Super Mario Party - River Survival Mode - Nintendo Switch

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Velerie Yeong
Velerie Yeong - 8 days ago
How can u guys stay so calm Playing this game?! We were basically shouting at each other! Hahaha
Super Oscar Gaming
Super Oscar Gaming - Month ago
Mario party sucks its unfair with the bots in every game mode but 2 river one and challenge road they are just dumb
Michelle Yapelli
Michelle Yapelli - Month ago
Sarah Star
Sarah Star - Month ago
Sweet game play! 👍😎
Moblin Maniac
Moblin Maniac - 2 months ago
6:45 The shortest distance between two points is a straight line!
Preston Pries
Preston Pries - 2 months ago
Am turpentine
XxBenny4SpeedxX YT
XxBenny4SpeedxX YT - 2 months ago
Sam is so funny
Headless Alex
Headless Alex - 2 months ago
This is giving me Mario Party 1 PTSD
Mickey Tatertots
Mickey Tatertots - 2 months ago
I would love to have been there lol
Fahriza Ar Rahman
Fahriza Ar Rahman - 3 months ago
Uni M.
Uni M. - 3 months ago
#SuperMarioParty Tabla de surf
MAD 3bdullh
MAD 3bdullh - 3 months ago
I love it
mita patel
mita patel - 3 months ago
TheRollinO InBuffalo
TheRollinO InBuffalo - 3 months ago
i enjoyed this lol
JayE Smoke
JayE Smoke - 3 months ago
It's me
Little skelly Bones
Little skelly Bones - 3 months ago
2:00 to 2:10 I can’t 😂
boss anime
boss anime - 3 months ago
Isaia Flores
Isaia Flores - 3 months ago
Nice Video
Robert Rodgers
Robert Rodgers - 4 months ago
Gnu gym hub ft detect bn tycoon try cry:f g UN ybybybb GTF fry uhu Grey gk&l👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓🚏👓👓👓👓👓👓😡😂😡😂🆗😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😡😡😡😡⛲⛲⛲⛲⛪🏭🏭🏭🏭🏭🏭⛪
Cirrus Wisples
Cirrus Wisples - 4 months ago
looks fun, but INCREDIBLY easy
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez - 4 months ago
Anyone know what the “?” Is when you are about to start this mode??????
Bear Bear
Bear Bear - 4 months ago
Sam side
Not Sam side
Nicolas Joutel
Nicolas Joutel - 4 months ago
Tres déçus de ce Mario party,
Jeu de plateau fade, mode en ligne très limité et SURTOUT 0 mise a jour depuis sa sortie !
Le nouvelle éditeur devrait arrêter de réaliser les échecs sur cette licence far de nintendo !
Yoshi’s Crafted World
Yoshi’s Crafted World - 4 months ago
Super Mario Party is so much fun!
Retrospective Games
Retrospective Games - 4 months ago
They should port Mario party one to switch because of the analogue blisters ;)
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson - 4 months ago
put the asian girl in the solo seat , she should host
naruto pro
naruto pro - 4 months ago
that this a game of naruto
BeyoncéVEVO - 4 months ago
Bearded Sam could get it
hexmojo - 4 months ago
so no one is going to comment about that dude looking like leonidas?
Connetification - 4 months ago
The graphics just gets better and better. Very nice.
HanzoTheGodOfRain CG
HanzoTheGodOfRain CG - 5 months ago
64 super Mario party better
Cole Roblox games
Cole Roblox games - 5 months ago
I got the same bowser plush as you from build a bear
kelsey knowles
kelsey knowles - 5 months ago
games need more reviews like these. honest ppl playing games giving their impressions. this is how you sell a game. this game looks really fun
Logen M
Logen M - 5 months ago
Nintendo always knows how to make good party games.
Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu - 5 months ago
i want the game but i have no friends......
shiretsu - 5 months ago
the guy playing yoshi sounds like a super enthusiasic j mascis
Miguel Ocampo
Miguel Ocampo - 5 months ago
playing mario party with leonidas
my son
my son - 5 months ago
Please to meet you!
It true i like basting as a gamer . i like to look everywhere .
jamella nichols
jamella nichols - 5 months ago
Kappa - 5 months ago
Still upset about how easy is this
Maria Chaib
Maria Chaib - 5 months ago
i liked the new mario party, but its kinda too easy ? How can i explain, the other mario parties seemed more challenging and they would screw u up way more which is fun in this kind of game, i enjoyed it but its not a favorite
Chris p
Chris p - 5 months ago
how does goomba row without arms?
DogeLeon GamesBR
DogeLeon GamesBR - 5 months ago
1 like = helps the gumba *b cause is not have hands and is get of the mouth*
Joel Henry
Joel Henry - 5 months ago
Games look to easy
Too much I said?
Too much I said? - 5 months ago
You know they deleted the scene when one of them starts crying over the game
Sapphirez - 5 months ago
Make online free once again or die tomorrow...
Nobody cares about ur games when u can't even play online
Btw don't buy Super Mario Party if u want to play online... You'll need to pay $20
suresh Babu
suresh Babu - 5 months ago
Alex Conway
Alex Conway - 5 months ago
Where do you get that Bowser teddy
Kieren Buckley
Kieren Buckley - 6 months ago
I have this game love it
thejobloshow - 6 months ago
This video feels like I'm intruding on one of my Mormon neighbor's activity nights with his fellow disciples.
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