Everything Wrong With Avengers: Infinity War

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bling_ _brute
bling_ _brute - 2 hours ago
I love War Machine
James Cathey
James Cathey - 3 hours ago
The iron spider suit was revealed in homecoming
Annick Price
Annick Price - 5 hours ago
... it’s longer than 22 minutes so that’s something wrong with this vid
- Ladiesman217
- Ladiesman217 - 5 hours ago
He literally was doing that though, and it took way to long, there over a trillion planets in the universe, collecting the stones and doing this is much more easier, hence why he dedicated a big part of his life to find these stones, it shows in this film itself that he did go planet to planet doing this. Do you even MCU bro?
Artichokehold - 8 hours ago
Dude CinimaSins is actually Thanos of the movie market.
Crashburn 32
Crashburn 32 - 14 hours ago
Btw, BTW hey Marvel nerds; It's 7-19-2019 and I still haven't seen Endgame, and really have no interest to. In fact, I may just skip it and order it on HBO Now someday. Or maybe not. - Did I just blow up your brain.
Crashburn 32
Crashburn 32 - 14 hours ago
6:15 - So, your dentist, the guy who puts you to sleep for up to a couple hours, in a small room in the back of his dentist office is named 'Packer?' You might want to check and make sure his nickname isn't "Fudge." Just sayin...
Norman D
Norman D - 18 hours ago
Why does he question Iron Man's suit when there's literally magic users in this movie
FatGodx - 20 hours ago
atleast sin the fact that they copied voldemort's death scene and made it satisfying
Deviant Chef
Deviant Chef - Day ago
Fuck I hate your whiney ass bitch voice complaining for likes.
Abdoulaye Dieng
Abdoulaye Dieng - Day ago
2:46 I see 5
Lunatic Leone
Lunatic Leone - Day ago
17:46 they literally explain that snapping connects all the stones
Niamh Murphy
Niamh Murphy - Day ago
18:23 I’m gonna add another sin for not using the gun as a f*cking gun!
Niamh Murphy
Niamh Murphy - Day ago
10:10 F*ck you!
Niamh Murphy
Niamh Murphy - Day ago
The ‘We will deep fry your kebab’ sign is a dig at Scottland deep frying everything!
Gael Orellana
Gael Orellana - Day ago
William Stevens
William Stevens - Day ago
@7:00 Can confirm in Scotland we deep fry everything, including Mars Bars
Jonathan Queen
Jonathan Queen - Day ago
Thanos can't use aliens with acid blood because xenomorphs belong to Fox and Disney didn't merge with them yet.
EmberTheatre - Day ago
Did you literally just put a sin because Bucky was in this movie-
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - Day ago
In regards to @3:45, you're right Jeremy. Cover blown. (2019 Marvel movie reference)
Druski McBurr
Druski McBurr - Day ago
Most of these "sins" are a major stretch
Frank Castle
Frank Castle - 14 hours ago
@Druski McBurr When did I criticize you lol. All I'm saying is that the 'sins' aren't that deep
Druski McBurr
Druski McBurr - 15 hours ago
@Frank Castle Btw there are 49 THOUSAND dislikes of this video, so clearly I'm not alone in my thoughts lol But please, continue being butt hurt and come get this smoke...."I can do this all day" lol
Druski McBurr
Druski McBurr - 15 hours ago
@Frank Castle I would imagine the same thing you gain from criticizing someone who criticizes this video lol Are you a snowflake? Are your feelings hurt because someone thinks this particular video is wack? Help me out here...lol
Frank Castle
Frank Castle - 15 hours ago
@Druski McBurr What you gonna gain after criticising people sinning a movie?? 😂😂😂 Did it really offend you that much I don't understand
Druski McBurr
Druski McBurr - 16 hours ago
@Frank Castle No shit Sherlock....doesn't mean they can't be open to criticism. A lot of what he said on this particular one was wack....that's MY opinion lol YOU have made it much more deep than anything I've said.
King Of Foot
King Of Foot - Day ago
The spider sense was showed off in civil war
Nick Vltrex
Nick Vltrex - Day ago
49 k cancerous fanboys disliked the video.
Tony Girgis
Tony Girgis - Day ago
I mean was the Bruce Banner call to Steve Rogers really necessary. I get that Steve Rogers is like MIA but he doesn’t own a tv or a radio to know that a giant alien aircraft is in New York, HIS HOME STATE FOR CHRISSAKE.
Duck Busters
Duck Busters - 2 days ago
10:22 Flex seal
Christopher Cardoza
Christopher Cardoza - 2 days ago

This movie has way more sins than The Last Jedi
Could u explain this blasphemy
Ashank Majumdar
Ashank Majumdar - 2 days ago
Best movie exists
No one:
Cinema Sins : wElL AcTuAllY...
Zak 210
Zak 210 - 2 days ago
Just for anyone who didn’t know, when grout says ‘I am groot’ just before he disintegrates, it was revealed he was saying ‘dad’ to rocket... that makes this scene 100x sadder
KevinZeGreat - 2 days ago
4:20 it's a superhero movie with monsters and magic portals but it's the technology that we have irl that's unbelievable?
January// afterhours
January// afterhours - 2 days ago
I'm realizing alot of these sins aren't really sins Jeremy just doesn't understand these characters
January// afterhours
January// afterhours - 14 hours ago
@Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰 yeah the ones that don't involve him not understanding the characters Like an example of this would be him saying how the power levels are off because thanos takes out the hulk with one stone while later captain Captain America can fight hold him back even thanos has more stone's like he's not even using the stones in those fights so they don't matter Thanos is stronger then a base level hulk without the glove hell Thanos could be most likely all the avengers without the glove people really have no clue how powerful he is even without the glove dudes isn't too far from creation he's like 4th or 3rd line of created beings
Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰
Well some of them good points .
The True HaloKid702
The True HaloKid702 - 2 days ago
Drax would be great at CinemaSins
Ben Siener
Ben Siener - 2 days ago
21:11 Really? You dont understand the concept in film when they can't show dozens or deaths in dozens of different areas they will sometimes show them as seperate scenes one after the other which most people understand that its happeninf at the same time...
Honestly, most of the time you are funny but it almost never fails that you harp on something that makes you sound as dense as a battleship's anchor.
Ben Siener
Ben Siener - 2 days ago
You honestly can't figure out why Thanos wanted the infinity gauntlet instead?
A. It was quick so people didnt spend their last moments in terror and painless so they didnt suffer.
B. It would take Thanos millions of years going to known planets and finding unknown worlds with intelligent life that were destroying their planet instead of
It being basically instant.
3. It chose the people to be snapped out of existence randomly so it didnt burden his conscience with picking and choosing amongst children women and men.
Do you put a lot of thought into these dumb nit picks?
Hamster Chief
Hamster Chief - 2 days ago
Jason Ziolkowski
Jason Ziolkowski - 2 days ago
Why didn’t Thanos just turn the hero’s on Titan to cube cheese with the reality stone, much like he did earlier to “The Guardians of whatever is profitable”?
Its Shiep
Its Shiep - 2 days ago
1:26 Thanos did not use any stones against Hulk nor Cap, duh.
hch99 - 2 days ago
It is not the Spidey Sense... it is the Peter Tingle!!!
Snakinator - 3 days ago
Thanos closes his fist every time he used the stones
Snakinator - 3 days ago
Spidey sense has always been there, it has just not been blatantly obvious for unobservant assholes because Marvek trusts you to understand the source material and notice these things like Spidey in civil war sensing an object behind him he couldn't see being the very first time alluding to spidey sense
Snakinator - 3 days ago
I want every ad that runs on a Cinemasins video have a sin counter and cynical commentary
Jacob Benavides
Jacob Benavides - 3 days ago
Even incredibles 2 had less sins
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon - 3 days ago
I just realized..Tony's Phone is... a... Nokia? I thought at least an IPhone.
John Escava
John Escava - 3 days ago
My man you must have not watched all the other marvel movies he gets the phone from Captain America civil war
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon - 3 days ago
Kick Thanos, you Idiot. Or punch him in the eyes. Your arms are LITERALLY LONG ENOUGH TO DO THAT.
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon - 3 days ago
You got your brother, now PICK UP the the Tesseract on the floor, and GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE
Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰
But other black orders here , how to escape ?
Unicamel44 - 3 days ago
*one second of logo*
cinema sins: visible frustration
Fluke Doe
Fluke Doe - 3 days ago
Do Endgame you SINFUL BASTARD!
Brayden Shallow
Brayden Shallow - 3 days ago
Ok this movie was amazing
Fireblaster 5629
Fireblaster 5629 - 3 days ago
Stark had the iron spider suit ready at the end of homecoming
polygonal - 3 days ago
Why does gamora not jump into the vacuum of space
Gabugi 1245
Gabugi 1245 - 3 days ago
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