When a 9-Year-Old Sued Nintendo | Gaming Historian

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Gaming Historian
Gaming Historian - 2 months ago
Hey! I'm back! I'm finally all moved in and back to making videos. This is a short one, but I wanted to get something out as soon as I could. Still working on a few big videos as well. Enjoy!
XxFire WorksxX
XxFire WorksxX - 24 days ago
Dad would go: Oh well, play with what you were given
C I A - 27 days ago
I still enjoyed it it’s just that it’s clickbait
Nostalgia Rookie
Nostalgia Rookie - 27 days ago
Egg With a classroom of Subscribers i really don’t get it You say the youtuber when i also say about him too not doing any kick on you but i really enjoy his video and especially the information that he give me since the first video Also I didn’t see any click bait in his video
C I A - 27 days ago
Oh no sorry I wasn’t talking to you I was talking about to the youtuber😂
Nostalgia Rookie
Nostalgia Rookie - 27 days ago
Egg With a classroom of Subscribers i am the only one enjoy his video quality
Jordan Cobb
Jordan Cobb - 12 hours ago
This is why you use the re-shrink machine at your office, then take the game back. ;)
Joshua Nichols
Joshua Nichols - Day ago
This story is easy to figure out.
Dad is a lawyer. Dad knows frivolity suits are bank at the time. Finds good excuse to sue big company and takes it. Uses his son as marketing gimmick.
Olaf Elsbeurry
Olaf Elsbeurry - Day ago
I remember that game
nery montano
nery montano - Day ago
I wonder where are the San Francisco Giants
Gabrielle Griffiths
This kid does not know what will happen people know your name
David Fuller
David Fuller - Day ago
Back in those days they didn’t use the players name but only the teams
Sir Blade
Sir Blade - Day ago
I blame it more on the retailer because honesty they should have let him pick another game of equal value or return said game but for half the price or something.
I mean as long as the game is in the box and I ain’t broken then I don’t see the issue.
s a d / 1 0
s a d / 1 0 - 2 days ago
Nick: *im bouta end this man’s whole career*
speezy - 2 days ago
bruh its just a game
ShaaRhee - 2 days ago
Rumor has it that AVGN was hospitalized after playing a handful ljn games
Crismon Mccary
Crismon Mccary - 3 days ago
This make sense. But its so stupid
Yue Heng Fu
Yue Heng Fu - 3 days ago
Wooooo hoooooo NINTENDDDOO!!!!!!!
Pink-A- Palouza
Pink-A- Palouza - 4 days ago
I feel like Clark is still trying to sue some video game company when they release the newer major-league baseball games every year
Matthew McLean
Matthew McLean - 4 days ago
Who the fuck would be stupid enough to buy anything made by ljn
chicken days off
chicken days off - 4 days ago
He can go to game stop
Carter Hughes
Carter Hughes - 4 days ago
Dang, this is dumb.
Jack Byrne
Jack Byrne - 3 days ago
Carter Hughes the father sounds like a male Karen
Andrew Forys
Andrew Forys - 5 days ago
Wait, I got that game for $5
JD FROM NYC - 5 days ago
Ambulance chasing dad fail
captain_lame_gaming 92
captain_lame_gaming 92 - 5 days ago
I live in Connecticut
Content Thing
Content Thing - 5 days ago
This makes me bruh so hard
Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash - 6 days ago
TrainBoy227 Gaming and Music Videos
Proud to be a Connecticuter gamer
Tom Curl
Tom Curl - 7 days ago
I conclude that the Player of this game would have insufficient data to make good managerial decisions without player names
Marcin Gralczyk
Marcin Gralczyk - 7 days ago
aahhh ljn
Ricardo Santos
Ricardo Santos - 7 days ago
I´m suing you for false advertising for click baiting.
Kaz 201325
Kaz 201325 - 8 days ago
Those damn laughing jokin numnuts
Cynjen W
Cynjen W - 8 days ago
Subscribed cause of your wife's podcast lol
Pedro Barcelos
Pedro Barcelos - 8 days ago
I don’t know what to say about this law suit but not dumb.
Elongated Muskrat
Elongated Muskrat - 9 days ago
Who the fuck names their store "Child world"?
SavageGreywolf - 9 days ago
Imagine growing up being the kid who sued Nintendo
I wonder if he sued his bullies
Mario Bowser494
Mario Bowser494 - 9 days ago
The only Nintendo law suit that made sense was the Mario Party control stick spinning related one
kakarroto007 - 12 days ago
That's wild!
Abc Bcd
Abc Bcd - 13 days ago
im sorry but i gotta say what we're all thinking

this kids a fucking bitch
Luke Enno
Luke Enno - 19 days ago
His name was "Clark". Clearly, he was set up in life to follow down this path of idiocy.
Steven Pennington
Steven Pennington - 19 days ago
For all you folks saying his Dad did it, look at the paperwork. The kids name is Clark. HisDad May have done all the work and represented his son but the plaintiff is Clark.
Jason Paskiewicz
Jason Paskiewicz - 21 day ago
Would you say he told his son, "lets go to court"?
Fredy Ortega
Fredy Ortega - 21 day ago
Damn what a puss
Mlg Melon Pult
Mlg Melon Pult - 22 days ago
He sued to a Nintendo gadget
idk - 22 days ago
I only thought 9 year olds wouls just watch pewds
Y O W H A T I S - 22 days ago
It’s the anniversary
Da Rk
Da Rk - 22 days ago
Wait Nick wait wait phoenix wright
Joyce Lim
Joyce Lim - 23 days ago
Why does people look down on children?
BigManTate7364 - 23 days ago
As a long-time CT resident, I must say this is something I've heard far too often, CT residents suing someone for stupid crap. Good thing they lost...
Error 101
Error 101 - 23 days ago
When a 16 year old sued Gaming Historian for clickbaiting
hiddenminnie - 24 days ago
Dad’s name is actually Karen.
Brian D
Brian D - 24 days ago
1:55 tells you everything you need to know.
Avelyn Kitty Asmr
Avelyn Kitty Asmr - 24 days ago
Ah yes .... clickbait
Zoe Litt
Zoe Litt - 24 days ago
why did I read this as “Nintendo sued a nine year old”
VIRUS 300 - 25 days ago
It's pretty dumb they even tryed to sue such a big company
Isaac Samson
Isaac Samson - 25 days ago
Kid: Hey, there's no disk in this case!
Nintendo: That's because you took it out!
Kid: idc ima sue ya anyway lmao
Joshua Freirez
Joshua Freirez - 25 days ago
exchange it for the new copy and return that
Rain_m_a_n - 25 days ago
This vids time is 5:55
your local racist pizza with a left arm disability
Kid: You took everything from me!
Nintendo: I don’t even know who you are.
Kevin's Clips
Kevin's Clips - 25 days ago
Now the kid id 38
The Youtube Randomer
The Youtube Randomer - 25 days ago
Honestly i think its a bunch of crap, most gamers buy a game that turns out to be garbage but do we say ‘ooh dad this game sucks lets sue nintendo’
ツMαrιoMαrιo456 - 25 days ago
The father's mistake was buying a LJN game.
TVLubber - 25 days ago
ツMαrιoMαrιo456 His son bought the game, not the father.
InFamus - 25 days ago
smh, this clark kid pisses me off. wanting to sue a big company because they were dissapointed with the quality of a game.
Aditya Mittal
Aditya Mittal - 25 days ago
Does youtube track my location because I live in Westport Ct
Grenade Apple
Grenade Apple - 26 days ago
Now thats a entitled parent right there!
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