3 Kittens Meow to Stranger for Help

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Lân Nguyễn
Lân Nguyễn - 2 hours ago
Thank you so much for helping
exceltraining - 2 hours ago
i never knew that worms can cause cats' poo to smell more.... that's handy to know
Tanisha Zainab
Tanisha Zainab - 6 hours ago
une inconnu
une inconnu - 8 hours ago
salut vous avez rendue les petit chatons heureux je vous souhaite que vous aussi soyez heureux.
Emily no
Emily no - 11 hours ago
one of le kitten look like meh cat lol
Rhiannon Alobeid
Rhiannon Alobeid - 11 hours ago
I love your cats 🐈
Utopic Mania
Utopic Mania - 14 hours ago
Dude you know it's not tch tch tch tch tch.
It's *skss kss skss sks skss*
Jode Love
Jode Love - 21 hour ago
Omg so cute thank god you found them bless you
Kylie Knight
Kylie Knight - Day ago
Thank you so much I’m a foster mum for the RSPCA which is equivalent to your animal police. And anyone that is thing they would love to but you work, think it’s too hard to let go etc don’t. It is the most rewarding experience to get these little beings that had no chance and give them love that’s it! You teach them social skills so they are ready for their forever homes and it’s not sad at all it’s an honour to see them develop see their personalities and having a great sense of pride in every kitties achievement when they had no hope before. PLEASE talk to your local shelter they work with you every step of the way your trained and you all work as a team. It isn’t a lot of time and there is always a 24/7 support network. 🙏
Jessica Woehlke
Jessica Woehlke - Day ago
You & Jess are amazing people. Cole, Marmalade & the girls are very blessed to have you both as their mum & dad.
Marlene Rego
Marlene Rego - Day ago
Três Gatos na janela!
James Rod
James Rod - Day ago
Mary Ellen Doyle-Birchenough
Thank you, and Bless you for your amazing kindness.
amao amao
amao amao - 2 days ago
Thank you the little babes no longer need to struggle for a living on the streets
The Armchair SpacemanTM
''your'' feral colony dude?
come ON man.
Gator Hogg
Gator Hogg - 2 days ago
I found three cats at 3 different times 12, 13 and 15 years ago and lucky for me my cat adoption qualifications were "up to standards" and they moved on in.
Jason Wong
Jason Wong - 3 days ago
New FURever homes
Ballistic Dino
Ballistic Dino - 3 days ago
so cute cats
kmcorby - 3 days ago
I's like an update on these guys. How are they doing?
cryptearth - 3 days ago
kitty says MEOW
Crazy Birds
Crazy Birds - 4 days ago
Thankyou for all your hard work and all the lives you save.
CarlottaStudios - 4 days ago
People like you who rescue homeless cats are truly blessings to the world!
Valis667 - 4 days ago
While watching this video my cat came to investigate where the meowing was coming from. So she was standing on the table and staring at the TV screen intently. When the kitten jumped off the kerb toward the camera my cat fell off the table, LMAO!
A. DUBITANTE - 4 days ago
My guess would be that their mother is owned by a couple, one of which is friendly and cuddly, the other is kinda bad. Both are too poor to have their cat spayed, and too dumb to keep her indoors at the right time. One played with the kittens, the other threw them out.
And then a stroke of luck: they met Catman Chris! Who, just coincidentally, was walking about with a cat carrier. Hard to imagine anything better that could've happened to them.
Jak Wright
Jak Wright - 4 days ago
You are awesome. This makes me so happy
Namoth - 4 days ago
who the hell would be heartless and dump kittens on the street !!
wolf delta uwu
wolf delta uwu - 4 days ago
They look like my cat denis when we found him and I found his sister which I named jasper but when we went to pick her up she jumped out of my hands and then a stranger took her from us
Offaly Lens
Offaly Lens - 4 days ago
Thank you for what you are doing man, thanks SO much :)
Inez De Kleine
Inez De Kleine - 6 days ago
Those tiny meows went through my bones. How could someone dump them?
FINJY - 6 days ago
I love kittens
Luis Quezada
Luis Quezada - 6 days ago
I would love a kitten plz I lost mine and I want this one plz
Skidrow - 6 days ago
If you cant take care off your kittens at least have the balls to kill them humanly instead off just let them die in the wild.
Sylvie Amos
Sylvie Amos - 6 days ago
So cute😍😍😍👍
anjuman786ara Anjuman Ara
Dear Chris, You are so kind.Taking care of kittens.Saving them.You are great.Love from India
Patrick Gragg
Patrick Gragg - 7 days ago
The gray kitten I'll get you guys out of jail!
Patrick Gragg
Patrick Gragg - 7 days ago
It breaks my heart that kittens get abandon like that
Gary L. Street
Gary L. Street - 7 days ago
And you sir, do NOT suck, well done sir.
eraj Czairynne torreflores
Poor Kitty 😞
eraj Czairynne torreflores
Poor Kitty 😞
Judgy Judgerton
Judgy Judgerton - 7 days ago
They are so hungry...you can tell
PrometheusPhamarus - 7 days ago
Great job.
Adorable kittens...
To bad I am allergic, and a naked cat isn´t something I would like to have..hoping for vaccines in a near future.
I actually had a cat when I was 12-13 year old, and we had them for 18 years.
Flush the globalists
Flush the globalists - 7 days ago
How can there be 703 dislikes? Thanks for showing love and mercy to those kittens!
Jessie O. Lee
Jessie O. Lee - 8 days ago
So cute
Muslimah_USA - 8 days ago
I love the last kittens... he or she look a lot my #Darren boy when he was a kitten
The dead body ate those people .
You should help all kinds of animals and not only cat species . 😡😡Dumb person .
steven grimes
steven grimes - 8 days ago
Little Scroats ! so cute !
GS UENO - 8 days ago
Sao Paulo Brazil 😺
CASPER 12345
CASPER 12345 - 8 days ago
Awesome 👍 . They call me Doctor Doolittle because of how I take care of the cats around here and the way they react to me every time they see of hear me , they will follow me all around my property in a line it's so cute . Don't have much money but I do what I can , sometimes they eat better then I do lol . Great video btw 😊
Sumit Kashyap
Sumit Kashyap - 8 days ago
I have 15 cats but I have no money for feead them properly....plz help me for...take care him....
verne kannianen
verne kannianen - 8 days ago
my wife and I just got 5 kittens of the street and got the fixed, we are taking care of all of them and will find them homes. they are all so sweet!!!
verne kannianen
verne kannianen - 8 days ago
you good person!!!!!!!!
Random Stuff
Random Stuff - 8 days ago
I was at a metallica concert while this was uploaded
and i adore cats... good thing to come back to and watch
Clyde Piper
Clyde Piper - 8 days ago
God Bless You Chris : )
SmackySunrise90 - 8 days ago
Thank you so much for helping these wonderful creatures! ♥
Torben Wiberg
Torben Wiberg - 8 days ago
Great job.... cool !!!!!!
Virginie Virginie
Virginie Virginie - 8 days ago
Diane Tomecko
Diane Tomecko - 9 days ago
why dont you have food to entice them?
Sakthivel Chandran
Sakthivel Chandran - 9 days ago
God bless you both.
V PHOENIX - 9 days ago
i'd like to meet the pricks that dumped them, they'd be crippled for an indeterminate time..
El3anoud El Nashmiyih
El3anoud El Nashmiyih - 9 days ago
They are soooooo cute God my heart bye bye with them...who would really dumb such adorable innocent creatures poor babies they were scared and hungry thank God u found them xoxo
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