3 Kittens Meow to Stranger for Help

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Ikke Echt wel
Ikke Echt wel - Minute ago
Thnk you for your help.I will do the same.
AishaVonFossen - 2 hours ago
OMG those little kitty meows just pull your heart strings. Poor little precious babies. I'm so glad you found them.
Karl Jensen
Karl Jensen - 9 hours ago
Those cats had great luck in running into you.
m. b.
m. b. - 13 hours ago
ginger kitties. gotta have 'em.
Tor Bruheim
Tor Bruheim - 14 hours ago
Thank you for taking care of them
System Sensor P2W
System Sensor P2W - 17 hours ago
Oddette Pross
Oddette Pross - 17 hours ago
poofballoon TM
poofballoon TM - 22 hours ago
Who would dump kittens?!? They're the most precious beings on the planet :( I can't believe people
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf - Day ago
Damn... imprisoned them then cut off their nuts... you’re fucking evil man.
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf - Day ago
Let them use their instincts. They’re hunters. Leave them alone and let them hunt!
Smoek Devil
Smoek Devil - Day ago
Next time try using the KSKSKSKSKSKS method. As our god Robin Seplut does.
Ensign Sports
Ensign Sports - Day ago
don't like the neutered part ,who are we to take that call.
Zhicheng Lun
Zhicheng Lun - Day ago
Thank you hooman
Andrew Wordsworth
Andrew Wordsworth - Day ago
Nice one Chris :-)
Stealthbomb Smith
Stealthbomb Smith - Day ago
Tiny little squeak boxes, so cute
D. F.
D. F. - Day ago
His leg.
Γιωργος Αθανασιου
i love this guy .i have adapted 3 kitten's and if i had more space i would have adapted more.keep up the good work my friend.
Tom Ortale
Tom Ortale - 2 days ago
why the hell arent u smart enough to bring little FOOD duuuuuuu
Green Brain
Green Brain - 2 days ago
Wow, those kittens are gorgeous.
WORD - 2 days ago
These Rock!
Kitties Rock!!
OCEANBLUE - 2 days ago
Straight to the Chinese take away shop and sold for $4 each.
Micah Goodwin
Micah Goodwin - 2 days ago
You were those cats hero. And a hero the humans should emulate.
tezzr zertyre
tezzr zertyre - 2 days ago
Nathaniel Vaughn
Nathaniel Vaughn - 2 days ago
Omg! 2 of the cute kittens are mine so thank you for saving them 🙂❤❤❤❤
(The orange tabby is named Larry and the brownish kitten is named tinna)
Free Manz
Free Manz - 2 days ago
Just AMAZING brother, The dark sweety with the stripes was incredible looking, hope it found a forever home, I would have let it take me for sure, Cause after all cats accept you not tother way around!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!
christdragon - 2 days ago
Thanks so much for all you do. Great video. I plan on getting a cat as soon as I can. Thanks.
Nenad Nezmah-Cvitan
Nenad Nezmah-Cvitan - 2 days ago
Bravo man! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Derrick Bridges
Derrick Bridges - 2 days ago
Catmanndu! Love those, adorable ,little babies ,there soo cute!
So ,where did you film??
Just ,awesum, mate!!
Kitties luv ,u every where!
To all of them ur. Maui suppa kittie!!
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent - 2 days ago
Super adorbs! I love the dark tabby, especially. 💕💕💕
PROUD TO BE CANADIAN! - 2 days ago
My apologies to the 489 heartless people who gave this video a thumbs down!! 😔😔😔😔
K G - 30 minutes ago
Thems the cunts who don't give a shite bout any livin thing but themselves
NN 2222
NN 2222 - 2 days ago
Awww such precious babiess
Natasha Minor
Natasha Minor - 2 days ago
Little cuties, I'll never understand how anyone could dump kittens, puppies, cats or dogs and have a heart. We had people dump some here and I rescued three girls and my neighbor a boy and a girl and we worked to socialize the others and give them good homes. We're all responsible for the animals and their well being. Poor little tabby boy who you caught last I noticed sat to drag his little butt a few times so they need dewormer given to them. Thank you for all you do to save cats ❤️
Tijana J
Tijana J - 2 days ago
I helped a kitten and now he is my best friend
tina kapoor
tina kapoor - 2 days ago
Don't separate them adopt them together
tina kapoor
tina kapoor - 2 days ago
Where is the mother ?
Siobhán K.
Siobhán K. - 2 days ago
People really do suck sometimes!!! Thank goodness you found those kitties and are working your cat magic!! 😻
MsCameronMitchell - 2 days ago
love cats more then dogs :;D
UrlsGrrl54 - 2 days ago
I need to buy a carrier to keep in my car (be like Chris!) 😻😻😻
xx mydo
xx mydo - 2 days ago
Thank you for taking of them . 💕
Kitty- Ta
Kitty- Ta - 2 days ago
Good bless you Chris🙏🏻🐈
Thank you for helping those kitties.
Ronnie Rabell
Ronnie Rabell - 2 days ago
The dark kitten new better 🤣😂🤣
Renee Connolly
Renee Connolly - 3 days ago
Ohhhh my giddy aunt.... I dream of finding little ones needing rescue and a good healing makeover wherever they may be lost.... and taking them home for major cuddles therapy afterwards. The highlight was little Ginger's tummy facing the camera while he was puddling in your hand. Beautiful, Beautiful beautiful. Im headed for a binge watch of your videos later tonight. Thankyou SO MUCH. ♡♡♡.
tsuki yuki
tsuki yuki - 3 days ago
Y.Yvette L
Y.Yvette L - 3 days ago
I remembered when my three cats were little. My mom took them in when she heard multiples of meowing at the side of the street. They were inside a plastic and it was raining. It was hard raising three kittens but at least they are safe with us.
EDYTA L - 3 days ago
Draco19970125 - 3 days ago
These kittens are too friendly, I think somebody abandoned them here. But how could anybody do such a crueless thing?! Chris, thank you saving the kitties!
Nirky - 3 days ago
It's sad that 486 people somewhere out there dislike kittens taken off the street and getting forever homes.
j E
j E - 3 days ago
Against All Odds
Against All Odds - 3 days ago
the heart of angel.... good job
Sharad Bagadi
Sharad Bagadi - 3 days ago
Thanks for helping that animal thanks again
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