Solving The POSSIBLE Excalibur Puzzle!!

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Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay - 25 days ago
I think i might be ready for the real thing....
FireKing Gaming ETC
FireKing Gaming ETC - 7 days ago
Matt Ollis
Matt Ollis - 9 days ago
Chris Ramsay I’m so freakin addicted to these videos bro😬😬 I NEED some of these puzzles in my life lol
Sebastian Benitez-Diaz
Sebastian Benitez-Diaz - 11 days ago
Sure Chris, whatever you say
DunDun DUNNN - 16 days ago
No your not
ari mora
ari mora - 16 days ago
i have a question. where do you get your play light ?
09banana Shrimp
09banana Shrimp - 4 hours ago
Hey dude do that mind control cars Trick
Roe Alexis
Roe Alexis - 22 hours ago
β€œpull it”
Garnetkeepers 21
Garnetkeepers 21 - Day ago
Your the king πŸ‘‘ all Hale the king πŸ˜‚
IM Camm
IM Camm - Day ago
disliked just bc of your hat im from toronto and they won last night. sorry bro i love your videos cant stop watching them man im a fan really sorry for the dislike it isnt deserved just know that
Agent _1_3_9
Agent _1_3_9 - 2 days ago
Čudesna Šuma
Čudesna Ε uma - 2 days ago
Bottom of that sword should have been screwdriver
SoulessHarmony - 2 days ago
Holy shit! Mr. Puzzle and Ramsay collab. Video is already great!
drizzyge - 3 days ago
Shout out to mr puzzle
Timothy Dam
Timothy Dam - 4 days ago
5:45 done
Delilah Keeling
Delilah Keeling - 5 days ago
There's a screwdriver on top of the sword you screw it to run undo it to get the screwdriver to unlock the bottom of the thing so yeah don't use that night
random family fun
random family fun - 6 days ago
When my lil sis was like 10, we went into a gift store on the ocean and could each pick one thing and she picked a pickled shark like I see behind u.. too kool! What kind is urs..
Mallowfly !
Mallowfly ! - 6 days ago
The original Excalibur puzzle had so much trial and error and so little actually figuring things out, I, a patient puzzle lover myself, probably would have broken it too πŸ˜… I’d have to work on it in little pieces a time to control my frustration
Caroline - 7 days ago
I was so hoping you'd solve the impossible excalibur... but this was good too ;)
1ambergreen - 7 days ago
I have an unnecessary practical idea for a spin solution.
1) An object with flat surfaces It has to be placed on a certain circle so it pulls only certain parts of the mechanisms either through magnet bottom spring top combo or some sort of homo/heterogeneous hidden liquid chemistry.
2) And it also has to land on a certain side after it stops spinning for a pin to actually drop through. Basically a dreidel with the outside cryptic though possibly matching a surface accompanying box to figure out which side it needs to land on
koreymaag - 8 days ago
So who's puzzle is the IPP X1X
Sebastian Benitez-Diaz
Sebastian Benitez-Diaz - 11 days ago
Now that’s scary. Chris has the same kitchen knives as me. Must be a Canada thing πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
O Canada
LiquidxToxic - 11 days ago
Very strange request but can you do a playthrough of Baba is You? Itd be interesting to see
Mikaru Fuyuko
Mikaru Fuyuko - 11 days ago
Is it Excalibur? I thought it was Caliburn in the stone? Since Excalibur was a gift from the Lady of the Lake?
Ohh well just a puzzle!! I loved it!!
ĐorΔ‘e Kozomara
ĐorΔ‘e Kozomara - 11 days ago
He says on 9:03 fuck.HAHAHAHAAH
H DB - 11 days ago
Wat is dis game of thorns
SheComplimentsDaKicks - 11 days ago
Going to have to face the fact that were both canadian, one big reason why i always supported you. But now, out of all times to see you wear a golden state warriors hat... that one hit home bro. Raps in 6.
Nacho_ man91
Nacho_ man91 - 11 days ago
Ha 3:07 i pp
Blaze Osirus
Blaze Osirus - 11 days ago
They should make a thors hammer puzzle, where you solve it to remove it from the pedestal
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen - 11 days ago
I am glad I stumbled upon your channel, have been watching video after video nonstop. It is very fun watching your videos.
Rebel Greninja
Rebel Greninja - 12 days ago
I can beat every puzzle here even the level Ten ones well everything's possible when you just lie
Matt Richburg
Matt Richburg - 12 days ago
So when you get the ball into the hole is there only a hole at the top of the ball or is there a place under it too where it sits in? Cause if there is a place on top and bottom that the ball sits in theoretically you could get the bead in the holes and push down on it and the cylinder shouldn’t turn when you unscrew it. Basically I’m saying if the ball sits in a hole on top and under it then you can skip the rod step by pushing down while you unscrew it
Marc Celeste Agosto
Marc Celeste Agosto - 12 days ago
Use the date place or anything
DisorderlyFun - 12 days ago
You are worthy
Justin Braunberger
Justin Braunberger - 12 days ago
Guess what i'm going to say

Thats what she said ayyyyy I know I'm cringy dont like this comment
ButterMonkeyFTW - 13 days ago
"Its really hard to position it in that hole" "I can hear the comments already"...
Thats what he said.
Cade_13 - 14 days ago
Why don’t u upload on your gaming channel anymore?
Gregory Owen
Gregory Owen - 14 days ago
It must really suck to have to look at those tats everytime you look at your hands
pat cabauatan
pat cabauatan - 14 days ago
i thought there was a big spider at your background
АлСксандр Иванов
People just answered "no" to avoid the spoilers of Game of Thrones
It's *Aandrew* Banu
It's *Aandrew* Banu - 14 days ago
I don't think it was a smart idea to show the mechanism on youtube cuz now everyone saw how it works and they will probably copy that.

You destroyed the poor dude's secret.
Xavier Gray
Xavier Gray - 12 days ago
Don't think it's going to be an issue
FireKing Gaming ETC
FireKing Gaming ETC - 14 days ago
"Its very rare"

*Proceeds to smash it on the table*
Pherris Wheel
Pherris Wheel - 2 hours ago
FireKing Gaming ETC sounds like him
Kylee Nicholsen
Kylee Nicholsen - 14 days ago
Haha the Bop It part had me rolling! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
bombe yada
bombe yada - 14 days ago
Is that is solving the puzzle or breaking the puzzle
loco 504
loco 504 - 14 days ago
Rick from gold Rush done grew his beard out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sebastian Sardo
Sebastian Sardo - 14 days ago

(don't block me cuh Issa joke)
Andreas Pichler
Andreas Pichler - 14 days ago
*tension not friction fyi
Dat Guy
Dat Guy - 15 days ago
Would anyone happen to know what these type of puzzles are called? I'm sure it is a specific term the differentiates itself from jigsaw puzzles. (Clearly its not a jigsaw puzzle)...thanx in advance!
dakota tynan
dakota tynan - 15 days ago
i can’t be the only one who read IMPOSSIBLE and not POSSIBLE
r3v Art Magic
r3v Art Magic - 15 days ago
What is IPP XIX...?
(Was Chris mention "ninty nine"?)
skeeter197140 - 13 days ago
He says 99 but XIX is 19, so....I don't know.
Dead Fox
Dead Fox - 15 days ago
quality is honestly lacking in this one compared to your other vids lmao
movezig5 - 15 days ago
What's that? _You pee-pee?_ * snicker *
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton - 16 days ago
Is this a puzzle or a screw
ROBØJAK - 16 days ago
HISS* Excalibur!!! 😾
Fireball QwQ
Fireball QwQ - 16 days ago
Chis episode 1: Fool me once, shame on you
Chris episode 2: Fool me twice, shame on me
Chris now: I GiVe uP lEtS do aNoThEr PuZzEl
DizCaiRepol -
DizCaiRepol - - 16 days ago
just subbed
Nicolae Ponce
Nicolae Ponce - 16 days ago
NG Reaper
NG Reaper - 16 days ago
Pull it
Bop it
Twist it
Pull it

Sue it
Izzy D
Izzy D - 16 days ago
4:11 You tried so hard not to become a meme... then you go and revive iconic vines.
ethan williams
ethan williams - 16 days ago
u should live stream the next excalibur video
Steezy Mane
Steezy Mane - 16 days ago
I honestly love your puzzle solving videos!! I’m gonna be watching them a lot while I’m recovering from my surgery
anonymous - 16 days ago
Chris your cousin Gordon says hi
fluffyfloyd - 16 days ago
damn we got clickbaited
mize - 17 days ago
Saw your magic card tricks slowed down. Now im a fan. You Canadian?
NEPTII 004 - 17 days ago
4:43 Placing minecraft wooden block
Jordy Jords
Jordy Jords - 17 days ago
These puzzle you do. How expensive are they because I love watching these and would love to get my hands on these and try them out?
J C - 17 days ago
I think you're about 80 off. (Or 20, depending how you look at it.)
Ralph Jonathan Samson
Ralph Jonathan Samson - 14 days ago
J C you're right. It's 19.
Squid Master
Squid Master - 17 days ago
"pull it!" *Bops it*
Preacher Gaming
Preacher Gaming - 17 days ago
here's people telling us Arthur and Excalibur was a myth....
Deutschehordenelite - 17 days ago
I wonder if you could flickk one side if the sword handle to break it loose :D
nekogod - 17 days ago
Love this video, and love Mr Puzzle, yours and his are the only puzzle solving channels I watch!
Jeremey O'Dell
Jeremey O'Dell - 17 days ago
Didn't know XIX was 99, could've swore it was 19 🀣 love these puzzle vids dude!
PurplekingOfficial - 17 days ago
Scroll down fast

Did you see purple? Leave a like if you did!
Jules Omelgo
Jules Omelgo - 17 days ago
The possible damn tricked me
FBI Undercover Loli
FBI Undercover Loli - 17 days ago
Now try to grab the real excalibur
Grip- Chendo
Grip- Chendo - 17 days ago
You solve locks like nothing meanwhile I can’t even open my own locker and I know the code
Joe Moody
Joe Moody - 17 days ago
Like for the bop it reference πŸ˜‚
Xkaku xkaku
Xkaku xkaku - 17 days ago
How do you not get pissed off
Robert McDowell
Robert McDowell - 17 days ago
5:12 who saw a ball fall out or is it just me
LodanSD - 17 days ago
When my friend first described the plot of "A Song of Ice and Fire" to me years ago, I wasn't interested. Then when I found out about the HBO Series, I passed on it.
Marco Ramirez
Marco Ramirez - 17 days ago
That puzzle is a work of art
Max Yetter
Max Yetter - 17 days ago
7:48-8:00 that’s what she said
EvolvedHumanity- - 17 days ago
"Pull it"
*Bops it
"Twist it'
*Bops it again
Lightingbolt207 boi
Lightingbolt207 boi - 17 days ago
All you gotta do is pull it if your worthy it’ll pop on out
aFinalNote - 17 days ago
video starts at 3:10
the average everyday person
New video idea, Chris Ramsay cancels excalibur
BabyChicken OnARope
BabyChicken OnARope - 18 days ago
SmartassX1 - 18 days ago
The lecture on the protruding rod and how it locks into a hole was fascinating.
Cat With A Dick
Cat With A Dick - 18 days ago
Looks like it is made out of tech deck tools.
Cat With A Dick
Cat With A Dick - 18 days ago
I hate game of thrones. I like emilia clarke's character though I don't like the actress. But the show is terribad.
TMTwister - 18 days ago
Awesomely clever puzzle. Love it
TheGamingGeek - 18 days ago
ryno pb
ryno pb - 18 days ago
He sounds like regular car reviews
Filip Stojanovic
Filip Stojanovic - 18 days ago
I have no idea what this is... lol
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray - 18 days ago
Good job you did it.
Know you need the real thing that will be harder to solveπŸ˜€πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Junior 22
Junior 22 - 18 days ago
U just need to be worthy
birk ΓΈrum
birk ΓΈrum - 18 days ago
You should just talk to the camera as if it was a commentary, and Q&As and stuff. That would be great
Double Dash Girls
Double Dash Girls - 18 days ago
I recommended the Mr. Puzzle video of Excalibur to Chris Ramsey
Edit: on comments in his original video of Excalibur
Super Tribe Pty Ltd
Super Tribe Pty Ltd - 18 days ago
New timer new Chris Ramsay
lenora nelson
lenora nelson - 18 days ago
Gregor Rencelj
Gregor Rencelj - 18 days ago
Damm, you need better recording... to close and focus making it hard to watch
Shunyu Yao
Shunyu Yao - 18 days ago
Can’t you just buy another Excalibur puzzle if you broke it.
Lorenzo Marin
Lorenzo Marin - 18 days ago
β€œPull it”
*Proceeds to bop it*
WaywardHero 117
WaywardHero 117 - 18 days ago
Now that I’m on summer break I’m gonna get into 3D printing. This is definitely one thing I’m going to try to replicate- with credits do to creator of course
AaronAlso - 18 days ago
2.8million subs, raking in that sweet sweet google money, but can't afford a screwdriver?
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