Alexei Navalny and scores more arrested at anti-Putin rally

GrayGuyFritz - 27 days ago
Страна чудес
Red Bull
Red Bull - 3 months ago
Yeah but they can do that legally, it’s in their guidelines navalny
Luis Lopez Rodas
Luis Lopez Rodas - 3 months ago
bad people in the world that`s it, russians are bad persons they hate everybodie and they get this, it`s called karma
vicktor von hallen
vicktor von hallen - 7 months ago
john g
john g - 7 months ago
The young people if Russia have to stand up for their freedom, for a free press, for uncensored internet. They can love Russia, but not love Putin, and that's ok.
Jemma T
Jemma T - 8 months ago
Go Russia 🇷🇺 💪 🇷🇺
Edge Lord For Hire
Edge Lord For Hire - 11 months ago
Overthrow Putin - From the USA with love
Hulagu Mongke
Hulagu Mongke - 11 months ago
Protesters sponsor by Trump adm
Virka Odinenko
Virka Odinenko - 11 months ago
Alexei Navalny is on the US payroll, a CIA-paid agent-provocateur.. And a direct way to the Russian "Maidan".
Supreme Being
Supreme Being - Year ago
You won't see this on RT.
Thor Jørgensen
Thor Jørgensen - Year ago
Neither will they mention that Putin is now to be in power of Russia for a total of 24 years. Putin first came to power in 2000. Next election is 2024 until which Putin will be president. However at the 2024 election Putin might pull another Medvedev and still stay in power until he retires or dies.
Captain A
Captain A - Year ago
Сука блядь
ctguy591 - Year ago
How do you say ", kill putin " in Russian , just wondering !
ft 113
ft 113 - 6 months ago
Ubit` putina
antonio gutierrez
antonio gutierrez - Year ago
it is true ... putin is conservative there are many prohibitions ... but russia is not turkey or china in freedom of expression ... there is a certain freedom with limits .. also putin concentrates a lot the power in the government .... this it is not so democratic for the standards ... but talking and thinking politically ... if Russia embraces the policies and ideologies of the West ... it would be the end of Russia as an independent country ... as a world power ... and would pass to be a marionette state ... controlled by foreign powers ... in return they will have a lot of money ... people will live very well with very high quality of life like europe .... the millionaires will grow ... russia would be in all the world events as guest of honor ... open a total opening of Western thought ..... the bad thing about this is that Russia will lose its soul ... its identity ... its power ... will lose it q what differentiates it from the rest of countries ... its history of more than 1000 years will be forgotten ... it could not have an independent decision ... it will be very dependent Outsider from the economic to the political ... that is understood by most Russians ... especially adults ... prefer to endure all sanctions ... but the pride of being different and being independent is more important ... because they respect the history of their country ... they will complain about the corruption ... of the internal domestic problems of Russia ... but that will not be an excuse to sell oneself to outside influence ... they are learning to differentiate .... something that ukraine did not understand ... that wanted that promised land called European union solve the problems of corruption and live better ... but never calculated the consequences ... fanatical nationalism ... relations with Russia ... the decision of Crimea to separate from Ukraine ... that was not the case at the time ... Ukraine knew very well that in Crimea people were closer to Russia ... because of its history ... that's why it was a territory with autonomy since 1991 ... it's not that Russia was thought of in any time annexing Crimea ... that would have been impossible if people did not feel affinity with Russia ... when in the 2014 Maidan in Kiev they set out to eliminate the Russian language and everything related to Russia ... that was the spark that it ignited and determined the Crimean decision ... that would never have happened if Ukraine had first thought of the decisions it would make before acting foolishly putting all the confidence and collateral damage insurance in the hands of Victoria Nuland and American intelligence ... never they thought that Rus ia was no longer the country of 1995-2000 where they could not do anything ... and the ex-Soviet countries did what they wanted ... (Poland ... Lithuania. .letonia ... estonia ... georgia ... yugoslavia) now Russia has decision-making power and has the means to enforce its decision
Ollie Bri
Ollie Bri - Year ago
Я лично не сторонник таких выступлений, но в стране есть серьезные причины для протеста и вызвано все это тем, что те кто воруют миллиарды-их отпускают (Васильева и Сердюков). Васельева вообще на всех плевала в открытую, и на суд и на Путина, но ее "пожалели" по свойски! Потом Вороненков-депутат не прикосновенный и тд. А сейчас новая "звезда" всплыла, Баба Яга-Яровая и ее досье на подходе. Путин не может всех этих тварей сам, лично, пересажать и поэтому нужна помощь всех вас, но не в виде протестов, а ввиде разговоров. Такие протесты свернут вам самим шею и не больше! Не представляю, что будет с вами, когда эту демонстрацию разгонят по-американски. задумайтесь!
Кирилл Лисивец
Save us from mr putin
ctguy591 - Year ago
the azzhole putin is a piece of trash and needs to be assassinated ASAP along with trump !!
ctguy591 - Year ago
Countries around the World need to boycott the World Cup coming up in June for the arrest and jailing of Alexei Navalny for demonstrating against the scum putin !!!
Навального уносят как мешок с картошкой :D и его адепты стоят как бараны и тупо смотрят на это :D :D :D хаааахахааха, умора. хотя нет там картошки - одни опилки. надо было его в какой нибудь фонтан кинуть, пусть освежиться. Хотя может лучше в выгребную яму, говорят грязевые ванны помогают расслабиться, а ему как истенному представителю Поросенков и Дякул, именно там и место. Лёха, на юристов Учатся а не дипломы покупают
Russians are paying less taxes as anyone in the Eurasia. SO i don't understand why she's saying that they want MORE money? Honey, this girl isn't even working somewhere, after i heared her diction, i'm not even sure if she finished the scool. Navalny is an idiot, everyone knows, he's very bad lawyer and not really "clean" citizen. Only reason why he didn't became a chance to try to lead with a Putin - that's because he's criminal. And dumb. My doc has more education and intelligence as Navalny. and all the people on those protests are half criminals who never payed any taxes and are never going to do that. People who has a job and any plans for the life, doesn't have any time to go to those protests. Now i do understand why europeans really believe that there's an oposition called "Navalny". After videos like this, everyone would believe. But, sorry guys, that's not really like they show it. Don't judje before you understand per 100% what's happening and what they are speaking.
i have a right to compare a relation of taxes in russia and other countries. and the lvl of the life. try to survive in a country of europe with 100 euros what leaves after paying the rent of your home, taxes and all bills. in russia u still can by cheap and healthy food, in EU you have to by the cheapest stuff full of GMO. The rents of 700 Euros and old people have to look in the garbage to survive. In Russia u can find any work, if u want to. In EU - u can be diplomate and have to live on the social payments. That's the true. After 27 years, at least Russians are living better with every year, and other countries are just diventing in deserts. I saw it, that why i have rights to speak about it.
dead least
dead least - Year ago
Observer Control mhm?Average salary of a doctor in Russia ~120eur,average salary of a teacher ~320eur.Everyone pays about 120eur for their rent,u don't even have a right to compare Russian and European taxes
Fox Black
Fox Black - Year ago
Putin's Russia = Prison!
Iris Enamorado
Iris Enamorado - Year ago
This is pathetic. He just want to make a revolt. He should be in jail. 76 % voted for Putin. What this clown is doing there?
Cal Ripson
Cal Ripson - Year ago
Meanwhile, the IDF kills dozens of unarmed Palestinian protestors including journalists, wounds hundreds including dozens of minors and you can read about it on page 6 of the Guardian, but hey 1,400 hundred protesting out of 144 million is headline news.
Off Da Hook
Off Da Hook - Year ago
without Putin there is no Russia.
ПУкин Владимир
ПУТИНЬ вооор
Patricia Dileonardo
Patricia Dileonardo - Year ago
At least russian police did not gas people, fire rubber bullets or real bullets, use stun grenades, use tazer guns or spray cold water in winter on protesters like police do to protesters in other major countries.
Ah qi
Ah qi - Year ago
putin is not a thief, he is the savior of russian.
Scythal - Year ago
Navalny = Yeltsin
Change my mind
Dmitry Gudkov
Dmitry Gudkov - Year ago
Я один Варламова увидел?
F T - Year ago
Putin's Russia is a fascist state.
Robert Cece
Robert Cece - Year ago
When Russian's just wanna get to tomorrow... then tomorrow comes, you realize you're stuck with him now 6 more yrs and worse when he finally does leave the chaos you thought you tamed just got a hell of a lot worse.
Dr Alban
Dr Alban - Year ago
Одни фрики мля, это вы позор епт, су.ки позорные продажные Анальные
Strykerr Rukerr
Strykerr Rukerr - Year ago
Navalny is clown! Nobody likes him in Russia.
Megaommetr - Year ago
Ходят открыто обзывают президента вором, и говорят им не дают высказываться свободно... Вот хитрецы)))
absolute madlad
absolute madlad - Year ago
One of the most horrible things that happened at the anti-Putin protests is that police detained teenagers. They even allowed fights between the crowd and Putin's supporters, despite the fact that these pro-Putin "cossacks" were beating people with whips.
Bianika Sastro Wijaya
Trump won bcoz Russian Bot, rite?
What about Killery Clinton?
What about Snowden & Assange the USA want their heads cut off.
Wilhelm II-II-VIII
Wilhelm II-II-VIII - Year ago
Ебать вы переводите конечно
Ah qi
Ah qi - Year ago
another west intervention , so sad the russian ppl are so blind oneside. putin done so much for the country and yet they riots
George Ford
George Ford - Year ago
Soros paid these idiots. .
Никита Колесников
russia is prison of the peoples. Fly, you fools...
Daniels Rapoports
Daniels Rapoports - Year ago
Так тебе и надо сука либеральная
刘宇龙 - Year ago
童 童会怕怕,,,女孩比較不会怕。
Chief M'Baku
Chief M'Baku - Year ago
GOOD! Arrest that bloody CIA backed fascist. As usual, the west will support anybody willing to oppose those that they dislike. Long Live Putin. over 50 million Russians voted for him.
Anonymous - Year ago
Foreigners! If you like Putin, take him and make him a lifelong president in your country.
Александр Александров
he is already at large,relax😂
Sukhin Syn
Sukhin Syn - Year ago
Everyone brought their cameras, when France is SHOWING US AT THE SAME TIME how it should be done, if you want something... A very sad story...
Ivan Otdelnov
Ivan Otdelnov - Year ago
Putin is a thief and aggressor. This criminal regime will fall. Our position is right. The enemy will be fought down. The victory will be ours! Navalny 20!8
Alexander Podolsky
Alexander Podolsky - Year ago
Good, crooked thieve Navalny should be in jail
Victor Pascan
Victor Pascan - Year ago
"and want to get even more money from us", who is "us"? Most of these kids don't even have jobs
GERIX - Year ago
А есть факты что навальный что- то плохое сделал? Кроме того что просто на словах его делают врагом... А у меня есть факты что путин хорошего ни чего не сделал. Как участники вов живут в сараях... как куча подделок в аптеках... как хернёй нас кормят... все дорого... как я плачу налоги а дороги не делают... как все чиноврики безнаказанно воруют... нано технологии выделены деньги их и там воруют... везде откаты взятки и т.п. могу очень много перечислять... а вот хорошее перечислить - не думаю что получится.
j Nemes 65
j Nemes 65 - Year ago
PeeWee Putin is a world class liar and murdering pick pocket on another fake publicly stunt 🐂💩
j Nemes 65
j Nemes 65 - Year ago
Free Speech & Honest Elections (Russian Style)
Старый фриц Mogoev
mer3abec - Year ago
This is how usa money works.
Gregory Jonassaint
Gregory Jonassaint - Year ago
The authorities in Russia and any country should address grievances of the people of that country, if there are grievances that the people are not allowed to express their views, it's a righteous and legitimate grievance, people no matter where they are, and whatever country the people are in, they should be able to express their grievances against the authorities without fear of reprisal.
Vitaly I
Vitaly I - Year ago
Navalny is an Idiot
McVean - Year ago
Russia has sunk to the bottom, below it. The USSR was one of the great powers, and now Russia is on an equal footing with Japan. In the 1920s. Full monarchy, the constitution as toilet paper, just fade and that's all. The United States can act badly and somewhere, but still they do not like us.
Skipper Russell
Skipper Russell - Year ago
Soros backs Navalny!
Herodotus Hystory
Herodotus Hystory - Year ago
No freedom in Russia! No wonder the Ukrainias want independence
Srini Raj
Srini Raj - Year ago
Soros people should oppose him.
Luis Mendoza
Luis Mendoza - Year ago
1000 lefties arrested
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