I'm in Love with My Car...? | Anwar Jibawi

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Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi - 4 months ago
Thanks for watching! What's your favorite car?! 🏎️
ahmad Alqaraien
ahmad Alqaraien - Day ago
BMW m5 ❤️
SambaDance 111
SambaDance 111 - 2 days ago
Mclaren MP4-12C
Y-Services & Consulting
I don't really have a favourite but if I did It would be a jaguar or a BMW
THE GREATEST Heel In The World
@No One Cares ? No one cares btw I'm from somalia too
Nyte_Taco - 4 days ago
Anwar Jibawi I like Kia Stinger GT too
سوبر X3
سوبر X3 - 10 hours ago
تكدر تحجي عربي على ما اعتقد وليش كمت تقلد الأجانب فقط لنك عشت معهم
carl metch
carl metch - 12 hours ago
3:04 i didnt expect that😂😂😂
Edwin Aranda
Edwin Aranda - 23 hours ago
Anwar is dumb it's just a car if u can buy a car like that then u could fix it after🙄
مكرم بكري
مكرم بكري - Day ago
Leon - 2 days ago
every clever guy is inlove with a car than a girl.
Santosh Sahu
Santosh Sahu - 2 days ago
Wht u doing anwer.. U 😄😁😆 lv u frm ind
THE BOSS - 2 days ago
لم أفهم شيء إلا أن تويوتا كورولا
أنها سيارة جيدة بكافة المواصفات
kedvens jean jr
kedvens jean jr - 3 days ago
That ride is pretty sweet
Maga_Raine _Plazzz
Maga_Raine _Plazzz - 3 days ago
Yo I have that car to well my mom and dad but I live with them so Ye it’s still mine I guess but non y’all getting a ride from us ok ugh gold digger mostly boys because all they care about is the car 🙄😒
Yusuf Nsereko
Yusuf Nsereko - 3 days ago
This is hilarious 😂😂😂
Sofia Rahimi
Sofia Rahimi - 3 days ago
Me: see’s title
Ed Quintanilla
Ed Quintanilla - 4 days ago
A machine of a dream
Angel audeves
Angel audeves - 4 days ago
Stupid u probally have enough money to buy another car
smiley heart
smiley heart - 4 days ago
the ads are getting smarter
shan khan
shan khan - 4 days ago
Came here for stinger ...
Tr Crxsp
Tr Crxsp - 4 days ago
It's a KIA
Frank Trinh
Frank Trinh - 5 days ago
I was thinking about that horrendous my strange addiction video of a guy humping his car....
陽ʏɪɴ - 5 days ago
I think you watch *tlc uk* a bit too far now-
ima banana
ima banana - 5 days ago
385 hp
5lion Khorassan
5lion Khorassan - 6 days ago
Anwar just described me!:D
Freddy Orozco
Freddy Orozco - 6 days ago
Freddy Orozco
Freddy Orozco - 6 days ago
V v vv
Jaafar Boussetta
Jaafar Boussetta - 6 days ago
Is he fucking serious ?
Sergio Gounehon
Sergio Gounehon - 6 days ago
I can’t stop laughing
Xiomara Sam
Xiomara Sam - 7 days ago
0:40 or 0:41 *he has a girl accent lmao*
Jane Jane
Jane Jane - 8 days ago
That’s my dad
Faty Matulzahara
Faty Matulzahara - 8 days ago
A gooodddddd msggg!
Yassir Nshimirimana
Yassir Nshimirimana - 9 days ago
Wow we are the same men I got a Sportage 2019
taylor wheatley
taylor wheatley - 9 days ago
Recreation of my strange additcion lol
GermanVow1995 - 11 days ago
Sweet ride man 😀🔥
deadpool kidvlogs
deadpool kidvlogs - 11 days ago
Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway - 11 days ago
What happened to that other hot chick that he usually has in his shorts?
SueQueen 92
SueQueen 92 - 12 days ago
Damn just kiss her
Moataz Emad
Moataz Emad - 12 days ago
My dad's car when i wan take it 😂😂
iimdv - 12 days ago
عمر سالم شوضعك؟
Aylin Mccartin
Aylin Mccartin - 16 days ago
Queen reference 👑❤️
Mattie Supersad
Mattie Supersad - 16 days ago
Anwar that was stupid
JustCallMeGunner - 21 day ago
Accidental_Bot - 23 days ago
hsone hsone
hsone hsone - 24 days ago
كس ام الترجمة
Dudeymondz Gamer assistance
KayFar - 24 days ago
legand 😂😂😂😂keep it up man
blue phenix
blue phenix - 26 days ago
Love the car 😍😍😍
HypnoZ Frost
HypnoZ Frost - 27 days ago
The Kia stinger 🤩🤩
Arez Plays
Arez Plays - 27 days ago
I’m in love the coroa I’m in love with the cocoa I’m in love with coroa
supra sonic
supra sonic - 27 days ago
Who's a car guy watching this video?
BitterSweet Psycho
BitterSweet Psycho - 28 days ago
Idek how to tell if it's a Lamborghini or a transformer ;-;
Jojo Rebelle
Jojo Rebelle - 28 days ago
haahhahahah so funny
It_s_me! _papar
It_s_me! _papar - 29 days ago
Which car is this?
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