Top 10 NEW Hack & Slash Games of 2018

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Let Tice
Let Tice - Month ago
This video did not age well... (still waiting on Biomutant/lost soul aside release dates)
Benjamin Woodman
Benjamin Woodman - 2 months ago
Lost Soul Aside is still in the works and no release date lol. As of Mid 2019
Acell Rolf
Acell Rolf - 3 months ago
NieR : Automata
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar - 3 months ago
Devil may cry
Guts - 3 months ago
Wheres devil may cry 2?
Ryu - 3 months ago
When I saw that "Last soul aside " gameplay , i just wanted to play that game before i die. By the way is it coming or not cause dude it's 2019 and will soon end
Armaan SANDHU - 3 months ago
I saw your name and now I want NG 4. Please Ryu do it!
Ninja Sushi
Ninja Sushi - 4 months ago
Hack and slash is anything where the main purpose of the game is hacking and slashing enemies. It doesn't matter what perspective the game is or how much of an emphasis on story or lore the game has. Hack and slash is mainly revolved around its combat. God of War is a hack and slash with an emphasis on story telling. It's still a hack and slash.
Thunder Kat
Thunder Kat - 7 months ago
Dude stop doing a TOP 10 of multiple plataforms....What's next? doing a top 10 that mix gameboy color with playstation 2 and PC all mix out?
Mud Boi
Mud Boi - 7 months ago
where is WARFRAME at ???
OldSchoolGenius - 7 months ago
for honor?
Ayush Roy
Ayush Roy - 7 months ago
Is the Lost soul aside will release on PC too..or it is an ps4 exclusive ????
Armaan SANDHU - 3 months ago
Will it ever come out is the question
Huda Damar
Huda Damar - 8 months ago
where Nier : Automata ?
hashknight1 - 9 months ago
warriors Orochi looks badass
Kamyk1505 - 9 months ago
Which one is the best for playing online with other players ? I would like to do some instances. I play on PS4.
Armaan SANDHU - 3 months ago
MH World
Rare Mr360Games
Rare Mr360Games - 9 months ago
For honor is a hack and slash
Alex Oxi
Alex Oxi - 9 months ago
Lol, just go learn what an h&s is.
Larsen - 9 months ago
cant wait for them to come out in 2018, oh sorry 2019
Oliver De Vega
Oliver De Vega - 10 months ago
It seems like you needed to make a video with the word "hack and slash" on it and then made a list of random games you heard off :D
The Engineer Gamer
The Engineer Gamer - 10 months ago
773 - 10 months ago
god of war not included caz it’s narrative focus? Who said a hack n slash cannot be narrative focus? GOW is not only a hack n slash but also at top of all of this type of games can achieved. You even included dynasty warriors, which only have limited actions elements and weak enemies, but not GOW, which relies all it’s combat on pacing of each attacks and combo.
Armaan SANDHU - 3 months ago
The new GOW is not that action oriented as the previous ones so maybe that's why it was excluded
Griffin - 10 months ago
Half Of those games didn't came out in 2018... And no, Vermintide is Not a Hack N Slash game... not even close
hemn hemn
hemn hemn - 10 months ago
where are dmc?
AllBad4U - 10 months ago
Diablo immortal lol jk
Armaan SANDHU - 3 months ago
Bad Joke like an out of season April's fools joke
Kokujou5 - 10 months ago
my definition of hack and slash might be incorrect but... what the hell has darksiders to do in there?!
it's no hack and slash it's basically zelda with apocalyptic setting! >.> all those riddles i hate it so much... i even got motion sick
Armaan SANDHU - 3 months ago
Darksiders is definitely hack and slash. Many old hack and slash had puzzles and platforming too
Weasle - 10 months ago
It's almost like you have no idea what a hack and slash game is -_-
Jerry Jerri
Jerry Jerri - 11 months ago
Hack n Slash genre is dead.
Armaan SANDHU - 3 months ago
Not really. But not as thriving as it was before
Calvin Nguyen
Calvin Nguyen - 11 months ago
NeiR auto???
Damag3d Princ3y
Damag3d Princ3y - 11 months ago
by far the worst list of games i have ever seen
Farrel Haikal
Farrel Haikal - 11 months ago
biomutant is good i think
VulcanSpirit - Year ago
saying monster hunter is hack and slash..... uhhh many people are enraged
F B I - Year ago
Biomutant: play as a palico
KAY DE - Year ago
all of dem looked like trash T.T
Mickael Jaeger
Mickael Jaeger - Year ago
Why Hack n slash ? they are almost all Beat them all ....
Zomagedon - Year ago
Lost soul aside looks like my dream game
FPortman - Year ago
Lost Soul Aside, awesome game. I really waiting this game.
Shay Usu
Shay Usu - Year ago
I know you said you stretched the definition abit but daym!
Jaco Mendoza
Jaco Mendoza - Year ago
noob IG user
AMIC Dj/Producer/Gamer
Best hack and slash on PS4 so far nier automata 👌
Armaan SANDHU - 3 months ago
And Xbox one and PC too. Really good game
Morgan k
Morgan k - Year ago
Someone, please, teach these people what Hack n Slash genre is... Just because a game has swords or "slash" attacks, it's not a hack n slash... ITS A FUCKING GENRE.
Just because there's a cross bow in Witcher, we don't call it a Shooter, right?
Just because there are guns in Bloodborn, we don't call it a Shooter.
Or fucking spiderman, is it a fighting game ?... or action adventure game?
Learn the genre's.
By your dumbed down definition, any fucking game with so much as 1 melee movement is a hack n slash...
Tomb Raider
Soul calibur
Smash bros
Assassins creed
and, why not? Fuck it... Cyberpunk too!
Paweł G.
Paweł G. - Year ago
This games is not hack&slash :/
Olbohn - Year ago
I din't get it. How can you claim these as the Tpp games when most of them aren't even out yet
Adam Bernardino
Adam Bernardino - Year ago
Stylo Kirti
Stylo Kirti - Year ago
why there is no warframe in the list
King Jiggah
King Jiggah - Year ago
God of war Hack and slash 4 sure
matox01tekk - Year ago
very much recommend Vermintide 2 its a great challenging game
HaiSon J. Cole
HaiSon J. Cole - Year ago
Devil May Cry 5 ?!?!
Walid Mechkour
Walid Mechkour - Year ago
where is for honor
Damian Chan
Damian Chan - Year ago
What about castle crashers 2!!!!!!!!!!! JK I wish tho…
Zaid Elaymat
Zaid Elaymat - Year ago
Monster Hunter has action combat, but it's nowhere close to a hack and slash game...
joemama114 - Year ago
I was so confused about the new Darksiders. Like why not make it about on of the horsemen? Who the hell is Fury?
I get that they did War and Death and sort of opened big the the heavy hitters but why abandon the mainstay theme now?
I mean you could do some very interesting plot narratives with Pestilence as a player character.
Penetrated Anus
Penetrated Anus - Year ago
The four horse man on the darksider universe are:war, death,fury,strife, don't know why they Made it like that
Sabalghoo - Year ago
So you're counting Warhammer Vermentide 2, but not God of War because it has a strong narrative?!
Jimmy Crackorn
Jimmy Crackorn - Year ago
Past tense for Wizard of Legend on PS4. The last update broke some things.
rehman arshad
rehman arshad - Year ago
Devil may cry 3 special edition
stemaster - Year ago
bayo going to the switch is just so annoying. why the switch of all things?
Fυℓℓвяιηg - Year ago
This is what he labeling as hack n slash..trash
James Wylie
James Wylie - Year ago
Vermintide 2. Competitive multiplayer. Pick one.
You Know Those Dudes?
Assassins Creed Odyssey. And YES, it IS a hack and slash game now. Its combat utilizes a hitbox system with what can be nothing other than hack and slash mechanics. It's purely a hack and slash action-adventure with light rpg mechanics with some likely weightless choice based options. Though it is no longer the Assassins Creed games we know and love, and the combat has removed those damn awesome counters and went with the unrealistically arcady combat system that was born anew from the load of shit jerkfest that was Syndicate (cool location though), I don't hate the new Assassins Creed. I love it. It's just not Assassins Creed anymore and a Shadow of Mordor combat system would be perfect for it (though WB would NEVER allow it).
Only Tube
Only Tube - Year ago
Was praying Darksiders 3 made it to the list
Atlas Gamidion
Atlas Gamidion - Year ago
Just a note for your videos, I've watched you guys for almost three years now, and never have I seen you try and justify one of your lists to this extent. Please don't over analyze yourselves when you make videos, just put your list out there and battle with the community in the comments if they don't like it.
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