PZ9 IS FOUND! Is This Hacker My Best Friend Justin? - Project Zorgo Mystery Box Challenge

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Vy Qwaint
Vy Qwaint - 5 months ago
Why is PZ9 so angry? Do you think he's Justin?
Warta Sarawak
Warta Sarawak - 5 days ago
Vy Qwaint yes
Preme Bhakinpongsakorn
daimow - Month ago
Vy Qwaint mabye ?????
Crystal Dickant
Crystal Dickant - 2 months ago
Vy Qwaint We are your biggest fan and I like you and I’m only nine years old I wish you like why am I feeling
Caitlan Ougrah
Caitlan Ougrah - 2 months ago
PZ9 is not JUSTIN!!!
Lee Cai Xuan
Lee Cai Xuan - 8 hours ago
Yes. He's Justin cuz he has abs i can see he's abs.
White Musk
White Musk - 8 hours ago
His name it’s not Justin it’s Melvin
Scarlett Harlow
Scarlett Harlow - 16 hours ago
I know pz9 name its Melvin 🤣🤣🤣
Scarlett Harlow
Scarlett Harlow - 16 hours ago
The new mask is so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy🙃🙃🙃🙃😃😃😃😃😁😃🥴
Scarlett Harlow
Scarlett Harlow - 16 hours ago
I love you pz9 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
JESSE SANCHEZ - 20 hours ago
Pz9 name is melvin
Ulia Voytovich
Ulia Voytovich - 22 hours ago
Mark Janairo
Mark Janairo - 23 hours ago
Pz9. More then like pz fort pz9 you sook boy hows. Whichgeg in 2019 ereyone geb thes video a sam zap
Mark Janairo
Mark Janairo - 23 hours ago
Funny 🤣😂
kashif Aziz
kashif Aziz - Day ago
Pz9 is chad' s cousin
Rose Jones
Rose Jones - Day ago
Pz9 is rude
Maitha Albalooshi
Maitha Albalooshi - Day ago
Not regina
Maitha Albalooshi
Maitha Albalooshi - Day ago
Chad and daniel
Maitha Albalooshi
Maitha Albalooshi - Day ago
Cha4 or b235
Samuel Enciso
Samuel Enciso - Day ago
Mercy Imdani
Mercy Imdani - Day ago
He's name its willbert or its melvin
mary baumgartel
mary baumgartel - Day ago
mary baumgartel
mary baumgartel - Day ago
sher thelove
Raul Caraballe
Raul Caraballe - 2 days ago
i think its melvin
Ben Stewart
Ben Stewart - 2 days ago
No it’s not
Ali Shahed
Ali Shahed - 2 days ago
The Jamison
The Jamison - 2 days ago
Wxyz YT
Wxyz YT - 2 days ago
I laughed so hard at 13.42
Valerie kind
Valerie kind - 2 days ago
I really wish pz9 was a spy ninja and was really nice
Becky Diar
Becky Diar - 2 days ago
I love you vy so much u are so nice
San Ge
San Ge - 2 days ago
By Emily tranfunny videos that make emoji delete funny video funny video that makes people laugh or you hard
Luciana Francia
Luciana Francia - 2 days ago
lavon Norwood
lavon Norwood - 2 days ago
Gerardo Garcia
Gerardo Garcia - 2 days ago
Pz9 is not Justin because Justin doesn't Talk that angry
Alyssa Searle
Alyssa Searle - 3 days ago
Pz9 I think is Melvin
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith - 3 days ago
pz9 mvine
Enzo_Plays - 3 days ago
He Was Going In The Tunnel
Enzo_Plays - 3 days ago
I Saw Chad
Ayrwen Repp
Ayrwen Repp - 3 days ago
Because he's dude
Mia Watts
Mia Watts - 3 days ago
I like Batman he’s so cool
Tan Zheng Nian
Tan Zheng Nian - 3 days ago
Is merin
Kai the Goat
Kai the Goat - 3 days ago
Nope 👎🏿 pz9 is not justin pz9 is Melvin
Terria Hill
Terria Hill - 3 days ago
Cristian Gonzalez
Cristian Gonzalez - 3 days ago
Like if pz9’s name is Melvin
Christian Bettelyoun
Christian Bettelyoun - 3 days ago
Safe code 3432
Kaheen72 Zebari
Kaheen72 Zebari - 3 days ago
He’s not Justin he is Melvin
Jarrett Lemasters
Jarrett Lemasters - 3 days ago
Melanie Cerpani
Melanie Cerpani - 3 days ago
Ch4d sounds like Chad because Chad's nmae starts with ch and and last d so
Theresa Perkins
Theresa Perkins - 3 days ago
Spy ninja pz9 is taking over Instagram
abdul hadizai
abdul hadizai - 3 days ago
At the end I saw Alexa. She was the one that was making *Chad*’s voice,and *PZ9* tore that hole 🕳 at the back of the 📦 box.
The whole *game* was a distraction
*Like if u saw Amazon Alexa*
yutiyu Fans67yuiiofs
yutiyu Fans67yuiiofs - 3 days ago
More like die ninjas that’s what pz9 meant to say
HCH Puppy
HCH Puppy - 3 days ago
More like someone wance told me the world is macaroni
Amanda Acosta
Amanda Acosta - 3 days ago
89 is Melvin
Vuepao Thao
Vuepao Thao - 3 days ago
Hii his name is Melvin
Jana Ashraf
Jana Ashraf - 3 days ago
He's name is Melvin not Justin
JUWARIYAH QAMAR - 3 days ago
Hi 👋
Alisa Demenkova
Alisa Demenkova - 3 days ago
PZ9 is not Justin
Katarina Sikorski
Katarina Sikorski - 4 days ago
Melven iz pz9! O MAJN GOOŠ
Syed Ahmeduddin
Syed Ahmeduddin - 4 days ago
Alisa TheCryer
Alisa TheCryer - 4 days ago
None of done have Chad
It has to be melvin bc he never been in none of your videos or a lie detector videos
I love his laugh of pz9 when said Pz4 and he starting laughing
Jessica Rieken
Jessica Rieken - 4 days ago
I think it was green
Leo Bunn
Leo Bunn - 4 days ago
Travel coins not in there there is Alexa what is recording his voice and it’s actually not here
Gurleen sandhu
Gurleen sandhu - 4 days ago
Gurleen sandhu
Gurleen sandhu - 4 days ago
Vy i head chad on a speaker
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