Messy Makeup Trivia ft. Jeffree Star & Tati

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Angel Khaling
Angel Khaling - 15 minutes ago
Hi I see you
Kari V
Kari V - Hour ago
james looks the best
zoe guilford
zoe guilford - 2 hours ago
Wowww this video has sooo much foreshadowing👀👀
Eva Michelucci
Eva Michelucci - 3 hours ago
I miss the days where everyone in the community was friends lol anyone else?
Eva Michelucci
Eva Michelucci - 3 hours ago
James: "and then u can do something called a sister sabotage"
(if u know u know lmao)
mia - 4 hours ago
Kembra - 4 hours ago
16:07 that did not age well lmao
London Scarlett
London Scarlett - 5 hours ago
Omg the girl with the pink and gold shirt was so cringy 🤣
Lizzy Loves
Lizzy Loves - 5 hours ago
I feel like she dropped A LOT of hints
Lizzy Loves
Lizzy Loves - 6 hours ago
The thumbnail is basically what happened in the drama
Alpakaa - 6 hours ago
Kata Rukavina
Kata Rukavina - 9 hours ago
Care_Marie 09
Care_Marie 09 - 11 hours ago
I think Sister James is the winner
Kyla Peredin
Kyla Peredin - 11 hours ago
You should do one with Sylvia Gani and Nicky Tutorials
Coco Tries Gacha
Coco Tries Gacha - 12 hours ago
"she has no scandals"

me: oh hun just wait
Ivana Sarevska
Ivana Sarevska - 12 hours ago
Who's here after the drama?
SuThiri Saing
SuThiri Saing - 13 hours ago
Being here after the tea and seeing them talking and communicating like close friends is weird lol
TheFelixMaier - 14 hours ago
And now no one of them are friends anymore who would‘ve guessed it. also „being honest and nice“ never was a trend this year.
Plastique Clair
Plastique Clair - 15 hours ago
Please do my makeup
XxSerena XxO
XxSerena XxO - 16 hours ago
Is no one going to talk about how bad Tati’s makeup looks
65rtyu YT
65rtyu YT - 17 hours ago
Cloë King
Cloë King - 17 hours ago
“yOuRe GeTTinG iT oN mY GuCCi”
*tHaT sOuNdS LiKe A pErSoN pRoBLeM* LMAOO😂😂😂
_Waffle_ Episode
_Waffle_ Episode - 20 hours ago
Its acctually kind of sad
Almightymegs - 22 hours ago
This aged beeaauutifully
Dayanara_bxtch - Day ago
one of the biggest bruh moments
Annabelle Dodd
Annabelle Dodd - Day ago
Video taken moments before disaster
Evie Walters
Evie Walters - Day ago
Brooklyn Aaliyah
Brooklyn Aaliyah - Day ago
do more!!!
emmanuel gonzalez
emmanuel gonzalez - Day ago
Well this became messy alright ... 💀
Maya bedeau
Maya bedeau - Day ago
little did they know
Julia Kubsik
Julia Kubsik - Day ago
A love you James☀
Nina Stone
Nina Stone - Day ago
I miss this lol
Gustavo XoXo
Gustavo XoXo - Day ago
The pink is the New Shade!
Holly Stevenson
Holly Stevenson - Day ago
This hits differently now.....
0liver - Day ago
Avasoccer Soccer
Avasoccer Soccer - Day ago
Did James chop of his pp cause in his Coachella pics it doesn’t look like he has a po
Fairy Acids
Fairy Acids - 23 hours ago
sub fairy
sub fairy - Day ago
this is iconic hahahah
Erin Stewart
Erin Stewart - Day ago
Bye sister 👋
Delilah Barnett
Delilah Barnett - Day ago
seeing this video is so sad how their friendships ended
Ji-Seyou-Min - Day ago
Lol James Dropped the scripts on her flat ass
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