Woah! Simon Cowell Has Ansley Burns Sing Aretha Twice, She Nails It! - America's Got Talent 2019

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Sofia Reyes`
Sofia Reyes` - Hour ago
That was wonderful! 😃
Ervin Krčelić
Ervin Krčelić - 4 hours ago
Superb, bravo!
Lorraine Wanjiru
Lorraine Wanjiru - 8 hours ago
You are gonna love this.....She's cool. Stealing minutes from my Boss but its worth it 0;10, 1;08-11, 3:10-13, 3:18-20 Well I agree with her all that just happened....that walk or the walking style though at 3:18
WaffleMaffles101 - 8 hours ago
Rose Topanga
Rose Topanga - 10 hours ago
Way to pull it out Little One! You are a star!
Midoriya sweetpea
Midoriya sweetpea - 12 hours ago
I’m from North Carolina... do we sound that country? 😂😂 jeeeez
Yeehaw y’all ✌🏻
Will Kesti
Will Kesti - 14 hours ago
Kids grow up to dam fast.... Thanks internet
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora - 14 hours ago
Just too big a song for her.
TheReasonableAmericans - 19 hours ago
Lot of extreme facial expressions from a show that's fake and choreographed. Kinda funny. The entire thing, the backing track, the water and the "well that just happened" comment. All fake and scripted. These TV shows are really pathetic these days. Gosh what if we just let the talent be and stopped the non-sense. Crazy thought.
geegeebean - 20 hours ago
She would great on Hee Haw or the Perricoat Junction. And, since see is so wonderful. Why didn't the give her the Golden Buzzer. She has talent and thens there's that but
Scooter Tuner
Scooter Tuner - 20 hours ago
She's watched Blues Brothers a few times. She has the whole diner scene.
Lisa Stenson
Lisa Stenson - 22 hours ago
Who are the judges?
Sandy MacCarty
Sandy MacCarty - 23 hours ago
Little girl, I give you a lot of credit. You got balls ! Lol
FDC 1 - Day ago
She is the cutest little thing with the voice of a giant and the courage to match. It took a lot of fortitude and courage to compose herself and then deliver the knockout. I'm 41 yrs old. If Simon had stopped me mid verse and then requested I sing acapella. (I wish spell check would show me how to spell acapela instead of just letting me know it's wrong.) I would have crapped my pants then passed out. Or maybe I would have passed out first, THEN crapped my pants. Either way, It would have culminated in me, Asleep on stage with a pant load of crap. But she nailed it.
Fleece Johnson
Fleece Johnson - Day ago
A sip from Simon's vodka smoothie and she's ready to go
Crystal Ellis
Crystal Ellis - Day ago
The father should have been more happy for her
Liza Paza
Liza Paza - Day ago
Awwww :) she was so sad 😞.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - Day ago
I never had the courage to even try something like this at that age but to stay composed after being interrupted is incredible! Well done for that and what a great voice!
Family of 5
Family of 5 - 2 days ago
It was amazing! But good to have a drink
Chan Pooliyadde
Chan Pooliyadde - 2 days ago
Shes so adorable
Stacy Thomas
Stacy Thomas - 2 days ago
Aretha has a big smile on her face right now.
Karan Poudel
Karan Poudel - 2 days ago
technically speaking, simon is a terrible judge I ve ever seen.
Magaly Bello
Magaly Bello - 2 days ago
This is amazing grace lynn
James Clayton
James Clayton - 2 days ago
Why the hell don't these videos show the judge reactions? Do they seriously think we're not curious to see what Simon's follow-up comments are?
Rudi Muliyono
Rudi Muliyono - 2 days ago
AGT should be changed to AGMST: America's Got Mostly Singing Talent
Jaaon Jaaon
Jaaon Jaaon - 2 days ago
Haitian public voodoo's
John Kangas
John Kangas - 2 days ago
She's adorable, her accent is too cute, and she can sing her butt off!
Jason Mhm
Jason Mhm - 2 days ago
John Kangas she can sing. But not the best. With Simons expertise she would sing very good. She is talented but not worth $1M
Dana Mazin
Dana Mazin - 2 days ago
Dear Ansley you are a very sweet girl and I wish you only the best in life ❤️
Jason Mhm
Jason Mhm - 2 days ago
Dana Mazin i doubt she will see this comment
Lori Thomason
Lori Thomason - 2 days ago
Every time i think Simon is the most horrible person on the planet... he proves to be right AGAIN! good job Simon ❤️ you found another STAR 👏🏻
Marie L.
Marie L. - Day ago
Lori Thomason he
M.B.G. Music Production
That backing track did not help her at all....Without it------WOW!
Barbara Rankin
Barbara Rankin - 3 days ago
Sooooo cute
김현중 - 3 days ago
역시........싸이먼..싸이먼 하는 이유가 있구나....우리나라 같았으면 벌써탈락 ...애가 박자도 못맞추고
제맘대로 라고......여튼 열린사고방식....노래도 최고...심사평도최고
Victor Duffany
Victor Duffany - 3 days ago
Is she cute AND talented or what?
Philip Marsh
Philip Marsh - 3 days ago
The title to this video is so far from correct its not even funny. Simon said the backing track was terrible. To me her voice wasn't big enough to go with the track. Then he has her sing a cappella and I'm sorry but she didn't sound good at all. Franklin songs are some of the hardest songs to sing because she had such a powerhouse voice. I've heard some outstanding child singers but this isn't one of them.
Jason Tidd
Jason Tidd - 3 days ago
I love Ansley Burns I can hear some similarities too Courtney Hadwin if this girl loves that kind of music cause how great her voice is right now it doesn't sound like a pop song voice so I do hope she sings the older rock n roll music
Mary Lee
Mary Lee - 3 days ago
If they were judging on personality alone she would make it ' Love her spunk
Jim Lane
Jim Lane - 3 days ago
So gotta admit I thought Simon was being mean at first and was ready to punch him in the face from my mind. But when I seen what he really did he blew me away! He raised that little girl up to a higher level! And that little gal didn't break, even before a huge venue. I was blown away buy her little pipes! Thanks Simon for what you did for her!
Crystian Hernandez
Crystian Hernandez - 3 days ago
That scared me
Guy Mulinder
Guy Mulinder - 3 days ago
Love how, after all that, she only took one sip of water! 😂
Kevin K.
Kevin K. - Day ago
True. But, I bet dollars to doughnut holes that the cut is in her bedroom... signed.
carmine redd
carmine redd - 3 days ago
The Rolling Stones are still gigging
Courtney Guillard
Courtney Guillard - 4 days ago
Omg I felt so bad for her. She's so cute
Ophiliac Blake
Ophiliac Blake - 4 days ago
Small people have big Hope's and dreams
Tushemerirwe Shadia
Tushemerirwe Shadia - 4 days ago
Well that just happened!
Chris Nicula
Chris Nicula - 4 days ago
Simon says.
miss livvy
miss livvy - 4 days ago
Love her voice
Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller - 4 days ago
South Carolina!!!!!! WOO HOO
Ilham Alasadi
Ilham Alasadi - 4 days ago
Amaral silva
Amaral silva - 4 days ago
Brenda Bodwin
Brenda Bodwin - 4 days ago
Awe, so sweet and cute. 💗
MagicGuitara - 4 days ago
the track was Ok and her voice is amazing.
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