I Bleached My Hair...

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Miksi Cool
Miksi Cool - Hour ago
James without his make-up he is a rlyyyy good looking guy. Like wow he can get a superrrr hot GF rlyyyy easy.
meg ocon
meg ocon - Hour ago
it looks so bad wtf how did u get uglier lmao
hey_its_eva yay
hey_its_eva yay - 3 hours ago
Is it me or is he trying to copy Joana ceddia no hate btw lol
Aiidoru - 11 hours ago
17:43 why dose James Charles look like jake paul LOL
Guadalupe Cortes
Guadalupe Cortes - 11 hours ago
Do you all no that some brush at hair salon have lice in the brush
Jackson Russel
Jackson Russel - 12 hours ago
The way he said sachet though
Kirbo - 12 hours ago
See the Jay
See the Jay - 13 hours ago
That is beautiful dude!
See the Jay
See the Jay - 13 hours ago
Here comes Brad Mondo, I'm warning you James!
Alex OF 2019
Alex OF 2019 - 14 hours ago
James now looks like a cali fuck boy
Taco Socko
Taco Socko - 14 hours ago
Why does he sound like he’s gagging in a cotton ball
ii_ Roses
ii_ Roses - 16 hours ago
James charles ruining his hair for 20 minutes
GachaKitten - 16 hours ago
*black or blonde?*
the slime gymnast scarlett
umm are you ok in the head mentally and the fact that your head is burning
Pasindu Dilhara
Pasindu Dilhara - 17 hours ago
I love you james🏳️‍🌈❤️💯
Jayne Gardiner
Jayne Gardiner - 17 hours ago
Purple shampoo
Reed Alexandra
Reed Alexandra - 17 hours ago
Literally why would you wash your hair before bleaching it? His poor scalp..
He would have saved money by just going to his stylist instead of buying all of the supplies, attempting to get it fixed by his stylist, and then having to go to guy tang to get it fixed for a second time.
This whole situation is controversial as usual 🙄
Sílvia Couto
Sílvia Couto - 18 hours ago
Did you ever find the second sachet of bleach? It was on your bathroom floor, you can see it at 3:27 in the right bottom corner :)
Small Ventures
Small Ventures - 19 hours ago
you should’ve chugged it instead
zoe bell
zoe bell - 20 hours ago
i saw i add an the add was a james charles game XD
Danske Korttricks
Danske Korttricks - 21 hour ago
I Think you Will look better when you are a boy no raysist
Sheila Dailey
Sheila Dailey - 21 hour ago
Stripper blue or pink
Ha statiic
Ha statiic - 22 hours ago
Who made you the gays or your mom
Nakamura Starry
Nakamura Starry - 23 hours ago
I love you james your so sweet to your sisters wait yeah sisters?
H S - Day ago
Draco Malfoy? Is that you?
m_mpp andiooop
m_mpp andiooop - Day ago
its fits you🤣
Ava1257 gacha
Ava1257 gacha - Day ago
He copied joanna ceddia!!!!!! Her video was posted july 30th, his was August 16th
Nope. - 15 hours ago
Ava1257 gacha It’s not copying he probably doesn’t know she exists everybody likes bleaching now The hell.
Rebecca Dunmall
Rebecca Dunmall - Day ago
It looks good tbh
camora nessie
camora nessie - Day ago
Lucky Singthong
Lucky Singthong - Day ago
I like black but it ok ......................
Reagan Driggs
Reagan Driggs - Day ago
I didn’t appreciate his nipples staring at me.
Quinn Kitten
Quinn Kitten - Day ago
9:35 😂
Quinn Kitten
Quinn Kitten - Day ago
Rosa Luna
Rosa Luna - Day ago
And again did he just say b*****
Rosa Luna
Rosa Luna - Day ago
And did he just say b***
Rosa Luna
Rosa Luna - Day ago
Did James Charles just say f***
Rosa Luna
Rosa Luna - Day ago
Is that a chemical reaction to skin Formula it burns when you put it on your skin not when you touch it I am such a smart cookie🍪
pehexD D O U
pehexD D O U - Day ago
Epic!!!1!!!! 😂
Ty Dicharry
Ty Dicharry - Day ago
I just clicked this video to comment big yikes.
Pewa - Day ago
“I love blowing per usual” sksksjsjsjsjsjs
graci3 lop3z
graci3 lop3z - Day ago
Am I the only on that notice he but Dani song in the video ?
Itsjustgold AJ
Itsjustgold AJ - Day ago
Omg I didn't know Ellen had a son
Gacha Wolf
Gacha Wolf - Day ago
I actually really like it
MIA- GACHA - Day ago
drezinya minn
drezinya minn - Day ago
Joanna ceddiaa whoooo
JK - Day ago
Isnt Joana the one who started this?
Caiteve Waugh
Caiteve Waugh - Day ago
I hate your hair
Millie Bobbybrown
Millie Bobbybrown - Day ago
I hy
Donna Whelan
Donna Whelan - Day ago
I hath him 🚔🚓🚑🚑🚑🚑 🏂👎👎👎👎💜💜💜💜💜👅👇👉👇👉👇
Chloe X
Chloe X - Day ago
Is no one going to address the way he said ‘sachet’??😂
LaQuanda Baker
LaQuanda Baker - 2 days ago
You are so gorgeous.
E K - 2 days ago
I love how for the hole time Jameses eye is burning Jessus is laughing
Aziar Playz
Aziar Playz - 2 days ago
Omg it’s James Paul😂😂(I’m just kidding)
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson - 2 days ago
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - 2 days ago
Tbh his hair low key looks good
EVnyan cat
EVnyan cat - 2 days ago
I didn't know James said bad words!?
Aleks - 2 days ago
I just come for disslike button
Maya Kuehn
Maya Kuehn - 2 days ago
Who is a sister like if you are
NotReally yt
NotReally yt - 2 days ago
So cringey
Giulianna Garibay
Giulianna Garibay - 2 days ago
Well on your animation you have dark brown hair so now you have to put platinum blonde in your animation intro
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