Adults React To Billie Eilish

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Itouchedthehood - 3 months ago
pls react to 5sos and the Youngblood era
Joshua Law
Joshua Law - 3 months ago
Should react to UK grime
Roberto Tunzi
Roberto Tunzi - 3 months ago
Ghostemane please
Esmee - 3 months ago
Can you guys have them react to billie's new album WHERE DO WE GO WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP?
MEME TIME - 3 months ago
Damn Billie is 17 but she looks older than me and I'm 18
Karona Thompson
Karona Thompson - 3 months ago
React to Lil Nas X - Old Town Road
Jahlivya Harvey
Jahlivya Harvey - 3 months ago
Love Billie so freaking much
Sariz38 - 3 months ago
LastTheNoel - 3 months ago
react to Nothing But Thieves please!!!! i beg you
Valerie Tavares
Valerie Tavares - 3 months ago
*I go to bed*

Angelica Oviedo
Angelica Oviedo - 3 months ago
Please react to chase Atlantic it would be the best thing
#Ryan87# - 3 months ago
I dont know
I dont know - 3 months ago
missSDW - 3 months ago
❤SHE'S amazing
E k
E k - 3 months ago
react to rosalia
Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison - 3 months ago
React to confessions of a dangerous mind by logic!!! ❤️❤️
camico - 3 months ago
When they played the second song I just started crying out of nowhere because it is so good, tho I never heard it before
q the music
q the music - 3 months ago
"i go to bed"
Aidyn Kilman
Aidyn Kilman - 3 months ago
I write sins not tragedies by Panic! At the disco pls I love brendon
Techno Viruz Blog
Techno Viruz Blog - 3 months ago
9 - 0 say yes, wow
The Trebble Cleff
The Trebble Cleff - 3 months ago
6:03 All of her music videos are physical representations of drugs😂😂😂😂
Feliciti - 3 months ago
"All her music videos are like, physical representations of drugs"
That s EXACTLY what I was thinking without being able to put words on it ! Like for me, her last song where she dances all crazy and all is LSD alike 😂
visual skeemz
visual skeemz - 3 months ago
Billie eilish has a reallyyyy talented voice and she's so young too
I'm not coming back I'm too stoned
Adults react to Billie Elish
Billie Elish reacts back
1:56 Did she just say Billie Eyelish? Wtf
Jaz Nightingale
Jaz Nightingale - 3 months ago
That's how you say her name??
FLAREZ • - 3 months ago
I wish u made this after her new album
Kiara Nicole
Kiara Nicole - 3 months ago
Elders lyric breakdown of Billie eilish's songs
Ke Kardash
Ke Kardash - 3 months ago
|When we all fall asleep were do we go |Honey you best believe I’m knoked out with my eyes wide open
CoRnHoLiO SeÑoR - 3 months ago
Nah it didn’t freak you out when you found out she was 17, it scared you because you wanted to fuck her mouth but didn’t know if it was ok
digital warfare
digital warfare - 3 months ago
ThatHispanicGuy - 3 months ago
What. The. Actual. Fuck.
SKRITZO - 3 months ago
So wait what adults and teenagers like her 🤯🤯🤯 never thought we would ever agree o.o
Cesar Horna
Cesar Horna - 3 months ago
Adults react to David Bowie
Andrea Dovran Fossum
Andrea Dovran Fossum - 3 months ago
ADULTS REACT TO TOKIO HOTEL!!! (their oldest songs like Rescue me, Don't jump, Scream, Monsoon etc because they're the best ones and very meaningful)
bojena98 - 3 months ago
but the german version! at least for Monsoon
Andrea Dovran Fossum
Andrea Dovran Fossum - 3 months ago
Adults/teens react to bad guy
oh lord
oh lord - 3 months ago
she’s always herself and i love it 😩😩
Bahargh1355 Bahatg1355
Bahargh1355 Bahatg1355 - 3 months ago
Zi jie Lim
Zi jie Lim - 3 months ago
I was waiting for BAD GUY!!
iPhantoms0 _ 0
iPhantoms0 _ 0 - 3 months ago
Am i the only one that thinks of melanie Martinez when i see this girl
lil meow meow
lil meow meow - 3 months ago
iPhantoms0 _ 0 here i am you’re not alone
The Art Of Observation
The Art Of Observation - 3 months ago
I would love for these adults to find out that those stunts were actually real. The spider? Actually for real crawled out of her mouth. The black liquid coming out of her eyes? Yeah that’s real.
Bahargh1355 Bahatg1355
Bahargh1355 Bahatg1355 - 3 months ago
@Th.El.Co._1 oh ok
Th.El.Co._1 - 3 months ago
@Bahargh1355 Bahatg1355 I think what they meant is that they were all practical effects. None of it was CGI.
Bahargh1355 Bahatg1355
Bahargh1355 Bahatg1355 - 3 months ago
The tears came out with two pipes but it still touched her eyes and im sure it felt weird
Lizzy Roo
Lizzy Roo - 3 months ago
Ely Holt
Ely Holt - 3 months ago
React to Tash Sultana
Tonycia •
Tonycia • - 3 months ago
Her vids are too dark
Th.El.Co._1 - 3 months ago
Define too dark. They seem appropriate to me.
fluffyduckbutter's sister
fluffyduckbutter's sister - 3 months ago
If I were her age She would be my best friend. She is like me as a kid but with talent.
Gina DeNardo
Gina DeNardo - 3 months ago
I'm so glad my daughter has someone like Billie to look up to that is selling sex like EVERYONE else...I love her music too! I NEED her tickets for my daughter's sweet 16 present. That's all she wants and unfortunately she's a huge star now and tickets for ther Philadelphia show were sold out to fast. But congratulations Billie!
BassPlayah - 3 months ago
Billie is awesome!! Good for her keep being awesome and yourself. Also her music videos are better than any horror movies out there nowadays.
Avery Reynolds
Avery Reynolds - 3 months ago
Elders react to her new album
Brody Ciscel
Brody Ciscel - 3 months ago
Fuck this guy that called her indie pop punk she’s nothing she’s fire she’s her own genre
Sophia Onca
Sophia Onca - 3 months ago
He is not wrong tho...
Nikki Kahn
Nikki Kahn - 3 months ago
Do a billie eilish reacts to adults react to billie eilish ‼️‼️‼️
KarriRxS - 3 months ago
react to KarriRxS 😁😁
bootsie - 3 months ago
please put the headphones on right
wiill - 3 months ago
9:06 that is a very good point.
emmzquinnaaliyah - 3 months ago
I’m an adult and I fukn love Billie Eilish!!! Legit my 12 yr old got me into her 🤣🤣
Nigel Tinashe Maphosa
Nigel Tinashe Maphosa - 3 months ago
Same here😅
Michelle C.
Michelle C. - 3 months ago
“Oh that’s awesome, disturbingly awesome” 😂❤️
Smøl Bean
Smøl Bean - 3 months ago
Dude, I love Brandon 😂
AmberRose Welch
AmberRose Welch - 3 months ago
I wish Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez did a collab just imagine how beautifully artistic and dark it would be
Myke Kagan
Myke Kagan - 3 months ago
Yes please!!!!!!
LEaVe.Me.aLoNe • 189 years ago
"I go to bed" that makes no sense tho... You go to sleep first... then you go to bed... I-
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