Worst Parking Jobs - RANKED

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Bela Z.
Bela Z. - 6 days ago
the woman in front of the picture with the car between boat and harbor couldn't have been the driver as said driver would have gotten wet while leaving the car
Phisher DeRidder
Phisher DeRidder - Month ago
I work at a cemetery so I found the second park job pretty interesting
xiao - Month ago
In the first one maybe the Volvo went down the Accord,like the Accord was there and then the Volvo drove under it????hmm??maybe???
Nudedragon - Month ago
Bus driver parked diagonally across two lanes in the street and the driver then walked away from the bus. In Montreal of course
lao khang
lao khang - Month ago
They are all bad
snakebite0909 - 2 months ago
At a grocery store and I saw a man who parked in front of the cartreturn place
C.C. Alsobrook
C.C. Alsobrook - 2 months ago
Is it just me or does Link look like a News Broadcaster?
Calvin Chan
Calvin Chan - 2 months ago
The r/how
John Paul Jansen
John Paul Jansen - 2 months ago
the guy at walmart is a genius!!
Kittycatcacher - 3 months ago
Graveyard dude is probably haunted by multiple angry ghosts now.
Samantha Pacific
Samantha Pacific - 3 months ago
I have seen someone parked inside a cart return.
Holl E. H.
Holl E. H. - 3 months ago
The Wal-Mart one was actually quite impressive.
Lucy Scott
Lucy Scott - 4 months ago
OMG that third person is my Nana
Roger Simpson
Roger Simpson - 4 months ago
I say 3 and 1should be switched
Outdoor Adventures
Outdoor Adventures - 4 months ago
It looks the best of all the ones hes had
Outdoor Adventures
Outdoor Adventures - 4 months ago
Why didnt link keep this hair style?
E's for Ethan
E's for Ethan - 4 months ago
So they finally changed up the format to stop immediately placing the pics. Great point of change.
Core Conservative
Core Conservative - 5 months ago
I’ve walked on graves
Dude Bros
Dude Bros - 6 months ago
2:10 for no reason
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones - 6 months ago
I would switch 1 and 3 and leave the rest
Andon Booth
Andon Booth - 6 months ago
shawn g
shawn g - 6 months ago
Someone managed to park their car at my local Walmart like the first photo we saw last summer.
Vince Dibona
Vince Dibona - 6 months ago
Lizzie is so cute...
Stevie is *so* fine.......
Aaron Petersen
Aaron Petersen - 6 months ago
YOOOO I work at Kroger and someone LEGITIMATELY parked in the cart corral...but there were carts still in there...
MollyWeasley2.0 - 7 months ago
Rhett “ I don’t think you can cross Walmart ... they’re as powerful as most countries”
Is this funny to any one else?
MollyWeasley2.0 - 7 months ago
3:17 made me laugh so hard.
SIEEPY - 7 months ago
if alex aint high then im not high
Salty Badger
Salty Badger - 7 months ago
10:32 stevie is PISSED
Arashsony Home
Arashsony Home - 7 months ago
I think number 1 and 3 should be switched
Ricecube Ricecube
Ricecube Ricecube - 8 months ago
Anyone watching in 2019?🤣
JonTheArtist - 8 months ago
There's just not enough good parking places you need to make your own.
xydoit - 8 months ago
I keep binging you.
C00kii0 - 8 months ago
Melissa Albers
Melissa Albers - 8 months ago
"There's minimal boat damage" uh, the whole window is shattered, Rhett
kgc114 - 8 months ago
Man, did this show get dull.
Corinne Hale
Corinne Hale - 8 months ago
You should do this again
Shadman Shahriar
Shadman Shahriar - 8 months ago
I miss Lizzie. :(
Did she quit?
Josefine Wolfpaw
Josefine Wolfpaw - 8 months ago
since wolves/yellowstone animals are already so wild and spiritual themselves(at least in my eyes), i think it'd be cool to have herd names in native american languages; they might pair nicely with the wolf pack names, too.
(side note: the identifying origins of the names come from just tribe names and language names. I really cant tell the difference in some of them, so im sorry if anything is phrased wrong!)
"Abetzi" ('yellow leaf' in Omaha)
"Adsila" ('blossom' in Cherokee)
"Hinto" ('blue' in Dakota)
"Fala" ('crow' in Choctaw)
"Eyota" ('great' in Sioux)
"Doya" ('beaver' in Cherokee)
"Cholena" ('bird', I THINK in Hopi)
"Aponi" ('butterfly' in a language i dont know, whoops)
"Bonita" ('beautiful' in Apache)
"Miakoda" ('power of the moon'. not sure what this is in either)
"Opa" ('owl' in Choctaw)
"Rozene" ('rose')
"Sahkyo" ('mink' in Navajo)
"Taima" ('thunder')
"Washta" ('good' in Sioux)
"Yona" ('bear' in Cherokee)
"Zonta" ('trusted' in Sioux)
I'm sure this was more than enough names, lol. I kind of like them on their own, but of course; 'herd', 'bachelors', etc, could easily be added onto the ends of them.
Jeanie Nguyen
Jeanie Nguyen - 8 months ago
Aw I miss Lizzie on the show!
The Things
The Things - 8 months ago
2 and 4 should switch!
Boykin Boy
Boykin Boy - 8 months ago
i break dance to this every day 11:13
Boykin Boy
Boykin Boy - 8 months ago
the first ad i saw when i clicked on the vid was before the vid started, it was a buick car ad xd
2015 Sosa
2015 Sosa - 8 months ago
Booo these parking jobs weren’t ranked with intent taken into consideration lol
Eric Schenkenberger
Eric Schenkenberger - 9 months ago
I absolutely agree with the Walmart parking job. The problem with that one is the driver actually did an amazing job of parking the car in there.
JellyPig - 9 months ago
I can't help but feel like the second rating is photo shopped.
Ainsley Johnston
Ainsley Johnston - 9 months ago
I think you should’ve put the number one worst parking job ever to the graveyard park it is just so disrespectful! 😤
The Pansexual Pack
The Pansexual Pack - 9 months ago
This will be how I park my car when I can drive! Literally, I can’t park. Still have 8 years to go! 10+8=18! :)
Nick Butler
Nick Butler - 9 months ago
I manage to see the Walmart picture happen in front of me at Smith's parking lot.
Ellie Kat
Ellie Kat - 9 months ago
Ranked: Worst Spelling Mistakes On Restaurant Signs
Kate Kursive
Kate Kursive - 10 months ago
Stevie and Julia LePetit from Drawfee have very similar energies.
Smoretown - 10 months ago
Once I saw a car in the wall of the bank where I live.
CoolSuper_ Cat
CoolSuper_ Cat - 10 months ago
2018 anyone?
They look so different.
Preston Jones
Preston Jones - 10 months ago
"Where are people gonna put their carts?!"
Don't pretend like people actually put their carts up. Half the parking lot is just a buggy minefield.
chun yan gong
chun yan gong - 10 months ago
I think that the hole through the wall was the best. Like is you agree.
spaghetti m
spaghetti m - 10 months ago
I liike this episode
Trinity Gutteridge
Trinity Gutteridge - 10 months ago
I recently got my dad to watch a few episodes of gmm, he said there fascination with pee worries him lol me to dad me to
The Nature Of Us
The Nature Of Us - 10 months ago
A.K.A a**holes
brynnly113 ._.
brynnly113 ._. - 11 months ago
a few months ago a tesla crashed into the local starbucks in my town...

if you dont believe me google it
Joshua Wyckoff
Joshua Wyckoff - 11 months ago
The Walmart one is definitely the best my parking job because he/she would have to get it absolutely perfect.
Cap'n SuperFan
Cap'n SuperFan - 11 months ago
Did anyone else notice the first one was an ACCORDion? 😆

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