Impeachment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Gregory S
Gregory S - 5 hours ago
Really OJ?? Still a bully in the schoolyard? Go home and take a nap.
Jim Bom
Jim Bom - 6 hours ago
this whole thing with trump having foreigners investigate biden is ridiculous. they both knew epstein. they're both chesters. give ME a break. Biden didn't have snowball's chance in hell to get elected, and Trump knows this. search creepy biden
Carson B Wagner
Carson B Wagner - 9 hours ago
What a difference four months can make, let alone the past 25 days...
jmaniak1 - 9 hours ago
Have you ever been convicted? No, never convicted.
Happy Thoughts
Happy Thoughts - 11 hours ago
Having impeachment explained to us as if we don't know is patronizing af. We know Speaker Pelosi. We went to grade school.
WillTell - 17 hours ago
when people talk about impeachment, they actually mean the removal from office or the process of it leading up to it. Ofc, that's not what it means, plenty of presidents in the developed world got impeached, only a few stayed long enough to be removed, like ours, or the korean one. And a couple of others iirc.
Kathy Kyle
Kathy Kyle - 21 hour ago
The reason for the public feelings and the outcome of Bill Clinton’s impeachment was because he didn’t commit a crime. THAT was a witch hunt. Bob Dole sat on tv after Clinton won the election and said “we aren’t going to work with him.” Clinton was impeached for doing the same thing that most of the men who were out to hang him were doing; cheating on their wives and lying about it. If that’s precedent, then we should be able to nail Trump.
Nolies Truesbob
Nolies Truesbob - Day ago
Dumb argument, Mueller was not fired. So where was the obstruction? My word this guy is dumb as a flat screwdriver.
The Ultimate retro Gamer
HA, FUCK YOU I’M 15 (this account is older and the name is dumb but shut up) AND I READ THE MULLER REPORT, frankly he should have been kicked out of the presidential race after saying “grab her by the pussy” or after almost destroying the world in a fucking Twitter war. Look for most people, I am shockingly aware of the world, even my parents are completely burnt out of it and I am getting there, but I try to stick it out, all I can say is, the fuck happened I put down my phone for 10 sec and someone is already about to launch nukes.
James Calloway
James Calloway - 2 days ago
Enjoy reelecting Trump with this impeachment nonsense.
Fungrt - 3 days ago
I think trump should be impeached but at the same time I don’t think accepting info or money from a foreign power.
Info: it’s information. There is nothing wrong with trying to know more about someone. If anything, we should welcome information from other countries if they know it, although we should make sure it is true and investigate it.
Money: why does it matter where your money came from? Why do you even need to have millions of dollars to run for president? It should be about your ideas and how you want to run America. Why does it matter if Russia sends you money for your campaign. Campaigning should be free. Why do you have to pay to run for president.
Fungrt - 3 days ago
When trump talked about the FBI and not calling them, I realized trump is the Michael Scott of US Presidency
INDIGO - 4 days ago
The United States of America will be GREAT again
when every headline in the nation reads YOU'RE FIRED!
R/\ss0ul567 - 4 days ago
Trump is literarily preparing for the 2020 election. He is making people vote for his underlings I guess. So when 2020 comes his underlings Will vote for him and since people’s vote mean nothing compared to senates and leaders. Our voice is fading, impeachment or whatever it needs to be done soon. Or Elise our voices will mean jack shit to the government. The way I see it his playing chess and the people he nominated are his nights. And his pawns are “make America great again ((red cap))” people.
R/\ss0ul567 - 4 days ago
What is the point of impeachment. If it does absolutely nothing. The government need to be reworked, reorganized, rethought. Once you have power as a president you can’t leave?
Jason Lindbeck
Jason Lindbeck - 4 days ago
Who wants to see him revisit the issue now that the process has actually begun?
Ben - 5 days ago
I am entertained by the naivete of the comments here. I am against every politician, but it's cute to watch people attempt to prevent Rome from burning.
Caroline Cooke
Caroline Cooke - 5 days ago
I think we need a Part 2
Teri Schuster
Teri Schuster - 5 days ago
Fast forward too Oct 16, 2019, this dumb ass president actually did just that. He did the "do me a favor though" before you get the money act with the Ukraine president.. His loud mouth and Giuliani's are shitting on the U.S constitution everyday.
menelich - 6 days ago
Well, once again dems are investing in nothing burger hoax.
Highland Sartor
Highland Sartor - 6 days ago
I like the color of that suit!
Nikolai - 6 days ago
He's the only one who stood up vs. china.. he's securing the boarder for illegal immigration.. leave your president alone! Let him be, who can do better?😷
Playboyyrocky - 5 days ago
Hulk smash
Playboyyrocky - 5 days ago
I can
Huston Manning
Huston Manning - 6 days ago
Y'know what? If Trump DID get on TV and publicly apologize for the shit he's done, I wouldn't totally forgive him, but at least I would feel a little better about the world. That screenshot alone he put up just made my heart happy to see him look ashamed.
jpdemer5 - 7 days ago
The more we learn, the more people want Orange Foolius out of office. And there's still a lot to learn.
Bluesommers Art
Bluesommers Art - 7 days ago
Impeach, remove, and try for treason.
Timothy Davis
Timothy Davis - 7 days ago
I remember when interfering with a witness was a VERY serious crime. Doing so would have a person immediately jailed, without bail, and strictly enforced orders to stay away from not only the original witness tampered with, but any and all others even remotely involved. But as actions show, Comrad Trump is above the law. Even treason.
Nancy Fontaine
Nancy Fontaine - 7 days ago
I can't wait until trump arrest all dems
Mathias! HoloFoilVeryRare
HOLY SHIT🙂🤭💩 I’m shocked rn
wolf fiow
wolf fiow - 7 days ago
how much did your soul cost you pathetic clown go back to Britain
This is Crazy
This is Crazy - 7 days ago
Kyler Kasper
Kyler Kasper - 7 days ago
When Donald is no longer president can we surgically sew a duck bill onto his face and tattoo the words retard to his forehead
uefamikep - 7 days ago
There is a condom in Emilo Estevez wallet 🤣🤣🤣🤣
kdw069 - 8 days ago
fire and theft insurance: you only get paid by the insurance company when someone steal your stuff while your house is burning down.
Gavin Weidner
Gavin Weidner - 8 days ago
Can we get an episode on the new Ukraine scandal and the talks of impeachment Bc I’m honestly behind on it and don’t really want to learn but I’d watch a last week tonight
Mascleta - 8 days ago
The fact that there are newsstations that decide what the news LOOKS LIKE rather than what the news IS, is as much of a crime as trump obstructing justice.
Janell Evans
Janell Evans - 8 days ago
Interesting, the demo pres face the impeachment process and were not convicted. The repub pres left office before the vote. If it goes to the Senate it will be interesting.
Jim Gaines
Jim Gaines - 8 days ago
Diana LaMotte
Diana LaMotte - 8 days ago
"Most people think if you get impeached, you're gone". Your public education dollars at work.
wutzerface77 - 8 days ago
Make Impeachment II please
Pat Brennan
Pat Brennan - 8 days ago
so it's like being sentenced 20 years for murder but you don't have to go to jail. ''time to change the constitution''.
Kevin Monasmith
Kevin Monasmith - 8 days ago
That was in June. Now is Oct. 13. Wonder what the Senate sycophants will say when this comes to a vote/trial?
Gino Asci
Gino Asci - 9 days ago
how the fuck does any of this bullshit hep us as a the very least, it’s time to cut the government in half.
so much wasted tax money there we could replace all the streets in the entire country and feed the poor.
all they do is fight among themselves as if it’s a reality show. this is our tax money being flushed down the toilet and they broadcast it like it’s important news.
it’s all shit. we need to take all their money away and put them in a trailer park to fight it out. what’s the difference anyway. they’re not helping us as the always claim they will but make things worse so the next donkey can claim to make things great again.....and so on.
i vote for a trailer park for former politicians.
and a new law that says they can never enter that line of work ever again.
children in a school yard get along better than they do.
how embarrassing it is for us as a nation in the eyes of the world. no honor, no pride.
Dave Stewart
Dave Stewart - 9 days ago
...And You're the sappy asshole water boy for the LibTards.  Hilarious.  Vote for Creepy Joe....Or Pocahontas You Dip Shit!!  TRUMP IN A LANDSLIDE VICTORY 2020 SOY BOY...!!
Louis Tash
Louis Tash - 9 days ago
Republican's are traitorous backstabbing punks.
n 242424
n 242424 - 8 days ago
Evenios - 9 days ago
funny how now this is coming full circle.....the key is trump keeps abusing power over and over and over and its about fucking time something is done about it.
Em Jay
Em Jay - 9 days ago
Welp. Impeachment happened last week tonight
Jay Patel
Jay Patel - 9 days ago
After how the FBI, Comey and leadership, use info against outsiders, not surprised how Trump is reacting. Cant believe this Obstruction of justice BS is considered for impeachment. It would be nice to have a crime to go with that obstruction. Or even investigations of all parties involved of a specific crime, and not investigating a person and hoping to find a crime. Say what!! Oh outsider going to get us into trouble, better get rid of him quick lol. Hey people, use your brain and decide, dont let the deciders mold your thoughts. Pretty please.
Dundoril - 9 days ago
Obstruction of justice is the crime.
The Universal Pigeon
The Universal Pigeon - 9 days ago
And now, this.
Sven Dardzinski
Sven Dardzinski - 9 days ago
R.I.P means rest impeached no?
richard byers
richard byers - 9 days ago
white house will not participate in this unconditional impeachment.
well it's happening
Clyde C McElroy
Clyde C McElroy - 10 days ago
Trump: if I throw a fit you must acquit
Wolf Titan Reading
Wolf Titan Reading - 8 days ago
Everyone else: Here's your twitter account
4GB MEANS 4GB - 10 days ago
LOL, This entire video is a Propaganda peace to brainwash people into thinking a certain way.
Gayle Brown
Gayle Brown - 10 days ago
Jimmy Dore does it best and funnier
Skip Hoffenflaven
Skip Hoffenflaven - 10 days ago
Dumbest president of some of the dumbest people that have ever populated this nation.
n 242424
n 242424 - 8 days ago
Samuel Gray
Samuel Gray - 10 days ago
I love the end where there's talk about accountability....where was that talk about Hillary?
Ira Isaacs
Ira Isaacs - 10 days ago
I love that people think he’s going anywhere lol. Once the investigation opens then Biden will end up with the same fate as Trump. Except Biden won’t still be in office. Go ahead and try to impeach instead of trying to beat him on policy. No wonder he got in the first time and will again.
Sipher Rides
Sipher Rides - 10 days ago
the term allegedly should be in everything this guy says
emachine556 - 11 days ago
is it just me or does this dude look like a muppet? thinking beaker?
Christopher Powers
Christopher Powers - 11 days ago
So, how much trouble would their be if someone were to say "hold a billion dollars over the head of a country" You should search for Glen Beck and Ukraine. Or Joe Biden and Counsel on Foreign Affairs.
Christopher Powers
Christopher Powers - 11 days ago
I want to talk to you about the words "So many ways this could go wrong" statement.
At the time I am writing this, there are about 121,000 sealed indictments across the country, did you know that? That is quite a lot, even for Trump, but it doesn't seam that Trump's name (ANY TRUMP'S NAME) are on those sealed indictments. But I do know that when Epstein got arrested (then later "died") that number rose from 100,000 to it current 121 thousand. Rumor has it that number will continue to go up as soon as a few more operations are completed. Everyone here can agree that Trump is a con man, but what you fail to realize is that now (if not before) he is wearing a badge, then the con is called a sting. You might want to have a quite word with John Stewart and Bill Maur(sorry spelling)
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