Insomnis: Volume .1 by Lux Noctis (Full Audiobook)

UNIT #522
UNIT #522 - 3 months ago
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YUNG_Shmoney - 3 months ago
I've been mowing the grass all morning listening to unit. 3 hour upload? I'm gonna mowing for a while.
Stephen Naraine _HandFullOTaters_
Question, in the first story, if the climber was momentarily deafend by his fall... How did he also hear the crack of his bones as well...?
DesolateParadise - Month ago
Stephen Naraine _HandFullOTaters_ the broken bone sound probably occurred before he hit his head which caused the momentary hearing loss. Just my theory.
Scruffy NPG
Scruffy NPG - 2 months ago
Always love you uncle unit
Christopher Mcmahon
Christopher Mcmahon - 3 months ago
And this mans names... John. Yeah course it is
BettyBlu - 3 months ago
Dude, I love you & think you are a truly gifted, amazingly natural storyteller...but I just can't call you "Uncle Unit". xx
Diffuusio - 3 months ago
€@ !$ 7#€ &€$7
nobody rr
nobody rr - 3 months ago
Thanks man good work
Gaby - 3 months ago
Damn I finished this all.
Aisha Abdulle
Aisha Abdulle - 3 months ago
Results are coming out in an hour what better way to destress and use up the time thnx
Brenda Lewis
Brenda Lewis - 3 months ago
👍hold volume of pure chilling horror love 😍it. Excellent 🤤l have a reason to be afraid. Listen👂twice ✌two days hair standing on end😨this is great. ☠
Brenda Lewis
Brenda Lewis - 3 months ago
Yara than don't read it save your brain cells you may need them.
Yara - 3 months ago
I lost braincells trying to read this
Gaby - 3 months ago
Elke B
Elke B - 3 months ago
That was incredible awesome! Great performance of your guests! Amazing narration from you. Thank you so much!
Mishele Rodriguez
Mishele Rodriguez - 3 months ago
Yes now I have something to listen to while at work! Love your content!
Clout Tower
Clout Tower - 3 months ago
Can't wait to listen
luv h8rs
luv h8rs - 3 months ago
The Volume is very low on the autio .-.
Marlee - 3 months ago
Hell yeah! Great content as always! I always relax at the end of the day with a unit video :)
Alex Raman
Alex Raman - 3 months ago
Do less demon and monster stories. More practical horror stories like mr. nightmare
No Show Joe
No Show Joe - 3 months ago
That's usually what he does. Most of his content are true stories. Personally im glad he did this story. All those "real" scary stories are the same.
Erica Pence
Erica Pence - 3 months ago
He's Unit, not Mr. Nightmare.
Laura Metheny
Laura Metheny - 3 months ago
Thanks Unit and Lux. Gonna have to make this one in a few passes so I don't miss stuff.😚🤘 I remember some of these. Smile. Wow that one is really disturbing.😵 Very good.
Janelle Rubi
Janelle Rubi - 3 months ago
love you bunches uncle unit
Excalibur Audio Library
Excalibur Audio Library - 3 months ago
Love this!
demonix - 3 months ago
That first story I heard before. Creepsmcpasta did was titled "frozen"
Morrigan ravenmist
Morrigan ravenmist - 3 months ago
Well this is a nice treat feast for the ol listening holes!! Thanks Unit522 nice one meh dude!!! Something for my ears while I've a awful headache so earbuds in, spliff on the blaze and a nice cwtch up on my comfy sofa with my bosses!!!! 😂😻😻😻😻 4 of the fur face ladies!!!
Ellesandra Haro
Ellesandra Haro - 3 months ago
Love the stories unit ❣️❣️
Sara T
Sara T - 3 months ago
This made my entire day!
ThatArjun - 3 months ago
Full audiobook, that's what I was seriously waiting for. Thanks 522.
cupcakehips - 3 months ago
Omg!!! I love u 😍
Ryan Long
Ryan Long - 3 months ago
Omfg can we just agnoladge how committed unit 522 is like if u agree
Ronald Dolores
Ronald Dolores - 3 months ago
Ryan Long how old are you
White Shadow
White Shadow - 3 months ago
@Katie Hayes 😂😂😂
Katie Hayes
Katie Hayes - 3 months ago
Karen K
Karen K - 3 months ago
I love how you fully accept the role of the uncle who tells scary stories. Keep up your great work Uncle Unit #522.
Sexy Grandma Darkness
Sexy Grandma Darkness - 3 months ago
Thank you 💋 Uncle Unit :) you just made my Day !!! much love Sexy Grandma Darkness;)
Sexy Grandma Darkness
Sexy Grandma Darkness - 3 months ago
@Larren Listens Awe 💋 thank you that's so sweetalicious of you to say :) much love Sexy Grandma Darkness;)
Larren Listens
Larren Listens - 3 months ago
Hi Sexy Grandma Darkness! Yaaaaaay! Where have you been hiding? Missed your sweet and sassy comments!
Morrigan ravenmist
Morrigan ravenmist - 3 months ago
Hey sexy grandma D how's your super saucy Sunday going hey hope it's going great! It's 6.39pm here now in wales uk so getting chilled down now with a blunt lovely smoke of the evening! Hope your ankle is not to much hurting ypu and you are healing well. Stay safe SGD love from Wales xx
Cindy Hemmel
Cindy Hemmel - 3 months ago
moto moto likes u
Cindy Hemmel
Cindy Hemmel - 3 months ago
DoLLfACeKiLLa AnGeLiNo - 3 months ago
sousara z
sousara z - 3 months ago
Wow! What an awesome upload! Thank you Uncle..
Linda Boyd
Linda Boyd - 3 months ago
great to hear from u uncle unit xx
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen - 3 months ago
I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC
MrBlackPasta - 3 months ago
I just came here to tell Unit that he shouldn't be meeting other random creators online, that's all...
Morrigan ravenmist
Morrigan ravenmist - 3 months ago
Brilliant 😂😂
Shuriken Star
Shuriken Star - 3 months ago
nice video unit I will check out the authors other books later btw i love your videos they are very enjoyable and this is my first time hearing a lux noctis story
Phantom YT ._.
Phantom YT ._. - 3 months ago
blue placibo
blue placibo - 3 months ago
Awsooommeee 👻☠💀☠👻💀
Cheryl Gray
Cheryl Gray - 3 months ago
This will be awesome entertainment while doing housework this morning. Uncle Unit came thru right on time 👌
Aswin Aswi
Aswin Aswi - 3 months ago
damn this is awesome ......Tonight is going to be fun
Ferrari Allen
Ferrari Allen - 3 months ago
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