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MrBrent98 - Month ago
like this video if your favorite song was in this video ❤️
and comment which song is your favorite!! 😍
Anna - 3 days ago
I have lot of my fav songs in it omg😍😍😍😍
NITA Todd - 3 days ago
I like bad guy
Diya Rao
Diya Rao - 19 days ago
I was 500th reply so yeet
Anikaleah Hamilton
Anikaleah Hamilton - 20 days ago
My favorite song in this was probably Senorita or If I can't have you. What can I say? I like Shawn Mendes
Alexandra MacQueen Ferro
Alexandra MacQueen Ferro - 25 days ago
Doin it Wrong and Bohemian Rhapsody lol this vid is the best btw
#minishooky - 7 minutes ago
cuz sis
cuz sis - 16 minutes ago
How do they find the perfect song for each conversation
It's driving me ............MAD!!!!!!!!!
Rohalia Johnson
Rohalia Johnson - 18 minutes ago
My name is Rohanna
Rohalia Johnson
Rohalia Johnson - 20 minutes ago
Andrew had two girlfriends😘
Sonia Arshad Vohra
Sonia Arshad Vohra - 22 minutes ago
Tracy Barger
Tracy Barger - 23 minutes ago
Bad guy
Rosie Baker
Rosie Baker - 31 minute ago
I wanna like it anyway
Trinity Chan
Trinity Chan - 37 minutes ago
All of Ariana Grande's songs and Señorita
samantha t
samantha t - 45 minutes ago
My favorite song was ur music video XD
Karen Donovan
Karen Donovan - 46 minutes ago
A bunch of songs that I like
Kallie Young
Kallie Young - 56 minutes ago
I am the bad guy I love that song I’m the bad guy The
I’mSleepy - Hour ago
There’s plenty of sea in the fish
- JianHaoTan
Nerijus Puidokas
Nerijus Puidokas - Hour ago
Sunflower is my favourit song
kommi nilsen
kommi nilsen - Hour ago
I dont know who you are and i got here from an avicii song but you look like a happy person so good luck to you or something
Star Light
Star Light - Hour ago
Karla Oliva
Karla Oliva - Hour ago
Hahaha omg Brent the song that ur sister was singing whth Andre
Amy Dinan
Amy Dinan - 2 hours ago
Yasss love this
nina cohen
nina cohen - 2 hours ago
Of course my fav song is bohemian rhapsody by queen ❤️❤️
Rhysyboy aka the bullet Scullion
Old town road my fav song
Maz Fairclough
Maz Fairclough - 2 hours ago
Old town road by lil nas x
family and abby of course Mercado
Ok my fav song is brents song
Martin Martin
Martin Martin - 3 hours ago
s senorita brent song
Tom Beltavski
Tom Beltavski - 3 hours ago
I love senorita too and I'm on Brent s side . I don't like Ben either
Mina Weiseth
Mina Weiseth - 3 hours ago
I love senerita
emily perez
emily perez - 3 hours ago
Alexie from STRANGER THINGS :o
Doss Kids
Doss Kids - 3 hours ago
senorita, and thank you next at the end when it said thank you for watching those were my favorites
Rosario Vaz
Rosario Vaz - 4 hours ago
I heard
♤if i can't have you
♤if I can't have you
♤in my blood
Note:all of these are Shawn Mendes songs
MIREYA CHAMBA - 4 hours ago
Was Andrew Lexi 1 boyfriend
Supereme Cuber Z
Supereme Cuber Z - 4 hours ago
I'm slowly slowly getting out of my mind of your own made song
bassant goda
bassant goda - 4 hours ago
MRBrent98 song
queen lea
queen lea - 5 hours ago
Ur doing it wrong ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sara Lorini
Sara Lorini - 5 hours ago
I can't believe that you used Boyfriend by Big Time Rush and Boy With Luv by BTS!!!!!
I love your videos anyway you are so funny
Ganesh Basu
Ganesh Basu - 5 hours ago
Boy with luv 💝❤️
Ella Lewis
Ella Lewis - 5 hours ago
Thank You Brent
Isabell Wallace
Isabell Wallace - 6 hours ago
my favs in here
bad liar
my house
old town road
body like a backroad
thank u next
Xabier Hoefer
Xabier Hoefer - 6 hours ago
Old town road
Landy Rojas
Landy Rojas - 6 hours ago
Billie eilish bad guy AND Ariana grande
Renijah Brownk
Renijah Brownk - 6 hours ago
You're song
Hannah Tomecko
Hannah Tomecko - 6 hours ago
I love you ❤️
Pa Luaia
Pa Luaia - 7 hours ago
my favourite was old town road
Dionne Walton-Ryder
Dionne Walton-Ryder - 7 hours ago
My favourite song Never Really Over was in there love you Brent
Radical Fox
Radical Fox - 7 hours ago
Old town road
I K - 8 hours ago
M’y fav song was séniorita
Renato Yamat
Renato Yamat - 8 hours ago
is that really lexi first boyfreind?!?!?!
Mango Flora
Mango Flora - 9 hours ago
Bohemian rapshody
Tariro Maeresera
Tariro Maeresera - 9 hours ago
Bad guy
nadine shokr
nadine shokr - 9 hours ago
Also senoreta
Morgan Mackenzie
Morgan Mackenzie - 9 hours ago
Same fav song as Brent
Cameron Scott
Cameron Scott - 10 hours ago
I loved them ALL
manija parvej
manija parvej - 10 hours ago
My fav is old town road
Liana Jaber
Liana Jaber - 10 hours ago
Sucker , doing it wrong , senurita
Belakova Jasmina
Belakova Jasmina - 10 hours ago
5 seconds of Summer ❤️❤️❤️❤️
meloop46 - 11 hours ago
I love all songs
meloop46 - 11 hours ago
Lexi is cute who would not want too date her
Gymnastics fun And family
Gymnastics fun And family - 11 hours ago
And I looooooove Shawn mendes
Gymnastics fun And family
Gymnastics fun And family - 11 hours ago
Fin Kesteven
Fin Kesteven - 11 hours ago
my favourite song was SENURITA(I didn’t know how to spell it)😍💋🇨🇦
Isaiah Thompson
Isaiah Thompson - 12 hours ago
Brent can you do morw sining vids there really cool
Gacha_ KittyCat
Gacha_ KittyCat - 12 hours ago
My favorite song is I am a sucker for you and dna test,bad Guy,and how long,and señorita,and thank u Brent break up with ur girlfriend,and I don’t care,old town road
Iris Brown
Iris Brown - 12 hours ago
i love how Lexi said '' Bye brent im going to the movies with the guy i've been dming, his name is ben'' and brent was like " ben...ben, * Gasps * BEN!!
T. J. L vlogz
T. J. L vlogz - 12 hours ago
"Bad guy" by billie eilish is my favorite ❤️
EPIC AKMAM - 13 hours ago
What do you favourite
julie knight
julie knight - 14 hours ago
Old town road
Bts Yeeted8412
Bts Yeeted8412 - 14 hours ago
Afsara Tasnim
Afsara Tasnim - 14 hours ago
XD at 1:30 Alex 2019 XD
Priyanka De Hazra
Priyanka De Hazra - 14 hours ago
is that really andrew btw you used all my fav song
Natalie Garnsworthy
Natalie Garnsworthy - 15 hours ago
Not Ben 😮 so Lexi has an Ex 🤨
Harmony Baxter
Harmony Baxter - 15 hours ago
What do you mean and look what you made me do
Harmony Baxter
Harmony Baxter - 15 hours ago
old town road
Harmony Baxter
Harmony Baxter - 15 hours ago
Thank U next
Harmony Baxter
Harmony Baxter - 15 hours ago
Harmony Baxter
Harmony Baxter - 15 hours ago
bad guy
Harmony Baxter
Harmony Baxter - 15 hours ago
u used bad liar and sucker
Immy H
Immy H - 15 hours ago
Kevin Things
Kevin Things - 16 hours ago
My is i just take a dena test
Kate Stretton
Kate Stretton - 16 hours ago
Oh Ben Ben BEN
ray cuillerier
ray cuillerier - 16 hours ago
a nethr one is we he sed mama and we thay sed i love it when you call me senorita and wen thay sed you can't tell me nothin and wen thy sedwhy you gotta be so and wen thay sedbresk up with your girlfriend and wen thy sed look what you made me do
ray cuillerier
ray cuillerier - 16 hours ago
my fafrit song in thi vin is we she sed i've got to go
Just Gracie
Just Gracie - 16 hours ago
Daniel Cohn needs a brother like Brent
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