Month ago
I may have already commented on this particular JRE, but i had a realization i wanted to voice. While i THOROUGHLY enjoy comedians, Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorites, Bill Burr prolly more so, my sanity rellies on these guys. But honestly i never thought about the "work" these PROFESSIONAL comedians put in until Joe Rogan's videos. I think that's because a lot of comics will talk about how they fuck off 23 hours a day. But it wasn't until this channel, the prolonged conversations with comics that i realized just how much fucking work the greats put in so that they become and STAY "the greats".
I think Joe Rogan could have am "average Joe" like me on and still have a great show. Should JRE decide to throw in an average Joe, I'm definitely down. However, i can't smoke pot, fucking CDL
John Mirra
John Mirra - Month ago
The struggle of homosexuality; you want to stick a dick up your butt.
So transcendental much profound.
John Mirra
John Mirra - Month ago
There's never going to be an end to racism as long as white people are alive and visible in tv and movies. They will never stop pushing this narrative until we're all dead because that is the end goal. They use racism to take from us, our space, power and wealth and eventually our existence.
Brian Bucar
Brian Bucar - Month ago
This nation needs more folks like you two and less outrage crazies.
Julie D
Julie D - Month ago
I'm getting the gay vibe
Nathan Nabulsi
Nathan Nabulsi - Month ago
who the fuck is disliking this lmao
Mark Christopher
Mark Christopher - Month ago
Is Jim Gaffigan Phillip Seymour Hoffman's retarded younger brother?
Ann Marie
Ann Marie - Month ago
I don't have a frickin' Prime Membership. I just wait for the free shipping shit to show up. Its fine. It gets there a few days later and I don't have to spend a hundred bucks a year. If I have to have something sooner, I take my ass to the store!
UncleJerk - Month ago
Joe is a naiv retard. The thing he says about podcasting 17:00 is so on surface nonsens.
Will Sandstrom
Will Sandstrom - Month ago
10:19> I can I apply to be a dishwasher at your future restaurant. I'm a chef but I'll move out there and be a bum somewhere just so I can work for you
Honor in Treason
Honor in Treason - Month ago
We second the Louis C.K. Podcast! Horace and Pete was a modern classic.
salvador salas
salvador salas - Month ago
I want to dip my toe into the natural world
Thomaslloydguy - Month ago
WW1 not WW2 Joe.
Bom-pff - Month ago
"Just stick your dick in it and carry it out like a condom"😄
Milk Carton
Milk Carton - Month ago
What's at stakes right now and in the next century is so much much more bigger than WWII. Also how much do politics affect your everyday life? Every fucking minute of it. Every time you spend money for a start. This is ridiculous, but then again listening to rich men talking about politics...what can you expect.
Milk Carton
Milk Carton - Month ago
Or maybe i'm not on fucking Amazon Prime and never ever use Amazon because they are a shit company that don't pay their taxes, and Bezos is a fuckhead and his company is a prime (pun intended) example of all that is wrong with the world and why thermo-industrial civilization is about to collapse.
hawaiiflowerchild - Month ago
joe u know i luv u
Ronnie Martillo
Ronnie Martillo - Month ago
Impractical Jokers is just a bunch of 40 year old dudes who still laugh at the word “Fart”...
Jon Foster
Jon Foster - Month ago
Yep it is comedy for elderly people and Christian literalists.
Justin Burns
Justin Burns - Month ago
I could of used a Hotpocket to eat during this show.
Sean Vaccarella
Sean Vaccarella - Month ago
Go back to your trailer and enjoy the next nascar event, hillbilly
Jessica Paige
Jessica Paige - Month ago
Please have the Tenderloins on!!! That would be amazing!
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