Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Mithila Farzana
Mithila Farzana - 22 hours ago
12 foot 9? Did i hear wrong? Tf 12 foot is really huge.
Arissa Purilawanti
Arissa Purilawanti - Day ago
editingpjm - Day ago
im sad that the lovely bones wasnt mentioned :(
lalain mashood
lalain mashood - 2 days ago
love these women
Noah Jacob
Noah Jacob - 3 days ago
Let’s have to accept the reality that its her name if you can’t pronounce it properly its fine so do i 😂😂😂
Makenzie C06
Makenzie C06 - 3 days ago
1:45 she is tall
Emmanuel Eng
Emmanuel Eng - 3 days ago
Is no one gonna mention how they introduced themselves with the wrong names?
John Cooney
John Cooney - 4 days ago
Is this what heavens like?
Gamze Demir
Gamze Demir - 5 days ago
margot i love you
Amir Shakil
Amir Shakil - 5 days ago
12ft... Nooooooo
Jayõ 68
Jayõ 68 - 5 days ago
und ich bin Star Trek was geht
CD Music
CD Music - 6 days ago
Also, I want them to have a baby and freeze the accent for me to give my kids in the future
CD Music
CD Music - 6 days ago
introductions wrong... take 2
KGM Morningstar
KGM Morningstar - 6 days ago
Twelve foot 9?????????????????? Is she a friggin pole
Syed Affan
Syed Affan - 6 days ago
If ninja was here everybody would be like "so cringy"
Chockalingam Senthilnathan
Is this heaven
ongbu tingwa
ongbu tingwa - 6 days ago
Did saiorse Ronan said 12 feet 9
Jane Moana
Jane Moana - 8 days ago
Am I the only one who laugh cried when she said 12 foot 9?
The Chef YT Gaming
The Chef YT Gaming - 8 days ago
All the accents turned me on not gonna lie
Nishal Nandwani
Nishal Nandwani - 9 days ago
This helped me stop calling her Sworsee ronan.
bw 1506
bw 1506 - 10 days ago
It’s weird because Margot is really hot but looks about 36
absoftitanium - 11 days ago
Both of these women are amazing! Forces of nature! Much loved.
Viviána - 11 days ago
Two of my favourite English accents combined. Dream!
Adam Moore
Adam Moore - 12 days ago
Does Margot Robbie have a hickey?
Jack Liu
Jack Liu - 13 days ago
I used to pronounce her name " Sao Rise" lol
LowFix - 14 days ago
So, if Saorse is 'freedom', that explains something about her eyes to the fans of Dune.
Ess Esss
Ess Esss - 14 days ago
"i'm alive" Margot Robbie,2018
Xeany - 15 days ago
Saoirse laugh 💖
Bryana - 15 days ago
Thanks for not pretending like you can’t say “Wired Autocomplete Interview”
Equestrian Grace
Equestrian Grace - 16 days ago
they sound quite different the two pronunciations of her name, but i'm Irish and used to Irish accents so that might just be me.
TEDDY AAL - 16 days ago
Saoirse lovely laughing 0:52
Alec Cross
Alec Cross - 17 days ago
Suicide Swad
silastmanstanding - 17 days ago
I mean it's not like my crush on Saoirse wasn't existing before getting to 3:21 but an ANCHORMAN REFERENCE?!? That is the most lovable person on earth right there.
Ashlee Casey
Ashlee Casey - 18 days ago
Ok their cute lil accents have me shaking
Steerzy 77
Steerzy 77 - 18 days ago
Is margot robbie hot asf? Yes
The Dragons & Phoenixes
The Dragons & Phoenixes - 19 days ago
Speaking in Australian, no, Hugh Jackman isn't Australian. He's English, for his accent and his parents.
The Dragons & Phoenixes
The Dragons & Phoenixes - 16 days ago
+Biggie Smalls Accent, not language.
Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls - 16 days ago
Australian isn't a language.
DialogarconlaHistoria - 20 days ago
Margot 😍
Saoirse Kavanagh
Saoirse Kavanagh - 20 days ago
"I was about to say you just ordered chicken tenders." hahaha
meb3131 - 21 day ago
I used to like Margot but I don’t anymore after watching this. She’s boring af
Mehmet Koç
Mehmet Koç - 22 days ago
You are harley quinn okay?
Phaire Couchpotato
Phaire Couchpotato - 22 days ago
It's Lina Mayfleet!
Lord Of Skull
Lord Of Skull - 23 days ago
Margot is hot. 😳Saoirse looks like Golum or smth.🤨😑
Matthew Stephen
Matthew Stephen - 23 days ago
They are trans...formers...see what I’m saying...use your brain you got’re smart.......TRANS...formers....
Walboro - 23 days ago
I 100% promise these aren’t the most googled things about Margot Robbie ;-)
Mouad hh
Mouad hh - 24 days ago
imagine having a threesome with these tow.
Amelie Badhen
Amelie Badhen - 24 days ago
did anyone notice margot robbies hickey
Is Saoirse Ronan they Accuser?
Is Saoirse Ronan an Irish nationalist?
Karina Barbaud
Karina Barbaud - 25 days ago
My daughter is named after Saoirse🍀♥️
John Strickland
John Strickland - 25 days ago
Every single video "What is ____doing now?" "This"
Gazulo Marquez
Gazulo Marquez - 25 days ago
this was a blue eye implosion!!
Hans Britz
Hans Britz - 26 days ago
Very pretty....both.
Official varin
Official varin - 26 days ago
0:52 that laugh tho😂
Mary Gebbie
Mary Gebbie - 26 days ago
I wish people answered these more honestly. They can still be funny without saying random nonsense instead of the real answer.
Horace Au
Horace Au - 28 days ago
La Signora Winnie
La Signora Winnie - 29 days ago
Sarson next to Margot looks like a frog.
Pink Mason
Pink Mason - 29 days ago
She’s not 12 ft 9
Lac - 29 days ago
Margot is so breathtakingly beautiful.
Lucy Lynch
Lucy Lynch - Month ago
*12' 9''*
21flores lizviolet
21flores lizviolet - Month ago
_We need Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner, Holly Hunter & Craig T Nelson answer this questions tho_
Nesli Choco
Nesli Choco - Month ago
Margot’s bone structure is so striking
Caleb M. F
Caleb M. F - Month ago
They don't look like they're in their 20's lol
Casual Caveman
Casual Caveman - Month ago
I'm on an Wired Autocomplete hinge after watching that Brie Larson interview.

Now I have to quit!
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - Month ago
4:14 wave check
Tucker Slaughter
Tucker Slaughter - Month ago
Forget Margot have you heard Saoirse Ronan’s voice 😍😍😍
Equestrian Grace
Equestrian Grace - Month ago
my cousin's called Saoirse.
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba - 16 days ago
That's beautiful.
Dartanian Kudrysh
Dartanian Kudrysh - Month ago
link to instagram Saoirse Ronan) please)
p.s Write through the translator,so sorry
vaishnavi Desai
vaishnavi Desai - Month ago
How is she 12 foot fa
Thatts 300 cm!
ak d
ak d - Month ago
12 feet?
Marco Femto
Marco Femto - Month ago
Can anyone else feel like.... they dont like each other?
Thejan Rudy
Thejan Rudy - Month ago
I'd do anything to go on a date with Saoirse!
DatGURL - Month ago
*how Margot Robbie brooklyn accent* 😂💀
gianpi - Month ago
Every fanboy be nutting rn
CrowZ - Month ago
lul xD coming here after listening galway girl
ikon stan
ikon stan - Month ago
i thought she's emma mackey
GlobGlob - Month ago
I think they forgot that they needed to talk into the camera.
I have such a huge crush on Margot. She so pretty!
BakedPotato - Month ago
I feel bad for anyone who has to sit next to Margot Robbie. She makes anyone look average.
Ddlala63 - Month ago
Is that a hickey on Margot neck???
Dark Angel
Dark Angel - Month ago
I'd like Tom and Margot to break up, so that I can be with her. 😍
Eduard Yu
Eduard Yu - Month ago
Removing the white tape is satisfying lol
Organic Corn
Organic Corn - Month ago
this video is overflowed with beauty.
Royqg jk jkKjo soto
Royqg jk jkKjo soto - Month ago
Jam Xandre
Jam Xandre - Month ago
Dream team
soundofmetal - Month ago
I get how some might think Margot was in Transformers. She looks similar to Rachael Taylor who was in Transformers who is also Australian
Alexa Roberts
Alexa Roberts - Month ago
Am I the only one who remembers Sersha in the city of ember
Erik Sivec
Erik Sivec - Month ago
0:05 completely opposite
Erik Sivec
Erik Sivec - Month ago
Rox Rociento
Rox Rociento - Month ago
I ship
The Great Hufflepuff
The Great Hufflepuff - Month ago
Margot looks so elegant! If I didn't know who Margot Robbie was, someone could tell me that Saoirse Ronan was doing this with a princess and I'd probably believe it.
Анастасия Романова
they are so cute
• chasey •
• chasey • - Month ago
I just realized Saoirse has the same birthday as me. WOW
Elvis Van
Elvis Van - Month ago
_⛅10AM Mar 10 2019~_
Ashia Smith
Ashia Smith - Month ago
I Absolutely Loved Mary Queen Of Scots. And I Love Saoirse Ronan
Elizabeth McLeod
Elizabeth McLeod - 6 days ago
I did as well. It as excellent.
girlstooturnt - Month ago
2:53 is cute. She did dragon sound.
Marianne Odeste
Marianne Odeste - Month ago
Mergew Robey
Glenn Cocoa
Glenn Cocoa - Month ago
Wtf...i been saying swareez without anyoen correcting me 😣😂
Marie Pontoppidan
Marie Pontoppidan - Month ago
am i the only one who thinks Margot Robbie and Emma Mackey look alike
Lindsay Bober
Lindsay Bober - Month ago
We need s timothee interview too!!
i like bananas
i like bananas - Month ago
12"9?!?! IM 5"2 KSSKSKKSSK
*Jermirrah* - Month ago
foreign ppl taking over
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