Top 10 Scary Inside Out Theories | Disney Theories

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MostAmazingTop10 - Month ago
What's your favorite Pixar movie?
Old Ghost
Old Ghost - 8 days ago
MidnightGamePlayz Ytz MINE TOO!!! That’s my favorite movie and my favorite princess
Old Ghost
Old Ghost - 8 days ago
Brave :)
Eliott Icard
Eliott Icard - 9 days ago
Monsters inc
Chloe Lennon McCartney_galaxy
MostAmazingTop10 brave
mahdi toosejoo
mahdi toosejoo - 10 days ago
Incredibles 2
Kaitlin Peterson
Kaitlin Peterson - 5 days ago
Lmao I knew my sexuality by the time I was 9.
Arnette family
Arnette family - 6 days ago
7:40 this is how baby's come from
Tess Craig
Tess Craig - 6 days ago
Emperor's New groove
Evan the lazorlith And intro maker
Magical girl Unicornia
Magical girl Unicornia - 8 days ago
Ohmg this is much better that other list videos
Toy Bonnie youtube
Toy Bonnie youtube - 8 days ago
Jolynne Seeinlessofmesoon
He describes what inside out is
Then it leads to puberty 😳
JW Jake 2005
JW Jake 2005 - 11 days ago
So what you’re trying to say at the end of number one is, Riley would be Pixar’s joker???
Thea Sherman
Thea Sherman - 13 days ago
I just relzaed from afar hq looks like a brain a little bit
Fatima Sajid
Fatima Sajid - 13 days ago
Theory number 4 is mind-blowing... I never thought of it that way
Sour Lemon Cookie
Sour Lemon Cookie - 13 days ago
At the end of the movie they get to the beginning of puberty
FailedPopcorn lol
FailedPopcorn lol - 13 days ago
Mia Reyes Toriz
Mia Reyes Toriz - 14 days ago
I never really liked Joy for the reason that Riley couldn’t feel anything but joy it’s so bleh!
ACAC! - 14 days ago
Lol inside out 2 is coming out in 2020
The_Bøba_Girl - 14 days ago
For the no gander thing I think she is queer but she doesn’t know yet
Mandy Funk
Mandy Funk - 14 days ago
Toy story 3
That Awkward Person
That Awkward Person - 14 days ago
Shortened version-to sum it up:
Riley’s trans,
lost a sibling,
Her parents are on the verge of a divorce,
Anything else?
Tweek Tweak
Tweek Tweak - 14 days ago
Is it me or does he look like Daveed Diggs who acted as Thomas Jefferson from Hamilton?
EMMALYNA CABA - 14 days ago
Or Riley could’ve just been in the hospital 🏥 for a few days??
Fabienne Buvens
Fabienne Buvens - 14 days ago
Basically this video:
This is a great movie, let’s scare people with it.
Bendy Chan Loves cookies And Yuri
Bing bong bing bing
Lornx 545
Lornx 545 - 15 days ago
Actually Bing Bong is an imagination version of King Kong.
*Bing Bong* : King of the uhhh..

AgentWuT - 15 days ago
Bob ross?? Is that really you?
Anthony Calderon
Anthony Calderon - 15 days ago
OmL I lOvE dIS mOvIe
lol cat
lol cat - 15 days ago
What do to good movies theorists:🐑💨💨💨💨good movie
Kiwis are the best
Kiwis are the best - 15 days ago
Mat pat: 0-0
LORRAINE JENSEN - 15 days ago
My teacher showed us audios that imagrants made and one lady had lighter skin and hair a blue but her parents had darker hair and darker skin with brown eyes so the Riley is adopted theory has just been debunked
Poop Spaghetti
Poop Spaghetti - 15 days ago
Its pretty obvious that dads are angry moms go for sadness and kids have joy
McFuckwad - 16 days ago
this channel went downhill
Victoria Cease
Victoria Cease - 16 days ago
Idk wat my favorite Pixar movie is but THERE ALL GREAT
Loi and the people Channel
It's funny that I'm watching spit and I see the guy who plays the Person
hoshity - 18 days ago
4:43 that brazillian guy is from a movie inside a movie. if you actually watched the entire movie you'd see that most adult girls in the movie has that exact same memory.
hoshity - 7 days ago
Kool Aid i don't know but you'll see that memory bubble inside riley's teacher's head too
Kool Aid
Kool Aid - 14 days ago
what movie
Tracey Threlkeld
Tracey Threlkeld - 18 days ago
Guy 1: just let me take note of tha-
Guy 2: no dude don't start this again just pass me the bing bong
Jayda Iordanidis
Jayda Iordanidis - 18 days ago
Jealousy is a emotion
So maybe they killed jealousy to make Riley like, well Riley
Also Love is an emotion
So what did they do to love?
Dharma West
Dharma West - 18 days ago
love and jealousy are the rejected ones so they are forgotten
Pagan Prince
Pagan Prince - 19 days ago
Joy was the axis power.
Saddness was everybody else who kicked their butts till they broke. and then stomped their skulls.
bit dark.
Alex M
Alex M - 20 days ago
Riley could be genderfluid. My friend is too. U never know
bangtans_ babiee
bangtans_ babiee - 20 days ago
About the girl in the Minnesota with the made up friend, it's me:)
Romosha romosha
Romosha romosha - 21 day ago
Number 6... almost run of with a brazillian helicopter pilot

Me : DUDE! as a woman I just know that come from a movie she watched..... I always daydreaming like that everytime
The oofing Filipino
The oofing Filipino - 22 days ago
I watched this while I was in the phillipines visiting my family
Tristan Barrita
Tristan Barrita - 22 days ago
I bet you got the theory “joy is the villain” from outside in and outside in 2 I disagree with the theory joy is the villain and I think anger is the villain because he is the fault of Riley losing all her island of personality and Riley having a mental breakdown also did you take the theorizer theory cause his theory was that the brain put all the obstacles that joy and sadness encounter when there outside.
What if Riley is actually transgender and maybe she's a girl right now but then when she gets older she would probably into a boy.
Angry Tea Party
Angry Tea Party - 22 days ago
My main emotion is anger.
Dustin Miller
Dustin Miller - 24 days ago
So you’re a stoner. We get it.
Why Do I Exist
Why Do I Exist - 24 days ago
To be honest, I think the dead sibling theory is a little far fetched.
SkyBaby 420
SkyBaby 420 - 25 days ago
All the weed references. 😂😂❤️
unicorn lover
unicorn lover - 26 days ago
Joy is the villain!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also love your channel
E Finney
E Finney - 26 days ago
Number 5 is not dark or scary. Just really cool :)
Anime Maniac26
Anime Maniac26 - 26 days ago
I think raley might be bisexual.
Pedro Solis
Pedro Solis - 26 days ago
A never ending craving for martinis?🤣 that’s my dad sometimes I make him once
Nathaniel Ho Kok Foong
Nathaniel Ho Kok Foong - 27 days ago
Bing bong the king of dongs
Nerdy Boy Gaming
Nerdy Boy Gaming - 27 days ago
Robert Stafford
Robert Stafford - 28 days ago
Also Disney has great films
Chloe Dwire
Chloe Dwire - 28 days ago
Toy storie movies are my favorite pixar movies
Blake McAuley
Blake McAuley - 28 days ago
I have a theory that joy is actually insanity
Samantha Valdivia
Samantha Valdivia - 28 days ago
I love your vids!!!!!!!!
cece ibarra
cece ibarra - 28 days ago
She's running the place like Fidel Castro ......... I Died🤣🤣🤣
Kyrsten Mc Donald
Kyrsten Mc Donald - 28 days ago
#2, I was up walking right after all three births and I was blond and blue eyed, with my parents having brown eyes and hair lol
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - 28 days ago
“Don’t drop your sope”
Me: *thinks of that one scene of prison school*
Niksterrr - 29 days ago
I love this movie. Very emotional and melancholic during the ending. I love melancholic music and films.
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