What the suspension of parliament means for Brexit

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DREAMTEAM MMA - 6 days ago
The Fluke of Dork has a big problem, somewhere out there there is footage you know....
Michael Soriano
Michael Soriano - 2 months ago
That system connected of the dreams king Nebuchadnezzar..Daniel 2.
steve walton
steve walton - 2 months ago
Parliament is like a giant sewer full to the brim with treacherous rats. It's time to rid Westminster of the lot of them, lock, stock & barrel.
Customer Satisfaction BPF
Customer Satisfaction BPF - 2 months ago
Why do people want to let UK be broken up and become SMALLER , LOSING TERRITORY TO BECOME EUROPE ? EU Blue Prints to break up UK :
[ 1 ] - Parts of SCOTLAND to BECOME SCANDINAVIA + DENMARK or whatever, leaving a much smaller Scotland - with NEW Scandinavian Nationality
[ 3 ] Wales ,, Northern Ireland..... See Nigel Farage's exposing at the EU Parliament + DAVID HATHAWAY ,Chief Expert on EU on U tube for the BLUE PRINTS -

I saw those blue prints years ago - so it is good to hear NIGEL FARAGE exposed them in the EU Parliament at referendum victory - no MEP challenged him here ! It is good to hear NOl. 1 EU expert , David Hathaway , exposed them too.I do not want to see our country SLICED UP into smaller parts with half of UK becoming Europe & Scandinavia - I want the UK to keep ALL ITS LAND MASS. Why do people not care the EU wants our landmass - not only £10 to £12 BILLION per year ? -

NO WONDER there is NO PENSION according to a programme on BBC Radio 4 chat ; isn't £350 BILLION given to EU from 1974 - 2019 NOT enough yet ? MUST WE CONTINUE TO HAVE HIGH TAXES to pay £12 Billion EVERY YEAR or so TO THE EU EVERY YEAR ? since 1974 MISTAKE REFERENDUM
Customer Satisfaction BPF
Customer Satisfaction BPF - 2 months ago
NO DEAL = Pay £ NIl = £0 EXIT Ransom Fee ----- Why is getting our UK pensions back not good ? Why is the below NOT GOOD FOR UK ? No DEAL = Taxes should come DOWN - MAYBE 0 % VAT - Because No More EU £10 / £12 BILLION per year - to TAX UK workers to fund EU at British people's pockets.
proskipper1 - 2 months ago
Ambient Soda
Ambient Soda - 2 months ago
Johnson has now already gone down in history, and actually this could be a smart move to push forwards an idea the government has formed after the length of time and iterations that have elongated the process; however if things go wrong, Johnson will be the symbol and locus point of it all.

Shutting down parliament is a choice democracy argued for - but what will come we all must wait and see...but I do wonder about the future of the country, and now actually Corbyn who has seem too quite now has possibly seen his supporters bolstered by those that don't agree with Johnson...But if Johnson plays this right we could see Conservatives continue on in power for some time to come.

I just hope it does not infer a return to a draconian rule of the country, that needs to open itself up to the world, culture, and changes in terms of education and putting money in everyone's pockets. We need projects such as solar panel farms, food farms in cities and more that makes life cheaper...and bring all people in Britain out of a moody, angry aggressive depression. We need more hope and creation of businesses and get people to experiment with products and remove the borders people have created.
Mrki Mrkic
Mrki Mrkic - 2 months ago
ha.. smoke and mirrors,, who gives about your isssues at home, is there deal or no deal exit? fck this hollywood what queen pooped that day nonsense
F U B A R methink
F U B A R methink - 2 months ago
UK's biggest sponger's, the Royals and the Lord's, that also run the UK. that sounds good.... for them. these days with cops getting budget cuts, shop are been robbed and the thieves are getting away with it, but there's 4, yes 4 cops to open one gate into parliament. wait wait wait llf just wait llf did the new leader of the UK just nearly walk into a wall llf 07:33
digi 83
digi 83 - 2 months ago
they make it up as they fucking go along.
Kahn - 2 months ago
The UK put on a great spectacle. The rest of us laugh in european
Sal Reed
Sal Reed - 2 months ago
I'd really like to know BUT.....can't trust ANYTHING YOU SAY...CHEERIO!
Movie Knights 2016
Movie Knights 2016 - 2 months ago
People that think their above the Queen are not only arrogant but stupid
H Solo
H Solo - 2 months ago
it means that the government can destroy the country without being scrutinized.
Gaia Calls
Gaia Calls - 2 months ago
Try using Labour for a deal I dont think the conservatives will do it when they have so much on there plate however the old Labour would have more compassion from there European parliament if not it's time for a new beginning and approach to show our nieghbour we need and show we business it's clear the a business
And political block the two much old debt and old skeletons in the cupboard and our neighbour's are pissed off with aggressive and arrogant behaviour we always seem to display to the world we need to shift thre power away from conservatives while they are going throw universal laws ie law of karma, law of justice , law of cause and effect and the law of ßaa wondering how many other universal laws have our nation broken because of a lack of wisdom ,lack of understanding and a lack of fundamental importance and knowledge ... to run a planet not to ruin it and or to run it into the ground and the no one taking responsibility for there ridiculous and barbarian choices.. it's time to try and save our planet please.
Chris Ward
Chris Ward - 2 months ago
Britain is in one of its biggest changes and upheavals since the second world war. We are in a time of unprecedented uncertainty which has in large part been caused by the dithering, oneupmanship, back stabbing, uncertain, power seeking bunch of idiots we call our politicians. Britain has been made to look weak and idiotic in the eyes of the world. Now, our prime minister calls for over a months holiday. It is absolutely unbelievable.
nico dhulster
nico dhulster - 2 months ago
The irony of it all is that people voted leave to regain their identity. The future however will force Britain to become completely dependent on their former colony with their America-and-my-own-wallet first policy and the EU to prevent disaster. All that pre-referendum populist talk by brexit promotors was not in the interest of Britain, but only for personal gain and those powerful men ruling the world. Pulling your pants down and bend over is damaging for the respected reputation Britain has had historically and will leave them less powerful than they were as a part as the EU.
Lynn Voss
Lynn Voss - 2 months ago
As an American citizen, I can at least say that I appreciate how Sky News reporters explain the protocol of government & what each piece of the puzzle means/implications, rather than simply the outcomes of decisions by our House & Senate which is generally the info most Americans receive via our media.
victor ferreira
victor ferreira - 2 months ago
The problem is not to save your culture, the problem is when the speech of "saving culture" comes along with racism.
musictomyears8 - 2 months ago
No deal IS NOT the will of the people. 52% was promised an orderly negotiated Brexit.
Mrfairchap - 2 months ago
I repeat the question, and it is a very straightforward one: if Boris Johnson asks the Queen to prorogue parliament, and she can’t say no, then what on earth is the point of asking her in the first place? Come to that, what then is the point of the Queen? The sooner this ridiculous anachronism of monarchy is abolished in the UK, the better for the ordinary people.
Climbatize - 2 months ago
No surrender to these traitors. 👍 🇬🇧
Paw Zyl
Paw Zyl - 2 months ago
UK’s ‘divorce bill’ upon leaving the EU is £33 billion (€36 billion), assuming the UK departs on 31 October this year.
Robert Dobbs
Robert Dobbs - 2 months ago
Hello from Wales
Labour doe's not speak on my behalf ✊
Paw Zyl
Paw Zyl - 2 months ago
Stupid old cow! Useless and making things Bad! She and her family are parasites on this country
True Canadian
True Canadian - 2 months ago
The British thought they were voting for the return of their Empire and when no one could deliver the impossible they spent the next two years dithering away the time. They certainly look like fools to the rest of the world now ...
Jim M
Jim M - 2 months ago
Here speaks an idiot!!! Do you really think the Brits are so stupid as to think they can regain their empire and that empire is what Brexit is all about? Go back to sleep.
Tina - 3 months ago
I cannot understand why the Queen agreed to this. Perhaps for a week or two, but a month?
Victor Wallacew
Victor Wallacew - 3 months ago
Parliament isn't working? Maybe the royal family should seize power....
AUSTIN Bourke - 3 months ago
Military takeover immenent
I love lamp
I love lamp - 3 months ago
You LIE channel 4. Everybody knows you are SHILLS for the un-elected EU. SHAME
Jesse Sewell
Jesse Sewell - 3 months ago
Elitist scum. Drum them out of office. All they are trying to do is stall, obstruct, cloud and obfuscate the issues so much that the people get weary and disgusted and give up on any hope they once had of leaving the EU. The politicians doing this are traitors. Hang them from light poles.
globalman - 3 months ago
REALLY????How is this a thing? Where else do heads of corporations and governments go to dithering 90+ year old"s for confirmation of anything?
End the Monarchy and ask the people what they want. Clearly the government, right, left, centre don't know their asses from their elbows.Dissolution of the Monarchy and Aristocracy would be a good beginning. A Scotland free from England finally would honour Wallace and Bruce and the tens of thousands who died for Scotland's Freedom. Now it is within their grasp.
Leave or Remain it is all shades of green. The EU will ultimately deteriorate as will the Evil Empire of USA tyranny. What will be left? Chaos, Anarchy and then Authoritarianism. You will all long for the days of what you are throwing away through all the back biting and squabbling.
The Tyrants, Oligarchs and coming despots are winning through keeping everyone at each other's throats. History Repeats itself over and over and over. Human beings DO NOT Learn from the past. Mind boggling. While the world focuses on its own asshole the last shreds of democracy and a type of freedom are being eroded and destroyed.
allan gillott
allan gillott - 3 months ago
lets be out of the eu asap
daniel phillpotts
daniel phillpotts - 3 months ago
Shut it down! for god sake shut parliament down! if I had it my way I would be handing most of them their P45's! Jeremy Corbyn should be cleaning the toilets for his next parliiamentry role quite literally !
stuart bedford
stuart bedford - 3 months ago
Rothschild has Boris Johnson in his pocket
Linda Smith
Linda Smith - 3 months ago
How can you have a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS if you do NOT have a CONSTITUTION?
SAINT TIMOTHY - 3 months ago
Nothing like getting high and watching British politics
Kurt Cooper
Kurt Cooper - 3 months ago
It's shameful to watch the E.U loving members of this government fight to derail the will of the people. The E.U. holds a gun to there heads & the minority are still willing to pay millions of pounds to stay & kiss the feet of E.U. law makers! They say it's a government coup. Yes, it is, by the opposition. It's not democracy when u try to legislate against the will of the people. That's why we vote & hold elections. I would say 2 years is enough time to debate this issue to death.
Enough bickering! Do the will of the 2016 people's voice! To stay now would only give the E.U. time to instute new laws governing protocols against ever leaving & becoming independent. Great Britain doesn't need the E.U to govern there daily affairs or will the E.U ever represent a military force against a real threat. We all know who will come to the aid of England should she ever be threaten. E.U is a small taste of a one world government. The day USA gives up there sovereignty is the day dictatorship finally rules. This will hopefully be a day of Independence for Great Britian & all of England.
Noob and Friends
Noob and Friends - 3 months ago
Get wrecked Parliament.
Gina Kay
Gina Kay - 3 months ago
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