Chris Brown - Don't Judge Me

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Tim Kremer
Tim Kremer - 5 hours ago
0:17 me on my way to work.
Mamadou Alpha Diallo
Mamadou Alpha Diallo - 7 hours ago
Ethio Hop Erit hope
Ethio Hop Erit hope - 7 hours ago
Who's here in 2020
Kerrieann Ayres
Kerrieann Ayres - 14 hours ago
Chris Brown has saved my life so many times 💗💗💗
Really hyper onyemakonor
Really hyper onyemakonor - 16 hours ago
Wait, this reminds when someone's breaking up with his girl
Khazak Rawchaa
Khazak Rawchaa - 17 hours ago
When my wife want to go grocery shopping. I say. “I don’t want to go there” “ we should never go there” “why you want to go there” “I guess we got to go there”😡
At Home with Irish TWINS
At Home with Irish TWINS - 23 hours ago
Who else came back in 2019 when they realized the connection between this vid and indigo album? 👽💙🔥🔥😍
Oreshek Ava
Oreshek Ava - Day ago
Кто русский?
Nduvho Ravuluma
Nduvho Ravuluma - Day ago
"Don't judge me"❤who's here in 2019? Hit that like button🔥
RT I - Day ago
17 October 2019
Abdirahman Abdiwahab
He is talkin bout rihanna kids
Sanna Wally
Sanna Wally - Day ago
Embrya Wallace
Embrya Wallace - Day ago
It's sad that he blew up that's my baby beach buggy
aïchaa asseyar
aïchaa asseyar - 2 days ago
Thembi Mvelase
Thembi Mvelase - 2 days ago
2019 listeners
мυrdυr ·
мυrdυr · - 2 days ago
Me: i dont wanna go there, we should never go there, why u wanna go there?
My black mom: ~mouths~ getchoassinthiscoorNOW
Me: i guess i gotta go there
Family: show us them new dances yall be doing nowadays
me: 1:42
Everyone: NO
*mama stares at me*
Me: 3:54
Mario Vitela
Mario Vitela - 2 days ago
You have my word that i will never judge but instead i will listen to you so we get thru together because iloveyou
Äctticop Chocolate
Äctticop Chocolate - 2 days ago
When I was a kid this music video literally always scared me to death
JJ White
JJ White - 2 days ago
As soon as this came on it had a justin bieber vibe to it... this should be justin bieber's song
themorelove u
themorelove u - 3 days ago
so many comments of 2019, I'm busy scrolling down to see comments of when it was released
Navi Echezarreta
Navi Echezarreta - 3 days ago
Damm y I gotta cry so hard when I hear this song 😢😢 I freaking LOVE chris brown!!
Pedro Soares
Pedro Soares - 3 days ago
Alguém em 2019 ??
Diego Rafael
Diego Rafael - 3 days ago
Algum brasileiro que curta música boa 🇧🇷
Itz Chasity
Itz Chasity - 3 days ago
Bruh Chris brown look soo good😩🤤
Official Denchuga
Official Denchuga - 3 days ago
Levi Carvalho
Levi Carvalho - 3 days ago
Não me julgue PT
Amy De Los Santos
Amy De Los Santos - 4 days ago
Am I the only that cried when he started crying
Angela Simon
Angela Simon - 12 hours ago
Crusty da boi
Crusty da boi - 4 days ago
"Everything I say right now, is gonna be used in another fight" I felt that🥀😪
envy - 4 days ago
Cornelius Moore
Cornelius Moore - 4 days ago
Who else going on an old song listening spree ?
Gina Barakat
Gina Barakat - 4 days ago
You walked up on me and sat right beside me. That day I was yours.
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez - 4 days ago
The part 25 is beatifull
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez - 4 days ago
I get the ticket 😁
Gustavo Dos Santos
Gustavo Dos Santos - 4 days ago
Myheir Oneal
Myheir Oneal - 4 days ago
Alright Chris now how we gonna save climate change??? 🤔
CeeCee Sweet
CeeCee Sweet - 5 days ago
Maritza G.
Maritza G. - 5 days ago
This is always my go to song when I'm sad...
Im literally crying rn 🤕💔
Robere Brown
Robere Brown - 5 days ago
Ok I been listening to chris for years but I listened to his music for the first time today. And this guy really is the real deal. He really puts everything into his music, dancing and his videos. I have a newfound respect for him.
morgan so cute morris
morgan so cute morris - 5 days ago
This is sad
Claire Anderson
Claire Anderson - 5 days ago
Oct 2019. The way I love Chris Brown with my 46 year old fine self 😀😘
Ashley Malson
Ashley Malson - 5 days ago
I love this song it made me cry but in a good way😢
Iboy Iboyan
Iboy Iboyan - 5 days ago
My ex love this song. Reminding her if i am listening to this song. What a memories.
Carollynn Joice Porter
Carollynn Joice Porter - 5 days ago
My New England Patriots Trustee Board is Gambling on theirs Baby Girl Judge Carollynn Porter DOB 11/14/1977 Feeling too she/he dont stay alone they are always with someone that head touch was from Jimmy but WWE Jimmy
Shawn Hill
Shawn Hill - 6 days ago
Christopher Sangma
Christopher Sangma - 6 days ago
Do not judge for you will not be judged Jesus tells us to always embrace everything love one another so i still forgive my ex girlfriend and still love her i just can't stop thinking about the moment's we had and shared with each other so i Don't judge her for her past life present life i just wish the best for her and to get a better man
Mira Saz
Mira Saz - 6 days ago
Who's here 12th oct 2019? Today is my birthday 😋
Mira Saz
Mira Saz - Day ago
@Tahlor Johnson thankyou sm😘
Tahlor Johnson
Tahlor Johnson - 3 days ago
Happy Belated birthday 🎂 🥳
John Githaiga
John Githaiga - 6 days ago
Mira Saz 😍😍
cottan candy212
cottan candy212 - 6 days ago
If u guys didn't know it's a song about rhianna and you know the rest but he's made mistakes I get that but don't judge him yet because he has done stuff to make up for it
Aleshia New
Aleshia New - 6 days ago
So bany please.dony judge me I won't judge you
Leandro Barbosa
Leandro Barbosa - 6 days ago
Rita Moraa
Rita Moraa - 6 days ago
I hate to say this but..
October 2019????
Michael OchoaRomero
Michael OchoaRomero - 2 days ago
CosmicWanderer - 2 days ago
Can't you see other people in October 2019????? Bruh
Michael OchoaRomero
Michael OchoaRomero - 5 days ago
Rita Moraa me bruh
Levarie Jenning
Levarie Jenning - 6 days ago
Looking burnt
Lookabillion Lb
Lookabillion Lb - 6 days ago
No song better than dis song #teambreezyforever💕💃😭💯
Carollynn Joice Porter
Carollynn Joice Porter - 6 days ago
I Carollynn Porter is the new owner to the Construction site Woods Mullen Shelter Hospital okurr okurr - 7 days ago
This made me cry
gusanito martinez
gusanito martinez - 7 days ago
i love this  song its my favorite more that the others songs sorry
King. Solo
King. Solo - 7 days ago
October 10. 2019👀🎼🎧
Likhiwe t
Likhiwe t - 7 days ago
Literally no one:
Me in 2019:I don’t wanna go there
Jeremiah Leaks
Jeremiah Leaks - 8 days ago
Who still listening in 20:19
Cody German
Cody German - 8 days ago
jessica minor
jessica minor - 8 days ago
(༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) 😭😢😭
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