I'm in Love with My Car...? | Anwar Jibawi

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Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi - Month ago
Thanks for watching! What's your favorite car?! 🏎️
nathalie palmyre
nathalie palmyre - 5 hours ago
Lamborghini Aventador
Matthieu Lelong
Matthieu Lelong - 7 hours ago
ali g
ali g - 10 hours ago
Toyota supra
said lamrani
said lamrani - 3 days ago
Golf 7 R respect from Morocco.....
Badr Hasan
Badr Hasan - 3 days ago
ممكن ترجمه
Matthieu Lelong
Matthieu Lelong - 7 hours ago
Hi ANWAR in the char
iammrfrog - 9 hours ago
[BOLT]LoNeWOLF - 9 hours ago
Queen copyright!
Mr Munzir
Mr Munzir - 13 hours ago
She is so hot
NenjimiKunX3 - 18 hours ago
Anwar, there is only a room for one hysterical comedian here.
Ireland Sain
Ireland Sain - Day ago
I’m in love with my bed
lola x
lola x - Day ago
Ariana x
Ariana x - Day ago
Shizuka Komo
Shizuka Komo - Day ago
This is no exaggeration lol.
EM - Day ago
If she doesn't look at you the way Anwar looks at his car, she aint the one
Carlos Monte Negro
Carlos Monte Negro - Day ago
Jaezy Boado
Jaezy Boado - Day ago
U are inlove with a new car? Did u forgot carpet?
გ. ს.
გ. ს. - Day ago
Anwar screams so funny!!!
Yaqoub Mohamed
Yaqoub Mohamed - Day ago
Shes sooo beaaaautiiifuuull wooow😍😍😍😍
Joshua Flores
Joshua Flores - Day ago
Kiss that girl do it
Kim Lark
Kim Lark - 2 days ago
my favroite car is the mecedes 6x6 pick up truck and i cant belive that i got it yesterday
btw nice kia it looks kinda like a gtr lol but anyways congrats onm ur new car
Punk King
Punk King - 2 days ago
"Loses girl"
*takes picture of car*
The Fam
The Fam - 2 days ago
I'm in love with my sister.....Alabama 100
Keandre Gordon
Keandre Gordon - 2 days ago
Salt Lifo
Salt Lifo - 2 days ago
My boyfriend anf his car 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I always mess in it and i leave my water bottles en paper towels . 😂😂😂😂😂
Eeman Cabusao
Eeman Cabusao - 2 days ago
It immidiately reminded me of Roger Taylor, a car sexual.
Maddox Gonzalez
Maddox Gonzalez - 3 days ago
Like the song by Queen
soyboy - 3 days ago
I knew I wasn’t the only one.

Like for rogerina
Ayten Tekbas
Ayten Tekbas - 3 days ago
Oh my god you know what you just said to Hannah why you love I know you like her you like love what you what you said it's what you said you put a call my g then you put a weight what I said that's wrong no no no so you remember you put that call moji and love heart oh my god you remember this one so you managed and I mean like you wish to be in TV one day you wanting TV then you like no no no no no I don't know what language you speaking you know what language I speak Turkish wait you have to go to Hannah because you see what I wrote to her then you will see then you might come over
Khulas M
Khulas M - 3 days ago
I can totally relate. i dont have a brand new car but i jst want my car clean. No eating and drinking.
Aaron Onuorah
Aaron Onuorah - 3 days ago
whats the name of the girl
Yaima Montano
Yaima Montano - 3 days ago
Haha funny
ERRツ XpaHuTel
ERRツ XpaHuTel - 4 days ago
It so cool gues!!!!
Nyasha Mandivheyi
Nyasha Mandivheyi - 4 days ago
Can’t believe this is not sponsored
GCT10/31/1990 - 5 days ago
Anwar... Fuck you deserve all the benefits in the world for you're content. Good for you bro
OllyG Gordon
OllyG Gordon - 5 days ago
It’s a Kia
funky boy
funky boy - 6 days ago
same things happen with me
i love my car
SPACE WONDERS - 6 days ago
Anwar jibawi every time new contents! You are great!
And we every time smile
ibrahim NLO
ibrahim NLO - 6 days ago
We need Arabic captions
Eliza *please insert dab*
I’ve just been stanning Roger Taylor then this shows up .....?
Mo Bamba
Mo Bamba - 6 days ago
raka aditya
raka aditya - 6 days ago
Car guy problem around the world hahahahahaha
ExternalLynx848 - 7 days ago
Your a bad YouTuber
Emilia Krocz
Emilia Krocz - 7 days ago

Niladre Chakravarty
Niladre Chakravarty - 7 days ago
With a girl like dat...I'll get another car dude...
rip rip
rip rip - 7 days ago
Leo Sultanian
Leo Sultanian - 7 days ago
Dude seriously that car is AWESOME 😎👍
Javiera Correa
Javiera Correa - 8 days ago
Lol so thought this was gonna be based on the “I’m in love with my car” by queen😂 (love that song)🤩😂❤️
Swagey Face
Swagey Face - 8 days ago
0:27 some tipe of asmr😂
Draevin Kidd
Draevin Kidd - 9 days ago
This made me shit my pants
Antonia Romero
Antonia Romero - 9 days ago
That’s not a question
Arvind Thiyam
Arvind Thiyam - 9 days ago
is this sponsored by kia
Oromo Comedy Center
Oromo Comedy Center - 9 days ago
I dont no if Anawar see my comment one thing i want to say is we love him so much from my country
we want to be like him and we are working on it please anawar help us to get more subscribers
please ??????
please bro help us they u help each other we all have some talent thank u
كورة - offline
كورة - offline - 9 days ago
helped me pleas
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كورة - offline - 9 days ago
I am a new channel and a psychologist arrived for 300 participants helped me to get up and succeed
Kay Faa18
Kay Faa18 - 9 days ago
Gotta feel for my automobile
omega gamer
omega gamer - 10 days ago
Nice car
ohad - 10 days ago
Cringe Counter
Lorik - 10 days ago
Queen Nostalgia😑
I got clickbaited,I thought this was Queen based😶
Lorik - 10 days ago
The Middle East Roger Taylor😋😂
Elcompajared 4
Elcompajared 4 - 10 days ago
Just like Roger Taylor ☺
Gasp 9
Gasp 9 - 10 days ago
Damn !! She's Fine!!
Aisha Mahmud
Aisha Mahmud - 10 days ago
clara Raad
clara Raad - 10 days ago
Doctor fill has entered the chat.
Jeff Xenomorph
Jeff Xenomorph - 10 days ago
Roger Taylor:
Hmongyaj1980 - 10 days ago
Check out that Handa doe !
Emanuel l
Emanuel l - 11 days ago
nash yahya
nash yahya - 11 days ago
BestLyrics UK
BestLyrics UK - 11 days ago
His jeans are on point still
YoungX boy
YoungX boy - 11 days ago
My best cars are Bugattis and SUVs and maybe a Lamborghini but not really
Anders Spencer
Anders Spencer - 11 days ago
All comments will be about QUEEN
Savage Squad
Savage Squad - 12 days ago
Luna TheKitty
Luna TheKitty - 12 days ago
Muhamed Demolli
Muhamed Demolli - 12 days ago
0:48 i saw something ran past
MSB - 12 days ago
Artemio Vega
Artemio Vega - 12 days ago
Josh Omg marshmallow
Josh Omg marshmallow - 12 days ago
I just like the add
Fruit Mahdl
Fruit Mahdl - 12 days ago
Hhhhh 😂😂😂
Axel Sanchez
Axel Sanchez - 12 days ago
Bruh there isn’t a girl in the world that wouldn’t even talk to you again even after the first thing that happened 😂😂
luke singh
luke singh - 12 days ago
Sponsored by KIA
incognito - 12 days ago
Kia Stinger GT or the new Genesis g70 3.3T
FutureGaming - 13 days ago
What car is that?
Mike McDermott
Mike McDermott - 13 days ago
A Kia???? Mama Mia!!!
Javier Moreno
Javier Moreno - 13 days ago
Marina Cortez
Marina Cortez - 13 days ago
I love your vidios plz give me a hart ❤
Slime babes
Slime babes - 13 days ago
Ariana grande?
C. Campos
C. Campos - 13 days ago
Anija Holloway
Anija Holloway - 13 days ago
UnicornLover101 - 13 days ago
No one likes my comment so I’m gonna like my own comment 😡
MD Gazi
MD Gazi - 13 days ago
Big fan bro from India
Muhammed Aboobacker
Muhammed Aboobacker - 13 days ago
True. .very true bro
Venum Blade
Venum Blade - 13 days ago
Who else seen the Kia sighn inside the car
James Johnson
James Johnson - 13 days ago
That’s is the best car 2019 Kia stinger gt1!!!!
JKWang - 13 days ago
Damn hahaha😂
JKWang - 13 days ago
Damn hahaha😂
Tameah Green
Tameah Green - 14 days ago
Ohhsugasuga - 14 days ago
Who else got a throwback to the guy who had sex with his car from the title lol
Mohammed Haddara Haddara
Mohammed Haddara Haddara - 14 days ago
Lamborghini Huracan Perfamonte
Matthew The beast
Matthew The beast - 14 days ago
fort its
Aden Aden
Aden Aden - 14 days ago
Don't EVER let a THOT mess up your car |!
Leo Sharin PRODUCTIONS - 11 days ago
True That!
Genie Perez
Genie Perez - 14 days ago
He gave the girl a hair net lol 😂 the uber dude lol
唐卓 - 14 days ago
you are born to be a bachlor.
mohammad obeidat
mohammad obeidat - 14 days ago
Abo Hashim
Abo Hashim - 14 days ago
She is so fucking hot whats his name??
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